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iFanboy Mini #126 – Pick of the Week: The Roberts #1

Show Notes

Here’s the pitch: The Boston Strangler and the Zodiac Killer were never found out, and it turns out they’re both living in the same retirement home. And there’s your story.

It doesn’t hurt that in this first issue from Image Comics, writer Wayne Chinsang and artist Erik Rose do a real fine job of getting into the heads of these characters, and show you exactly what that might be like.

Read Ron Richards’ full Pick of the Week Review here!


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  1. Ron,

    Thanks for the tip on this book! If I hear any news on a collected edition, I’ll let you know.


  2. I don’t know why you keep emphasizing how expensive it is. It’s the same price and pages of two regular issues. I think some people are too fixated on price though and would go crazy talking about the pricing. It’s like a marvel comic with around the same amount of pages for $3.99. No one ever talks about all the extra pages first they always talk about all the extra price. Having a spine on it is pretty awesome too.

  3. He did talk about the extra features.

  4. YES this was the POTW and I completely agree with Ron on this one. It was very well done and it felt like an actual book I was reading. I love it so much its a shame its only 2 issues long. Great Pick!!

  5. I had to watch this video 3 times cause I couldn’t focus on anything but Ron’s hair, no offense Ron but what did you do to it?

  6. Looks good from here.

  7. btw i LOVE ur shirt ron and dont worry the hair looks good

  8. Seriously, what is up with Ron’s hair?  Is it the San Francisco air?

  9. I Just watched it again, I finally notice the Scott Pilgram Shirt.

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