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iFanboy #95 – Image Comics

Show Notes

In 1992, seven of the biggest artists in the business — Todd McFarlane, Rob Liefeld, Jim Lee, Erik Larsen, Marc Silvestri, Jim Valentino, While Portacio — left Marvel Comics to form Image Comics, and nothing would be the same again. More than 15 years later, Image Comics has grown from a place where flashy art ruled the day to a haven for some of the best and most innovative writers in comic books. This new emphasis on writer and story is personified by the newest partner at Image Comics, Robert Kirkman.

This week iFanboy takes a look at just some of the offerings from this “new” Image. Here are the books that they are most interested in:

From Robert Kirkman: The Walking Dead, Invincible, The Astounding Wolf-Man, and Brit

From Jay Faerber: Dynamo 5, Noble Causes, and Gemini

From Joe Casey: Gรธdland, Nixon’s Pals, and Charltan Ball

From Joe Kelly: Four Eyes and I Kill Giants

From B. Clay Moore: Hawaiian Dick

From Jonathan Hickman: The Nightly News, Pax Romana, Red Mass For Mars, and Transhuman

From Alexander Grecian and Riley Rossmo: Proof

From Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie: Phonogram

From Jamie McKelvie: Suburban Glamour

And finally, the massive tome that is Comic Book Tattoo

As you might be able to tell from the above works, Image Comics is one company that defies classification.


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  1. hey guys, the sound isn’t working!!  I tried it on both Firefox and IE.  Is it just me?  I am getting sound from everything else I am running.  How odd ๐Ÿ™

  2. That’s odd.  I just tried it on Firefox and the sound works fine.

  3. No idea, it won’t work on iTunes either.  Its probably just my work computer acting like a little bitch.  Now I guess I have to do actual work and just watch at home…*sigh*

  4. I downloaded the large WMV and only get audio from the left channel.

  5. I just tried the large QT version and it also appears to only have left-channel audio.

  6. Yeah the audio seems to be in mono and only working on the left hand side

  7. Yeah, we’ve noticed the problem, and will see what we can do to fix it.  Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience.

  8. @josh: It’s no problem, all we ask you try.

    And I will try to try and be calm ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Nice. I read the Wikipedia page and it seems that the restrictions that artists had weren’t big. This sort of thing was done and released in a big hardcover book in Israel where comicbook creators chose a song (I don’t know how much liberty they had with the songs they chose). Unllike this, there wasn’t one comicbook artists or song writer – it was a collection of both.

    The problem is that some pieces weren’t allowed, meaning they were left out of the book meaning some comicbook creators were left out of this project. Also I know of a few of the comicbook artists that sent drafts to the song writers and okayed that with them and they changed their interpretation according to the song writers wants. That really pisses me off. I never bought the book and I’m still not sure if I want to buy it.

    And there is also the not getting a copy even after it was in book stores… don’t know what happened to that eventually. 


    I know you guys already talked about it but I just wanted to yell, "FELL!" 

  11. Also – it would be interesting to see a book like that done on Pink Floyd songs…Chatper 24 will be interesting.

  12. "More than 25 years later"



  13. @Templar – These aren’t the droids you’re looking for…

  14. You guys are getting close to fixing this. Now the right side is working, but the left side isnt…..So close! lol

  15. Hey guys, any thoughts on Flight anthology?  I noticed that the price was nice.

  16. You probably already heard this but I’m only getting left channel audio from both the streaming and the WMV download. It’s not that big of a deal.

  17. What about War Heroes!!?!?!?!?!  Good show though.  I heart Tori Amos! (kidding, but still pretty book)

  18. Hmmm….my numbers we’re a bit off from my expectations.

    Great vid, I know Image is the 4th largest comic company….but you wouldnt know it when you see how much Marvel and DC outsells them week after week. Image will get even bigger with Kirkman now as one of the big cheeses for the company. Walking Dead, Invinicble, Spawn, Savage Dragon, and other titles can definitely be big or as big again like any other major comic series right now….Like as mainstream thing like Batman or Spider-Man is.

