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iFanboy Mini #138 – Phonogram

Show Notes

Phonogram was one of Ron Richards’ favorite comic books from 2007, taking the world of Brit Pop music and mixing it with the myth of magic. The highlight of the series was the art of Jamie McKelvie, whose clean lines and dynamic characters make him an artist to watch

And you can watch him on the upcoming Phonogram: The Singles Club, with issue #1 coming out in December, 2008. For more info on Phonogram, be sure to check out the Phonogram site.


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  1. Gold star for the Blue Monday Tee, Ron

  2. Yeah, McKelvie’s got it going on.  Suburban Glamour looked just beautiful with all the colors. 

    And 90’s Brit Pop?  Oasis??  No one else comes to mind at the moment.

  3. Ron is absolutely right. I’d never heard of this book until it was talked about on the ‘Playlist’ show. I ordered the trade and it’s fantastic. I couldn’t be more excited about the sequel.

    @drakedangerz – Blur, Pulp, Elastica, Shed Seven (only two good songs though), Supergrass, Jocasta, Longpigs (great band), Whipping Boy or Kula Shaker (I don’t think Ron likes them but I thought they were pretty cool) 🙂

  4. Ron’s hair looks better now in this one.

  5. Cool to know your into Brit Pop Ron. I like all kinds of music, brit pop is maybe my favourite. Oasis is my favourite band, too bad that in the US they never were succesfull as they were in Europe.

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