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iFanboy #92 – Brian Michael Bendis

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From his humble beginnings as a struggling independent comic book artist with such works as Jinx, Torso, Fortune and Glory, and Powers to his current reign as the shaper of the Marvel Universe with Secret Invasion, The New Avengers, The Mighty Avengers, and Ultimate Spider-Man, Brian Michael Bendis has seen it and done it all in comics.

Bendis sits down with Marvel editor Lauren Sankovitch to have a chat with iFanboy about the state of the Marvel Universe, the future of the Ultimate line, the status of Powers both in comics and on-screen, and the power of his own internet community.


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  1. Problem is, is that he took the Savage Land setting too far, and made that the setting for almost 5 full issues of SI. I understand if the main book was going to be slow and the tie-in’s would have more action. House of M and Civil War had the same problems, but it’s a problem when you consider this feels more like a set up series for something even BIGGER then what SI is delievering to us. Heck, #6 was a set up issue to a set up series! So frustrating….

    Even with the frustrating aspects of SI, Bendis is still one of my favorite writers. I love all of his books, and he still is on series that are great to read. Okay maybe New Avengers is side-lined with SI right now; but his stuff before that was great. All of his indie series are definitely something to buy and USM is better then anything else 616 continuity is offering. I hope he gets this writing funk out of him from this event though.

  2. Great Show. It’s shows like this that made me start watching iFanboy. Ron is a really great interviewer. It just blows my mind how much time and money you guys spend to know this stuff. I love BMB but I’m so far behind on USM, haven’t read much of the New Av’s, and are nowhere near buying into Secret Invasion.

    I usually read everything in trades and am really considering not following any Marvel Universe stuff, ever, after reading the second Iron Fist trade. I do love BMB and the less corporate stuff. I just don’t like feeling like a chicken waiting for the slaughter by terrible corporate comic hype of how "keep buyin’, next month with be awesome, were sorry this month sucked". It’s like a bad investment.

    I’ve gotten smarter over the years and wait until the books have been reviewed and grinded through the thousands of opinions and still come out as a "good book" to buy the trades. I’d much rather read "good books" than "new books". BMB’s books seem to still be in print from years ago… and if they’re still available by the time I get to them, lucky me! I love BMB but I can’t keep up with his stories as they come up. I don’t have the money or the time… but I’ll catch them in trades.

    Great show.

  3. Due to Bendis being Bendis, I may have to pass on this one.

  4. Lauren Sankovitch was a great touch. It’s good to see an editior so enthusused about the work. I’m a big fan of the production side of comics. More of that please!

    Bendis seems like a genuinely nice guy. I don’t love everything he writes, but he’s worker. I remember  him leaving a voicemail (and calling Darrell out) when Powers 25 was the PoW! That’a classy. Kudos. Good job Ron!

  5. iFanboy delivers again! Thank you. I love this site. 

    I can’t wait for Ultimatum. Ron, terrific interview. I can’t wait for David LaFuente’s USM annual #3. I love the way he draws spidey. Did I say I can’t wait for Ultimatum? 🙂

  6. Very entertaining interview Ron.  I may be echoing other people here but this show is really more than a podcast but a rounded entertainment experience.  Production values are there and so is the talent for developing great rapport with guests. 

    It’s cool that Brian Bendis acknowledges the love iFanboy shows Powers.  He’s as watchable as he’s listenable on Word Balloon.  Bendis being one of my favorite scribes, it’s great to see a interview with him.  

    Lauren Sankovitch seems like a cool person as well.  She seems to have all the passion and enthusiasm that a comic book editor and fan should have.  

  7. i enjoy his word balloon interviews way more than his comic books

  8. Good stuff.  Always enjoy listening to the Bendis speak, breathing that rarified air.  I can see how he and Loeb might clash at times; Bendis writes WAAAY in advanced while Loeb has stated that he only writes one issue at a time and spends his time on it.

    @minithin-Agreed, his word balloons are awesome.  I don’t even read many of his or Loeb’s books, but their interviews are great to listen to nonetheless.

  9. Bendis needs to stop saying the phrase "rarified air." It makes him sound like a goober. Good Stuff though.

  10. Yeah, I had to skip this one also.  Bendis is one of the main reasons I quit buying Marvel books.

  11. Great interview Ron.

    I thought this was really interesting and it really does seem as if he was truly upset about how poor the powers schedule was.  It’s nice to see that he cares about that. 

    I also thought including lauren was a great idea.

  12. So glad you discussed Jinxworld.com in the interview.  Pretty ingenious to create a community that can discuss the faults and pros of your work while it’s coming out.  That he welcomes seeing all the negative with the positive and just studies it so he can be even better while staying collect about it is the sign of a true pro.  That was really cool to see.  Great interview Ron. 

  13. This was a Ultimate love letter that brought a tear to my eye.  I’m glad to hear Ultimate is getting back on track.

  14. Good job…still pissed I missed Baltimore CC!

  15. is it just me or does the villain from last weeks heroes look like a fat bendis?

  16. Um…

  17. i like everything he does

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