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iFanboy Mini #127 – New Comics Preview: 09/10/2008

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Conor Kilpatrick, like the ruthless Joker, cannot fight his instincts, so when he realized that there were 4 different Batman books coming out this week, that’s what he focused on.

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  1. You are right Conor no All-Star Batman and Robin this week, it got pushed back to the end of september. I can honestly say that I cant stand Jim Lee any more. Does anyone know what that basterd does? I mean is it really hard to kick out at least 4 issues a year? How this guy stays employed is behond me.

  2. he’s one of the main design artists for DC Online which is a huge undertaking.  Not his mouthpiece or anything but he’s in charage of the designs of that thing, I can take 4 great drawn issues a year of the Goddamn Batman with that coming out soon. 

  3. Didnt realise so much Batman is out this week….Well only 3 if you take out All Star…

    If anyone is confused by Morrison’s RIP arc on Batman…get this damn trade! lol Seriously, it will help put some peices together if you read this first. Hell maybe Morrison has the answer in here and we never put it together..

  4. I see DC Universe: Decisions is delayed, any idea when it will come out?  Was it delayed until next week like Action Comics?

  5. Batman Confidential is still on after this arc wraps. It is a another Joker story.

    Written by Andrew Kreisberg ; Art by Scott McDaniel and Andy Owens; Cover by Stephane Roux

    What happened the first time Batman hauled The Joker into the Gotham City Police Department? Find out here in part one of the time-lost 4-part arc titled "Do You Understand These Rights?" as the ramifications of the "new kind of criminal" emerging in Gotham are felt with deadly consequence!

    Hollywood producer and writer Andrew Kreisberg (Justice League, The Simpsons, Eli Stone) joins artist Scott McDaniel (NIGHTWING, GREEN ARROW) for a look at what severe changes Batman’s presence in Gotham City had on the face of crime.

  6. That is in the show notes up there.

  7. I’m turning into an old fart. I didn’t see that.

  8. Old farts are welcome.  I feel your pain.

  9. @bakerskater & Kimbo– He also runs Wildstorm so there’s that.

  10. @tork just because he works with wildstorm does that mean he cant even do 22 pages in 7 months? I don’t think thats to much to ask but hey thats just me.

  11. He doesn’t just work at Wildstorm, he RUNS it.  On top of that, everytime DC does something even remotely significant, they typically go "Hey, Jim should do variant covers for this!" so I’m assuming that eats up his time as well.  Between running a comic book company, designing a game, and doing every variant cover under the sun, I can see why the man is having trouble finishing All-Star Batman, a book not very many people laud, anyway.  Plus, I’m fairly certain Frank Miller, who’s busy off in Hollywood doing the Spirit and Sin City 2, might be to blame for some of the delays as well.

  12. Acctually I read in wizard that jim lee stated all the delays were his fault, not Franks

  13. Am I the only one who likes All Star Batman and Robin??? I just bought the hardcover and I gotta say I haven’t had that much fun reading comics in a while.  Maybe I just have a sick sense of humor.

  14. I liked it before the delays happened.

  15. says that the book was actually finished but pulled b/c of offensive language:



  16. What’s wrong with an octo monthly book I ask!?

  17. I’ve gotta chime in on Jim Lee. Okay, he’s a major DC design guy. His hands were all over the development of the DCU Online game. And yes, he runs Wildstorm. And then there’s the variant covers he does. Okay, the man’s busy.


    He knew – KNEW – what he had on his plate when he commited to ASB&RBW. Just like he knew – KNEW, I say! – he had that and more when committing to Wildcats v4. And he knows how oh so slow (he’d say deliberate) he is with his pencils.

    Yet he committed anyway and now here we are. Nine issues of All-Star in three years. One – ONE – issue of Wildcats. And he shows no remorse. Oh, he’s given lip service a couple of times on the Batman book, "It’s all me, it’s not Frank," he says. Fine, it’s Jim’ sfault. But while he says he’s sorry, he hasn’t done anything to make up for it. Not to the fans and certainly not to the retailers (who are the ones really getting screwed by this – my guy still has a pile of Wildcats 4.1 because his customers wouldn’t buy it until #2 shipped). 

    And he’s running Wildstorm? What’s that entail these days, anyway? Finding another product to license? World of Warcraft? Supernatural?  Lost Boys? A 21-year old movie? Really? He licensed that? While the Wildstorm U (or is it Earth 50 now?) goes the way of Quality and Atlas and Charlton , he’s off signing deals for properties that few, if any, comic readers are interested in. 

    I’m done with Jim Lee. I wish he’d be done with us. 

    And I want a refund on my copy of Wildcats. 

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