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iFanboy Mini #123 – It Came From the Storage Unit: Batman & Robin Adventures #6 (1996)

Show Notes

Conor Kilpatrick has gone into his storage unit and randomly selected a stack of comics in an attempt to remember the stories just from studying the covers and attempting to jog his addled memory. Will he be successful? The smart money says no, but it will be fun watching him attempt to access parts of his comic book reading brain that have laid dormant for years, and in some cases, decades.

This week is Batman & Robin Adventures #6 from May 1996!

How will Conor do up against a 12 year old comic book? Well, at least when it’s all over Batman won’t fire him.


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  1. "Batman and Robin Adventures #6….check it out"

    I like how you regressed into Pick of the Week mode…haha

  2. I actually saw a trade for this at my LCS….It might’ve had that issue too! Gotta check that out when I go there thursday.

    Oh and conor you should totally start the dance crazy of ‘It came from the Storage Unit’ 🙂

  3. If that was on the new releases rack this week, I’d snap it up in a second.  Dick Grayson fired?  My dream book.  

    It Came From the Storage Unit FTW!! 

  4. wow i really remember reading this when it first came out. it was awesome. kudos to this

  5. I thought the same thing as Conor did at the time these were out — that they were kiddie books. The only difference is I never checked them out to see … so, it looks like I might have missed out on some good comics.

  6. holy chuff! this was the first ever american comic book i bought from a forbidden planet (a uk chain of comic book stores). This one issue got me hooked, i sought out all the back issues trades etc and truly got into the comic world all because i discovered (thanks to a great friend) that my favourite animated show was also a comic! Now 12 years later i’m spending almost £50 (i think about $80) a week on comics. I get almost everything I can….so my heart thanks the good friend for this big bad start, but my bank balance hates him for it!!!

    Thanks for the nostalgia trip

    The Brit in a Hat

  7. Would that it were only $80.  It’s more like over $100 at this point.  Anyway….

  8. lol ahh the woes of loving comics. our wallets will never forgive us. ps keep up the good work guys. i don’t get on here too often but when i do i love everything about this site

    Adios comic nuts

    The Brit in a Hat

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