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iFanboy Mini #85 – Pick of the Week: Powers #29

Show Notes

Josh Flanagan has been reading Powers since the title started many years ago, and though there were many delays, it’s still one of his favorite comics on the shelf. It’s cops in a world with superheroes, and all the drama therein.

In P0wers #29, we get the resolution to a story that’s been going on for some time, with an ending that leaves us wondering what’s next. Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming might have other projects going on, but there might never be one better than Powers.


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  1. Arrrrggghhhh! LCS did not get any copies! Diamond screwed up!. No Powers for me until NEXT WEEK ! Must. Avoid. Spoilers! Can’t watch Mini! Can’t listen to podcast!  May even resort to short-term piracy! Facing horrible moral dilema: is it EVER okay to download a comic?


  2. Hooray a new place to talk about why I hated this pick! ^_^

    LoL ok no I wont do that, but nice vid for it anyway….Could’ve swayed me, but you know where I stand on this.

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