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iFanboy Mini #29 – Stan Lee at New York Comic Con 2008

Show Notes

The Man responsible for the majority of the comics we read today — the creator of such characters as Spider-Man and the X-Men — Stan Lee is a true comics great and he makes an iFanboy dream come true as we sit down and talk about comics, New York, and his latest projects.


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  1. Wow! He really is The Man! What a legend. Thanks so much for posting this.

    Ron, weren’t you nervous doing this? I don’t think I’d keep it together interviewing someone like Stan Lee.

    What’s the new book called again, Stan?… 🙂 

  2. I think Stan’s the only person who can say Excelsior at the top of some rafters like a madman, and still be cool.


  4. Stan is the freaking Man!  Ron, that was awesome.

  5. HAHA!!

    Countdown to Election 2008!!


  6. Good get Ron!

    You know you are a fanboy when seeing Stan scream "Excelsior!" at the top of his lungs gets you all tingly inside.


  7. OMG! It’s Mo Rocca! This was a legendary moment!

  8. I met Stan way back in the 1970’s.He signed a Tarzan Tresury edition-although it wasn’t anything to do anything he wrote or published.Most guys like Barry Smith would treated me like a turd-Stan didn’t.Barry Smith would sign anything with Conan on it-got mad me throw a pissy fit and walk off-because of what I wanted him to sign his later project and was that bastard Conan character.My respect Smith went down a bit that day-where Stan was cool.He care it wasn’t his work.To him,it was a fellow collegues material-Joe Kubert and I was a fan of both Stan and Joe Kubert.I appoligized not having something by Stan.Stand said worry it.I like Joe’s anyway-sign it and that was that.It made feel ok,even I did something stupid.See,there’s a class act.I hope,if I ever get famous like Stan to be cool like that-and not be a big,arrogant jerk like Barry Winsor Smith.I still Barry’s work,just think he’s kinda snobby.


     Maveric Lion Entertainment Group.



  9. That was so great!  The man is 85 years old but still 17 inside — living proof that comics keep you young!!

  10. JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    Anyone who can watch or listen to Stan Lee and not smile has no heart. That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.

  11. man, i love him more than members of my own family. that’s so great.


    also, how about that mo rocca cameo? nice! 

  12. that was so cool. Ron how did you keep yourself composed? plust the Mo Rocco thing was cool.

  13. Thank you for that! The Man makes me laugh out loud in this interview. And the mini-show ends perfectly.

    Keep up the good work! 

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