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iFanboy #86 – Mark Millar & Tony Harris

Show Notes

Mark Millar, the writer of Civil War and currently Wolverine and Fantastic Four, joined forces with artist Tony Harris, famous for his work on Starman and Ex Machina to tell the tale of super powered army soldiers in War Heroes, but that’s not all that’s discussed!

No True Believers, listen as Tony Harris talks about his legendary run on Starman and his current pride and joy, Ex-Machina.

Hear the behind the scenes stories of the Wanted movie and the upcoming Kick-Ass movie from Mark Millar, as well as his opinion of creator owned work vs. publisher owned work, a hot topic in the comic book industry.


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  1. I’d love to have that toilet seat.

    Great interview as always Ron, gald you were able to go to such a great looking comic shop…Why cant my LCS look like this? Anyways I didnt think your impersonation of Millar was that dead on. But I’m not like the producers for Wanted and got confused by his accent. I’m sure you were holding back when he stated ‘Wanted was a good film’. lol

  2. Hey, thats me reading picking up and putting down a comic 1 minute into the video!!  My wife is in it too, sweet!


    Great interviews, I forgot to ask them if War Heroes would be turned into a movie, it seems perfect for that.   I remember seeing you there at isotope but was in awe of your greatness that I didn’t say hello.  Alas, maybe next time.

  3. Wow, he made more on Kick Ass? That’s rare for a creator.

     As always the Isotope is awesome!

  4. Mark Millar is very talented, all that hand and arm movement and he didn’t even spill his beer!!!

  5. That Millar dude is always drinking.

  6. Really cool to see more Millar and Harris, and the Isotope looks like an amazing shop. To see the video coverage we did in Texas check out.

    Mark Millar:

    Tony Harris:

  7. Did Millar say Harris was showing him his penis (in the outtakes) or am I just misunderstanding his accent?  If he did say penis, please promise you will never show that outtake from any other angles.

     Oh, and nice toilet seat.

  8. I’m surprised and a little disappointed Ron didn’t yell "LOOM OF FATE!!!!" at least once.

  9. @Tork: I know right? I mean Ron was the most disappointed person in the bunch when it came to the film. So the fact that he had to silently nod his head when Millar was talking about the film was so funny….I was really hoping for him to freak out about the ‘Loom of Fate!’….But alas that wouldnt have looked to professional now would it? 🙂

  10. Man, Tony Harris is amazing.

  11. @thenextchampion  I was hoping for a Loom of Fate call-out as well.  Being professional doesn’t necessarily mean kowtowing (not that you were, but, i’m just sayin).  The best interviewers aren’t afraid to put someone on the carpet if they’re being disingenuous.  The difficult part is doing it with aplomb.  Probably difficult for Ron to do since he was also being exposed to the penis gyrations. 

    .. and now to completely contradict myself since I generally advocate for the infernal….

     If the creator of the original work thinks a change to his work is for the better, then he’s ultimately suited to make that call.  We, as consumers of that art are of course allowed to disagree… perhaps even vociferously – lookin at you George. 

  12. Oh yeah.. and I love that toilet seat.  That’s amazing to watch.  As someone with no drawing ability, it boggles my mind to see an artist approach a blank canvas and just compose with no prep work.  He was drawing in marker.. MARKER!  That shit don’t erase! 

  13. "sleepwalking into fascism."


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