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iFanboy Mini #117 – New Comics Preview: 08/27/2008

Show Notes

When you head to your comic book store, make sure you don’t miss:

And in a couple of weeks, look for Pax Romana #3 and I Kill Giants #2.


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  1. I KILL GIANTS is delayed?!?!?! argh!

  2. Ron looks sweaty and excited.  It’s good to see someone this dedicated.  Too bad about the delays.

  3. If you’ve seen footage of those Isotope parties you’d know why he looks like that.  The last one I went to knocked me and Conor out for 3 weeks.


  4. @josh – After writing that comment I remembered that Ron always looked excited (I believe that impression is eyebrow based).  So, is the isotope party that exciting or is it simply responsible for his sweating (and your fatigue)?

  5. Oh man, I’m sorry I’m sure Ron didnt know any of these titles were delayed but….man that was just too funny for me. It’s like Ron got the wrong script for the week, if he had one. But hey delays are evil so what are ya gonna do?

    It’s fine that he’s sweaty…but does the man have a comb at least? lol

  6. I got my issue of Pax Romana #3 this week, so…whaaaa-?

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