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iFanboy Mini #142 – New Comics Preview 10/01/2008

Show Notes

iFanboy picks out the books that they are most looking forward to, and Josh goes out on a limb. Here’s what they recommend:


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  1. I am confident Invincible will ship tomorrow.  If not, I will stop believing in the power of Kirkman’s beard

  2. I think Journey said it best…

    Don’t stop believing.

    at my funeral I want them to play Don’t stop Bereaving.

  3. Wow, so if none or just one of these image books come out this week…Your most likely gonna have to do a whole DC show for your podcast this weekend. I’m sure Conor is crossing his fingers at that idea. Oh and another War Journal issue that is a tie-in to a big event? Oh jeez that’s only been done for almost every other arc for this series in the first place.

    (goes back to reading Punisher MAX)

  4. Wow, only 2 comics for me this week. I swear i heard my wallet let out a sigh of relief.

  5. Why is there a big IF with regards to the Image comics being out tomorrow? 

  6. @deadspace – Because the comics shipping list isn’t finalized until Monday around 5pm and the shipping minis had to be done well before then, so they were always based on the preliminary shipping lists and quite often (for Image especially) those lists would include books that would end up being delayed.

  7. @deadspace – For example, next week’s preliminary list shows INVINCIBLE #54 is coming out, which we know is impossible because #53 is out this week.

  8. Woo! Red Mass!

    Funny, every time you guys mention it’s a light week I happen to be excited about the most stuff. Your light weeks are my heavy weeks. (well, relatively)

  9. @TheNextChampion That crossover for War Journal is perfect for the Punisher though. He’s getting to what he always wants to do. It is also the Marvel Universe Punisher book, and Fraction usually makes it work out well in the background. The stories in War Journal usually are not all that different from MAX.

     (goes back to reading Fraction goodness)

  10. @whirlwindx: Except that in War Journal he fights countless D villains, tie-in’s for almost every arc, and has some really terrible art to boot. MAX has one great writer on the whole run, makes Punisher look more realistic as he fights reall villains (like gangs or rapists), and always had consistantly good art.

    (keeps reading Punisher Max)

  11. @Conor – ah ok that makes sense.

  12. i cant believe I’m so excited about reading supergirl. I’m really looking forward to the new super cross-over. it starts next ish right?

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