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iFanboy #93 – The Vault! The Damned, Exit Wounds, & Emperor Doom

Show Notes

The Damned – By Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt tells the tale of mobster whose been brought back from the dead and has to deal with impending gang war between the warring mafia made up of demons. If you like demons and black and white noir, this one is for you.

Exit Wounds – By Rutu Modan is a touching graphic novel of family and relationships. Set in modern day Israel with suicide bombings in the background, it’s an emotional journey for one man coming to terms with his father, life and romance

Emperor Doom – This classic Marvel graphic novel from the 1980s by David Michelinie and Bob Hall tells the tale of a world run by Doctor Doom!


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  1. The shirts were intentional weren’t they?

  2. Stop teasing me with those t-shirts!

  3. I want a scott pilgrim t-shirt now !!!!

  4. haha, Conor said frontin’!  Hulk goes to Sears, great laugh with that one.  And the genuine excitement in Ron’s voice when you pulled out Emperor Doom was priceless.  I love this episode.  Josh did a great job selling me on The Damned, and would have won me over.  BUT…Ron’s excitement got me excited like a school child on Sweet Christmas, so I think I’m picking up Doom.  You can almost see the twinkle in Ron’s eye when talking about it.  Plus I totally love bureaucracy.  Thanks guys!  

  5. I haven’t gotten a chance to watch this show yet, but I *looooove* Emperor Doom.  It’s the kind of awesome absurdity that I adore about classic Marvel.

  6. Ron is correct in pronouncing that name but he said Rutu in a weird way: Ru Tu.

    I haven’t seen that name written with punctuation so I can’t confirm 100 percent.

    The punctuation which are the symbols underneath the words tell the reader how to pronounce the actual words but it is usually found only in books made for kids or young teenagers. 

  7. Great show guys.  I’m thinking of picking up the Damned comic.  Sounds like its the kind of thing I would dig.  Love the idea behind it.  Thanks for the info.

  8. THWIPT!

  9. The shift in how much of my disposable income goes towards trade volumes of books I would have otherwise never heard of since becoming an Ifanboy watcher/listener/reader is noteworthy, to say the least.

     Thanks for doing this, guys.

  10. Umm, is there something wrong with the sound on this episode or is iTunes the issue? Josh’s sound sounds very muted.

  11. @g0ofgnet – Josh’s mic was bad.

  12. I miss the Graphic Novel format.  I guess it was Prestige Format that killed it.  Favorites:  John J Muth’s Dracula, Hooky (feat. Spider-Man) and Frankenstein.

  13. When I think of road trips I think of Crossroads starring Britney Spears! *hangs himself for mentioning that*

    ‘We should be The Damned then! That’s a way cooler name!’-Venture Bros.

    David Michelinie is a writer that should be talked about more often. He is a master during the 80’s and has written some of the most entertaining stories in that era. Most of them are Iron Man stories (Demon in a Bottle and all three Iron Man/Dr. Doom time travel stories) but he helped on Todd McFarlane’s run on Spider-Man and help give the birth of Carnage (whether we like it or not). If you guys ever do another video podcast on comic book creators, he is someone I would definitely love to see talk about….Or how about a Talksplode podcast with him?

    Oh and you guys are also great at pushing Marvel or DC stories that have been lost threw time. Maybe no so much Infinity Gaunlet; but Cosmic Wars and now Emperor Doom are stories that I definitely need to own. Good show lads.

  14. GO RON!

  15. Emperor Doom… was EPIC.

  16. Oh my love of the Damned. I cannot get enough of Brian Hurt’s art. The sequence when Eddie is looking in the abandoned house is just beautiful.

  17. good to hear you mention Hard time. another book i thought was a great read was Hero by dc comics. both these book had alot of potntial but were canned due to lack of readers and i blam ifanboy for not being thier to save them. you should do a show about awesome boks that were canclled.

  18. I really enjoyed Emperor Doom. I remember especially fondly the scene where Doom is standing on the White House lawn with functionaries coming up to him with questions every ten seconds, thinking to himself, "God, ruling the world is a pain in the ass." I thought about it a lot when I read Waid’s Empire years later. Also, I’m pretty sure Purple Man stayed dead from this issue until the moment he appeared in Alias without a word of explanation. If that’s true: do you care? Do you need to see the story of how the Purple Man came back?

  19. @Jimski  You know, it never occurred to me that ‘Emperor Doom’ was supposed to be in continuity.  I don’t have any justification for saying it isn’t, though. 

  20. Hmm, I may be totally wrong in this, but I think it was put into the graphic novel format because it wasn’t intended to be in continuity.  I may or may not have read that somewhere.  Same for X-Men’s "God Loves Man Kills"  which turned out later to be in continuity.

  21. In all fairness, it’s very much obvious that the Purple Man was supposed to be dead but you could fairly easily make a case that’s he just comatose or something.  It’s not like Namor put a finger to his neck and went "He’s dead, Jim."

  22. EMPEROR DOOM is in continuity.  It says so in the book, and we talked about it on the show.

  23. So long ago I couldn’t recall, but I do remember some reading something about this particular story  years ago.  My memory ain’t what it used to be.

  24. I suspect that in ten years I will have the memory of a goldfish.


    I suspect that in ten years I will have the memory of a goldfish.

  25. Yeah, that’s how it works.  You can remember who sang "Tainted Love" but can’t remember what you just typed 1.5 seconds ago.  It’s a weird post-30 thing.  I have no excuse for not remembering Emperor Doom because it occured during my prime.

  26. The thing is, when Marvel (or anyone) puts in their ORGN where the story fits in with their issues, that’s the indicator that it’s in continuity.  If it wasn’t in-continuity, they wouldn’t need to put that information in because it would be irrelevant.

    And that’s not to say that without that indicator a story wouldn’t be in-continuity.

  27. What the fuck is an ORGN?

  28. I read that like Jay Mewes.  "WHAT THE FUCK IS THE INTERNET?!"

    Needless to say, I’m still laughing.  With tears.

  29. Everything is in continuity, it’s just in a different earth…

  30. Ahh, my bad.  I haven’t had a chance to watch the show yet and I was going from memory.

    "ORGN" sounds dirty.

  31. Well, now we have an all-emcompassing term for original graphic novels and trade paperbacks.  Henceforth, ORGN.  Send all checks to Conor.

    Just for clarity, is that pronounced with a hard G?

  32. ORGN sounds like a medical specialist.

    "Doctor, I feel like my liver spasms when I eat."

    "That sounds like an issue you should take up with your ORGN." 

  33. The Damned looks so awesome.

  34. Exit Wounds looks pretty cool

  35. Emperor Doom sounds so awesome that I just had to order it from Amazon (thru iFanboy, of course). Thanks so much for reviewing it, Conor!

  36. Wanted to thank you for recommending Emperor Doom.  Someone shows up yesterday to sell their collection, and that trade was in it.  I ended up getting it for five bucks, and consider it a great deal.  Fantastically fun read for an 80s Avengers title.


    Thanks, Conor.

  37. You’re welcome!

  38. im gonna give the damned a chance.it looks alot like hellblazer which i love.

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