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iFanboy Mini #34 – Bin Diving: Classic Thor Covers

Show Notes

There really is nothing quite a classic cover for The Mighty Thor drawn by Walt Simonson. They’re instantly recognizable.

As the issue numbers get higher, you can see some of the more painful comic book trends cropping up, attempting over and over to reinvent Thor, and make him more edgy.

You can learn a lot by looking at comic book covers.


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  1. I love iFanboy mini

  2. I love how the iFanboy Mini has gone gonzo on us lately.

  3. Beta Ray Bill makes everything more awesome.  His mere mention made this the best mini this week.  Beta Ray Bill FTW!!

  4. That was so funny!

     "This is when everyone should’ve stopped reading comics"

    best line ever.  

  5. Wot? No Frog-Thor?

  6. Wow what a coincidence, I’m actually selling the Simonson ‘Ballad of Beta Ray Bill’ TPB on EBAY… right now… as we speak, for cheap… just search for it cause I don’t know how to link to it…. and yes I do feel like a bit of scumbag for using the ifanboy site to hock my wares and I promise to never do it again…. 


  7. You’re not a "scumbag" perse…

    But why you’d sell that masterpiece, I wouldn’t know. 

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