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iFanboy Mini #59 – What Were They Thinking? Hellblazer #63

Show Notes

Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon got away with quite a lot in issue #63 of Hellblazer.

At John Constantine’s 40th birthday party, The Phantom Stranger is greatly disrespected, Swamp Thing grows an illegal crop, and Zatanna gets baked!

It all happened!



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  1. Zatana smoking pot

    What Were They Thinking indeed

  2. That was a great Hellblazer trade. Zatanna also brainwashed people…but oh NO NOT A JOINT! THE DEVILS BALLBAG!!

  3. that was the first Hellblazer comic i bought, back when Vertigo was just starting out…it made me want to be friends with John Constantine…until i found out that being friends with John meant you’d probably die in a horrible way and be sent to hell…still…a boozy knees-up with Swampy and a stoned Zatanna sounds like my kinda night…


  4. Okay, i officially HAVE to find Ennis and Dillons run on Hellblazer.

  5. The Bats would not be happy.

  6. I totally remember that issue. Great stuff. "I’m out of my face." Loved that.

  7. These are great.  I say more What Where they Thinking’s in the future.  

  8. I would read any comic with Swamp Thing growing weed.  This might be the best comic ever.

  9. The thing about these kinds of shows is, you have to find them by random chance.  We do welcome your submissions.

  10. Funniest mini ever.

    I can’t believe they got away with printing that.

  11. There was a period where Vertigo wasn’t so distant from the mainstream DCU (Batman in Swamp Thing, JLI in Sandman, Constantine in Crisis). I kind of miss that.  I don’t think anyone cared what anyone did with Zatanna at this stage of the game. It wasn’t until nostalgia buffs like Dini & Meltzer got involved that anyone did anything.

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