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iFanboy Mini #115 – Pick of the Week: Fear Agent #23

Show Notes

Heath Huston, Fear Agent and drunken refugee from a destroyed Earth, gets into all sorts of trouble. This issue, he finds himself on an alien world, and once again, is very nearly killed after going through more horrible torture.

The combination of Rick Remender and Tony Moore’s twisted minds bring us yet another in a long line of just great, fun space adventure comics. Is this the most fun book on the stands? Yes. No question.

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  1. I am considering purchasing a few Fear Agent trades in hardcover (damn you Josh for enthusiastically suggesting numerous quality books), but I can’t seem to find them anywhere.  Does anyone know if there are hardcovers or if some are forthcoming?  I love the big Walking Dead HC volumes.

  2. There aren’t any hardcovers, and I wouldn’t hold my breath.  Make with the softcovers, and you’ll be fine.  Then you can lend them out.

  3. I really hope you guys don’t make it a habit of defending your picks. Just pick your book man. And let the naggers nag unanswered.

    In other news, I see you’re a Mac dude.

  4. Who’s defending?  I pick a book and explain why.  That’s what I’ve always done.  Sometimes I explain my thought process and why I picked one book over another.  I’ve got to write something after the title.


  6. @Josh: I guess I mis-interpreted some of your comments. "it’s subjective" etc…

  7. There are some new people around and I’m just trying to re-iterate how it works.  Sometimes, people don’t understand what the POW is, so now and then, we restate the intention.

  8. Yeah it’s not like a new member comes in and totally ruins the POTW for a certain person….and then causes other people to bash the person who made the pick….and make them be defensive for the next couple of weeks…Who would do such a thing?

    ………….I’m getting my account cancelled arent I?

  9. lol

  10. @Josh – Thanks for the info on the Hardcovers.  I will see if I can grab a few volumes of the softcovers next weekend at Dragoncon.

  11. At first glance I don’t really like Tony Moore’s art. But it grows in me. I’ll have to pick up the trades on this one. But I won’t read in issues. Ads are a deal-breaker for any issues.

  12. There are no ads in the story portion of the book.  Unlike Marvel and DC books, all the ads are in the back, after the story is over. Even then, they’re just ads for other Dark Horse books and stuff mostly.

  13. I like that about some Image titles too. Ads in the back.

  14. I’m all for ads in the back, if they are in house promotions. I’m in, then.

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