  19. Yay Jonathan Hickman!

  20. Great show, guys. I’d love to hear your thoughts on Spawn 185. You know you wanna.

  21. Great show. I thought you guys picked a pretty diverse group of books to represent Image.

    One book I want to mention is Jack Staff. Not unlike Kirkman or Faerber, Paul Grist has created his own little universe with the Jack Staff series. He’s really a masterful cartoonist, and it’s great to see his world full of all these vibrant characters.

  22. Wow, guys… thanks so much for all of the wonderful comments and compliments on Comic Book Tattoo.  So very much appreciated!


  23. agreed. i have just recently started getting difffernt things from image comics. i enjoy all of them. i did becasue i wanted to branch our form just being a Marvel and DC guy. so good job on the video!!

  24. Thanks Rantz, glad you dug it.  Obviously, we were impressed too.

  25. I just saw Comic Book Tattoo at my B&N and I stupidly didnt go threw it…..Stupid, Stupid Stupid.

  26. No love for The Sword?

  27. Ron is quite fond of THE SWORD.  As we said, we couldn’t mention every Image book.

  28. As we said, we didn’t get to all the books even we would have liked to.

  29. Well, you sons of bitches did it… you made me buy the Proof TPB. You and the AC guys just keep going on and on about it, I finally caved in. It’s coming in my next DCBS box. And I’m probably gonna like it. Damn you iFanboy! (and I’m gonna get the I Kill Giants TPB too when it comes out)

  30. very nice show. viva image! can’t wait for the i kill giants TPB.

    adding to the list of unmentioned books is "age of bronze," eric shanower’s retelling of the story of the trojan war. it’s an interesting book, and impressive in its scope – it is a really huge story, and after the first trade i realized how far there was to go. shanower’s pacing totally fits in with the epic feel necessary to tell the story well.

  31. Very nice show guys. You couldn’t have picked a better representation of what Image has become since it’s inception. I’m really glad you mentioned Nixon’s Pals because when I read that I was floored by what Joe Casey could come up with in his little corner of the Image publishing world.

    I am surprised that Connor didn’t mention The Circle at all. Brian Reed’s writing on that was stellar and made me a fan of his. He does the spy/espionage genre proud and I just wish more people had bought it when it was out s he could have the motivation to do more stories in that world. Oh well.

    I’m sure you guys already know about Madman Atomic Comics which Mike Allred is just killing with each issue that comes out. His Red Rocket 7 just got rereleased, too.

    One last thing, POPGUN. You guys had mentioned Comic Book Tattoo as a way for people to get a taste of different artists and creators working right now. That’s true, but Pop Gun Vols. 1-x are, in my opinion, better reads. You get more of a sense of the creator working in their own creations using their own voice instead of just adapting or interpreting someone else’s voice. A lot great people and stories in those books, too.

    Keep up the good work everyone. You guys are my favs! 

  32. @hawaiianpunch – As much as I would have liked to have plugged THE CIRCLE, it’s not available in trade and would be really difficult for people to find.  It’s similar to why we didn’t mention FELL, which has only had one issue out this year.

  33. Just watched this ep, and wanted to say thanks guys. Only on Monday was I lamenting so few books this week, now I’ve ordered the first trades of Proof, Nightly News and Suburban Glamour.

    Also, I’m so excited for Phonogram 2 it’s ridiculous!

  34. First video podcast for me, longtime audio podcast fan…that was great!  Loved seeing all the art shots and pans.  Fantastic.  Sorry I took so long.

    You asked for "the books you missed"…well, it’s a lot of the books I read apparently…!

    Bomb Queen – I just think this book is a pile of naughty fun…and it prints regularly and often.  And no, I’m not a perv.

    Gutsville, Infinite Horizon – Two great books with that unique vision you all hinted at.  Both with major delay problems too.

    Kyle Baker’s Special Forces – Did I mention this is by KYLE FREAKIN BAKER?  Same publishing schedule as Gutsville and Infinite Horizon, however. ๐Ÿ™

    The best part about the "new Image" is that they are now PUBLISHERS, seeking out great new talent or helping old talent beaten down at the big two find their unique voices.  For me, before, Image was originally a bunch of creators who banded together to each put out their own books…exemplified by Larsen.  I think it is cool they were able to grow the way they have.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying what they were before was problematic, there have been some good books, but for me personally, I never enjoyed Image as much as I do right now. 

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