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iFanboy Mini #145 – Summer of 2008 Wrap-Up!

Show Notes

Summertime is always a busy time for comic books, with companies putting out as much product as they can to entice the summer entertainment dollar. What did iFanboy love and what did they not love?

Everything from universe spanning murder mysteries, hidden aliens, cosmic adventure, relocated mutants, rock and roll adventure, and monsters investigating monsters.


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  1. So, is this officially the last mini? Or will we get one on Sunday… or does Sunday mark the beginning of a new week?

    Sunday’s are confusing… 


    If so, it’s been great. Loved the mini’s. Keep up the good work.  

  2. That’s it.  There’s never been a mini on sunday.  Sunday’s for the POW audio show.

    And thanks.

  3. Does anyone think it’s possible for these top writers to have ghost writers? When thier name alone  on the cover equals automatic sales, it might explain the massive changes in quality from book to book.

  4. I think that’s ridiculous speculation.

  5. ‘This is the end, for you my friend….’

    It’s been a fun ride and I’ve enjoyed ever mini you did…Although now looking at the bloopers in the beginning I would’ve love to see an all blooper mini….Still great job guys, you worked your heart out on these and it shows. Hopefully in the future they can come back, but still great job all around.

  6. If young liars is supposed to be a "rock&roll comic", could it be that the "spiders from mars" or whatever are a reference to the wonderful david bowie album "the rise and fall of ziggy stardust and the spiders from mars"?  I haven’t been reading the series.  Just a thought.

  7. Great Comics of this summer where for me, like Ron, the X-Men reboot and the Batman R.I.P. Storyline.

     And after the mini can I guess that the next Ifanboy episode going to be an comic influenced porn?

  8. I’d add in Jason Aaron’s Ghost Rider as a book from this summer I loved.  He started around summer right?

    Anyhoo, sad to see the Mini go.  THanks guys.

  9. Alas poor iFanboy mini, I knew him well…

     My books of the Summer are…

    Cap. Brittian and MI:13


    Rouge’s Revenge

    Green Lantern

    Final Crisis

  10. This summer marked my arrival to comics. I started buying Invincible Iron Man which I love. I thoroughly enjoyed the Huntress: Year One mini. Discovered the two great Hickmans (Jonathan and Troy). Started No Man’s Land and O’neil’s The Question. I stocked up on Manhunter and found Mouse Guard. I’d say this was a great start in comics!

  11. i agree with MagicMadcap if it’s a rock and roll comic it would be a shame not to have spiders from mars. but i haven’t read the series yet either, i’ll probably get the trade.

    my summer pick has to be wolverine. i wouldn’t have expected to pick up wolverine but jason aaron’s run was great and i’m digging millar’s as well.

    i’ll miss you mini.

  12. Picks of the summer for me were

    House of Mystery


    I Kill Giants 

  13. I think the whole weird issue of Young Liars was just like a one shot into her messed up brain.




    a friend of mine works on this book and i saw art from the next issue and it looks like it goes back to what it was prior. It’s weird it’s like he just stopped the story in the middle for that issue and now is going back to it.



  14. I also thought the new Young Liars was a psychadelic, dreamland-style thing in Sadie’s brain. She mentioned the spiders from mars several times through the series so far, so makes sense after issue #6’s ending to go into her mind. Lapham’s mind is twisted, but I doubt this title’s going sci-fi midway through.

    (paraphrasing Corey Feldman) "iFanboy Miniiiiii…. come baaaaaaackkk!!!"

    Great work, guys, I’ll miss the minis loads but look forward to what’s up your sleeve next. 🙂

  15. So would it be safe to say ‘it’s all part of her rock n’ roll fantasy’ or  ‘all part of her rock and roll dream’?

  16. Good bye, Mini, I will miss you. Hopefully, at some point, iFanboy will press the magic wacky button and bring the Mini back to life.

  17. The mini is leaving really?  I just got here.  Is it me? 

    My favorite books this summer were:

    Ultimate X-Men, I thought the Absolute Power arc was great

    Amazing Spider-Man, the ‘New Ways to Die’ arc

    Great summer for comic book movies as well, and I must finally admit, Secret Invasion has indeed been a huge disappointment

  18. I miss the minis, they where fun

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