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iFanboy Mini #39 – Grant Morrison Week: Kill Your Boyfriend

Show Notes

It’s Grant Morrison Week!

One of the first books Ron Richards ever read by Grant Morrison was his tale of teenage rebellion in the suburbs: Kill Your Boyfriend.

Take a bored teenaged girl, a guy with some booze, drugs and a gun and you get a roller coaster ride that when read at the age of 16 makes you feel like finally someone understands.


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  1. Damn you, Richards! Now that’s another book I have to buy. Never heard of this one, and it sounds freakin’ awesome. Plot sounds kinda similar to Heathers, and that’s a great thing.

    I can’t believe Grant Morrison week’s ending already. Nooo, I want more! I hope there’ll be other artist-themed weeks in the future because this was ace. Seriously, since the re-launch of the site you guys have outdone yourselves with really interesting and fun ideas for us. We are spoiled. 

  2. Great content this week, guys!

    In case anyone’s missed it, a few preview pages of next week’s Batman 676 were posted online yesterday. Gosh this looks great:


  3. @flapjaxx – Thank you so much for posting that link. That looks incredible! With this, the new TDK trailer and the Two-Face pic I might just explode from Batman-related excitement!

  4. I got this book when it came out years ago and I thought it was hilarious. Way to reintroduce it, Ron!

  5. OOOooo this looks interesting — definitely gonna pick this one up.  Thanks for the segment, Ron

  6. This is still my all time favorite Grant Morrison work. I think I have actually spent around $50 on this comic with how many times I have bought this for friends. I LOVE THIS BOOK.

    Off the Grant Morrison subject, I always keep my fingers crossed hoping to see more Philip Bond work. He’s been doing a lot of cover work for Vertigo lately, but I wish he was able to get on a regular book. He was the perfect fit for Kill Your Boyfriend as well as when they teamed up again on Vimanarama.

    Ron, I am so glad that you showcased this book. Thank you for validating my obsession.

  7. Thanks Ron.  I haven’t thought about that book in a long time.  I’m going to have to dust it off and give it another read.  I actually first read that book when I was in college.  I had a great literature class where we read graphic novels (Dark Knight, Maus, Kill Your Boyfriend, others) and compared them to classic literature.  Wish I could go back to that class sometimes, cause I think I’d appreciate it now more than I did 10 years ago.

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