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iFanboy Mini #130 – Pick of the Week: Invincible #52

Show Notes

There may be no book more recommended by iFanboy than Invincible, the best superhero book on the stands for over 50 issues, and it’s from Image Comics, and not Marvel or DC.

Josh Flanagan recently hopped from the trades to the issues, and it’s a good thing, because his Pick of the Week, Invincible #52, featured one of the best stories Robert Kirkman has told yet, not to mention the fact that Ryan Ottley is one of the most talented young artists out there. It’s almost unnatural how much fun this book is, and how deadly serious it can get when you’re not expecting it.

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  1. If I can make a suggestion Josh, you should do a whole mini just on face reactions. That whole bit of ‘pretending it’s wednesday’ was priceless. You could be the next big silent actor….which is good since there hasnt been silent films in 80 years…

    Anyways I’m fine with reading it in trade and hearing the spoilers on your podcasts. I dont usually remember plot points as clearly, especially when I have 50+ issues and 6-7 trades to go threw. But damn I wanna pick this up just for that slaughter, that looked epic! Is this kid going to turn into an indie-Punisher?

  2. Next time, French!

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