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iFanboy Mini #9 – Viewer Mail: Which Absolute Edition Should I Buy?

Show Notes

Buying an Absolute Edition from DC Comics is no small matter. If you’re plunking down the large bank notes for one of those big beautiful slipcase books, you’ll want to make sure you’re getting the right one.

If anyone knows about Absolute Editions, it’s Conor Kilpatrick, who owns far too many.

Eric from Wisconsin writes in wondering which Absolute Edition he should purchase next. Will it be Alan Moore’s masterpiece, Watchmen or Mark Waid and Alex Ross’ tale of the end of the DC Universe, Kingdom Come?


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  1. I love this format, I wish they would put more books out each year in it… wait no I would be homeless scratch that.

  2. If they made any more, they’d be less special in my eyes.  It’s got to be the best of the best to get this treatment.

    Except for "Hush."  That sort of breaks the rule.  But I’ve never read it, so perhaps I’m full of shit.

  3. The first few issues of Hush were intersting and the art was great of course. But in the end, the story did turn to crap. Certainly not Absolute worthy in my opinion.

     By the way, you can typically pick up Watchman on Ebay for about $50.

  4. To ask a stupid technical question– is there a way for me to get the HD versions of these onto my ipod?


  5. I loved Hush and own the Absolute version of it, but I do have to agree I don’t think it’s absolute worthy.  If you’re wondering why I own it then, it was a christmas gift.

  6. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Hush got me back into comics. Batman and Nightwing storming off the cover of Issue 615 jumped out at me from all the other bricabrac at the gas station. And then the postal service commemorated the cover with a stamp!

    Fabulous mini episode. Really funny.

  7. @Jim I assume you could just subscribe to the HD feed, and sync that to your iPod, but I’m not sure if it would play it.  But there’s no real advantage there, because the show has a much higher resolution than the ipod can show you.  Not really sure though.  You’d have to try it.

  8. So far, Hush is the only Absolute edition I have.  I really liked that story and it was what got me back into comics after several years. 

  9. OK Fine!  People like Hush and I’m the freak!

  10. I got the absolute Kingdom Come after it was talked about on this very show, and it’s beautiful. Having said that, Watchmen is a must-buy and worth the extra money.

    My favourite moment in this mini?… "I’m oooold!" 

  11. @Josh – I don’t think you’re a freak.  Honestly I can see why people did not like the story.  It just happens to have a special place on my shelf, because without it I wouldn’t be reading comics at the moment.  Like PymSlap, great name btw, it was the reason I got back into comics.

    i argue that Jeph Loeb did not know what he was talking about when he said that there were hints as to who the main villain was through out the story.  I don’t feel that there was anything there to hint enought as to who it was in the end.  Didn’t stop me from enjoying it, it’s a fun read, not the Iliad or anything. 

  12. I’m sure Absolute Watchmen is back in print. My shop just got one in this week (have it already myself).

  13. @RolandofGilead – Diamond may still have some in stock for comcs stores to buy or the stores might be buying them from bookstores or somewhere else, but ABSOLUTE WATCHMEN is currently out of print.

  14. A good friend of mine is a comic shop owner. Your "mini" made for some great discussion at the shop. Of all the Absolute Editions that he has stocked his store with, Absolute Watchmen has sold the most at 12 copies. Kingdom Come was next at 7 copies.

    We were just scratching our heads about the recently announced Absolute Ronin. Did this really deserve this treatment?

  15. I think Ronin was a big deal back when it came out, but you mustn’t discount the fact that they’re getting ready to make a big movie from the book.

    I think I need to re-read that…

  16. Does that mean they’re planning on a big re-release for Absolute Watchmen to tie-in with the movie coming out next year?

  17. No Josh, you are not a freak, Hush really sucked!

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