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iFanboy Mini #120 – Pick of the Week: Daredevil #110

Show Notes

Along the lovely East River, Conor Kilpatrick talks about his Pick of the Week, Daredevil #110, which reunites one of his favorite creative teams of all time, with Ed Brubaker, Greg Rucka, and Michael Lark, who first came together on Gotham Central.

With this issue, Matt Murdock stopped moping and got back to butt-kicking.

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  1. Will Lark stay on this book or was this is last issue? Anyway it’s a great pick and hopefully when I come back on board for #111 the series will be on the right track.

    Oh and BTW, Conor I do not get the meaning of that shirt.

  2. This whole arc has been great, glad to see some recognition. After about the first year of Brubaker’s run after some of the reveals it slipped from great to good for me but was still one of the better titles I was reading, I am happy to see it back up to its previous level. If only Brubaker or Rucka could do a Dakota North mini or ongoing.

     @TheNextChampion Lark is scheduled for 2 out of 3 upcoming issues. I don’t know why anyone would think this would be his last issue it’s just the end of a story arc. He doesn’t move around from book to book every month and with Brubaker seemed to want to get on the title and stay there for a good long time. 


  3. Nice shades, Conor!  Was that a Murdock tribute?  (Or was it just sunny?)

  4. Conor.  Being that it was one of your favorites, are there any Daredevil trades you recommend??? 

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