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iFanboy Mini #11 – Last Week’s Best Covers

Show Notes

Here are the 5 covers that we enjoyed the most from the week of March 26, 2008


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  1. djejevick!


  2. hey! how’d ron show up in there?! isn’t he in san fran? .. man, you guys move around way too much.

  3. We like to keep everyone on their toes.  We’re unpredictable.

  4. Apparently Ron has side burns will travel?

  5. Ron was visiting the east coast for the spring Judeo-Christian holidays?

    I can understand why you would want to overlook the controversy about NA 39, but this was a mini ABOUT covers and the cover that’s on the ifanboy pull list isn’t the one shown in the mini.  Since covers are such a big deal with respect to catching eyes for sales, anyone think people were confused when this issue finally hit?  Anyone get confused?

    Love these minis by the way.

  6. I would be surprised if anyone was confused by the change in NEW AVENGERS cover.

  7. 1) I thought the Quitely cover was about Supes creating life.

    2) This brings up an old question. Should covers match the interiors? I believe so.  

  8. I really like Djurdjevic’s DD covers, but the point about sameness is a good one — I’ve occasionally neglected to pick up a new issue of the book because I was convinced I had already bought it (with the previous month’s cover looking almost identical!)


  9. Conor, I mean this in the best way possible-but the beard makes you look a bit like a homicidal lumberjack….in a good way.

  10. Ummm…. Yeah, my video playback was BACKWARDS!

    Meaning, instead of the iFanboy Mini, today I saw the iniM yobnaFi.

    How come? 

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