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iFanboy Mini #136 – It Came From the Storage Unit: The Avengers #283

Show Notes

Conor Kilpatrick has gone into his storage unit and randomly selected a stack of comics in an attempt to remember the stories just from studying the covers and attempting to jog his addled memory. Will he be successful? The smart money says no, but it will be fun watching him attempt to access parts of his comic book reading brain that have laid dormant for years, and in some cases, decades.

This week is The Avengers #283 from September 1987!

How will Conor do up against a 21 year old comic book? If he gets it wrong there’s a good chance that Zeus will banish him to Hades!


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  1. Namor was in the Avengers? I dont ever recall that, but then again I havent read every single issue of Avengers so my knowledge of every roster is hazy at best.

    At 2:55….does that lady say Thank you Ho, or No? Old printing, you always give me a laugh. Also, what is up with the colors? For a comic that was bagged it sure doesnt look in mint condition….Just saying…..

    Great segment as always Conor, I wish for the return of the old Avengers as well. Mighty is just a mess and they should’ve never split the group up.

  2. I love the "It Came From the Storage Unit" series.

  3. @TheNextChampion – Not every comic I have was always bagged and boarded. I didn’t start bagging and boarding until my teen years.

  4. "Clearly there has been an outbreak of yellow people"

     best quote of the month

  5. I actually just bought this issue on Saturday. That’s such an odd coincidence that this video would come along right after.

  6. This happened after the invasion of  Avengers Mansion by the Masters of Evil. A drunk Hercules was beat almost to death. He was "mostly dead." He got better of course.

    Thor meanwhile was suffering the curse of Hela where he could not heal so heas wearing the armor to keep his broken bones together, it go worse as time went on here and in his own book.

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