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iFanboy Mini #128 – Bad DC Villains (Part One)

Show Notes

There are bad villains, and then there are really bad villains.

Take a moment and introduce yourself to the visual horror of such poorly conceived characters as Rainbow Raider, Dr. Spectro, The Shark, and the terrifying Jakob Whorssman.


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  1. Awesome!

  2. I like any villain that has to wear protective eyewear or else be blinded by his own costume. 

  3. Oh wow, those are just horrible, and yet slightly alluring…

    This mini contains nearly everything I ask for in my media; information, laughing fits, impressions and Jaws quotes. In fact this ep gets double points for the impression and Jaws quotes being combined!

    Can’t wait for more of these! 🙂

  4. excellent show (I think my sleeping roommate isn’t that please that I just laughed through most of that…)

    Also, Josh WHEN are you gonna work out a sponsorship from threadless? I mean, you advertise them enough (and a discount on threadless shirts would be nice…) 

  5. I just don’t know where else to buy shirts anymore.  You know, without leaving the house…

  6. Bad DC Villians? You guys should write a book on that! There’s gotta be 100’s, hell 1000’s of them just from the Golden Age alone!

    Great mini, cant wait for part 2, this could be a regular mini like the Storage Unit one. Oh and anyone replacing a C with K in their name is a villian to me. 🙂

  7. I’d like to see Jakob Whorssman return as the evil Headless Whorssman and strike fear this Halloween!

    Nice mini, guys. 🙂

  8. Man, DC has some horrible villians.  And I say that as a DC guy.

    @NextChampion-"Oh and anyone replacing a C with K in their name is a villian to me. :)"  You would’nt be talking about me, now would you?  I just hope you’re referring to Konvikt.  🙂

  9. I think Dr. Spectro’s kind of cool actually.

  10. Oh my God, you guys… this is one of the funniest episodes I’ve ever seen!  Ever!

    Bring back Dr. Spectro!  What a crazy outfit.

    Great job!

  11. I frickin’ can’t stand The Shark. Horrible. Just horrible.

  12. I don’t usually watch all the minis, but this one was friggin’ hilarious, guys! Maybe because I had all of those Who’s Who books, too. Man, DC has some bad villains. ‘Member when they had that Underworld Unleashed mini? The idea was to beef up all the DC villains and make ’em really badass. Don’t think that one worked out too well though.

  13. laughed ’till I cried. aw, good stuff.

  14. Josh and Conor must always do their minis together.  I demand it!  

    One Art History minor correction:  The Rainbow Raider technically makes you achromatic.   

    "Foxtail powered scooter"  Hahaha! 

    This was awesome.  Sequels, please! 

  15. @Kory: Sadly yes, I define you as evil unless otherwise proving your not. It’s Cory with C, not with a K…..Damn kids and their rock music lol

  16. I reiterate: Dr. Spectro is actually kind of cool. Some good writer should do something with that character.

  17. From wikipedia: "After inventing a series of prisms that could alter human emotions, the Doctor was kidnapped by a gang of criminals and forced to use his invention to commit a bank robbery. When the Doctor refused to help, the criminals pushed him into his experimental machinery. The strange energies of the machine reacted with the prisms, giving the Doctor the ability to control emotions directly. The energy also affected his mind, causing the Doctor to embark on a crime spree."

    C’mon! There’s some good stories in there!

  18. I feel kinda bad that Conor and Josh get to do some minis together… I worry about poor Ron all on his lonesome in ‘The City’.

    Ron, maybe create your own mini double-act with Sonia? Competition makes for better product!

  19. @JumpingJupiter – Batman RIPs not done yet!  A Dr. Spectro appearance wouldn’t shock me at this point.

  20. I’d bet real money that Dr. Spectro panel was drawn by former Micronauts artist extraordinaire Pat Broderick!

  21. I was reading Rainbow Raider’s Wiki page and it said there is speculation out there that Libra is actually Rainbow Raider.  If G-Mo does that he will have my respect, because that would be lame, yet ballsy at the same time.

    @NextChampion- LOL  I guess my mother thought she was sticking it to the man when she made my name start with a K and not a C.  I suppose she predicted how I was going to turn out.

  22. This is the greatest Mini I have ever seen.  Why wasn’t this a 30 minute episode?  This was like a 5 minute outtake.

  23. @stuclach: Nah you need this to be a regular mini like Conor’s ‘It came from the Storage Unit!’ Cause it’s something to look forward to every week instead of one (or two) huge video podcasts. Although that would be a great video podcast…..Still they could do this forever, especially if they do more then just DC villians.

  24. @TheNextChampion – Agreed.

  25. I kept staring at Josh’s Jaws poster when he was going about his Shark/Quint spiel and just laughing.

     Funny mini.

  26. I must say that the hilarity of this episode beats out even the adorable face of George Clooney the Dog to be the best episode ever. 

    Nothing is funnier than going totally off the rails. I laughed till i cried. 

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