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iFanboy #84 – Your Comic Book Voicemail

Show Notes

It’s been a busy summer and the voicemails have been piling up. In this episode we answer your questions, like:

Are there any comics about a hero’s journey from childhood to herodom?


Are the Homelands stories in Fables really any good?


What should you buy when you hit the quarter bins at a comic book convention?

But that’s not all. We discuss the random prose story from Strangers In Paradise as well as addressing the question of whether or not super heroes should be married…again.

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  1. So yeah…let’s never see those feet again, sorry I get bad vibes about feet and….okay let’s try and not think about it. lol

    My comic book store has 25 to 50 cent bins and you definitely helped me and that other dude out for what to buy. Man I wish comics were that price again….although I’m sure back in the 1940’s, people thought that was too expensive too. My god if someone from that time saw the prices of our time; they would think those comics were for the rich folk in the mountains of New York. 🙂

    BTW conor, at 15:12 that is the best confused face I’ve seen, also at 16:50 that was the perfect reaction to the question…comedic timing is everything. 🙂 Prose in comics dont really work for me, cause frankly it’s out of place. You read comics for word balloons and pictures, not reading a book. Now I know sometimes it’s an artistic choice to do a prose story (like Morrison in his Joker prose)…But seriously, your not gonna get much sales if your entire issue is nothing but words.

  2. For the first question, what about Superman For All Seasons? His powers haven’t manfested themselves when the book starts and the focus of the story is his transition into becoming Superman.

    Also I know the TV series comes first but Heroes has a lot of characters just discovering their abilities so you could try the book of that?

  3. For the first question, by far the best thing that I’ve read that fits those criteria is Superman: Secret Identity, which details the hero’s progression from teenager to old man in the space of four prestige format issues. And it’s a corking read to boot! 

  4. I know you guys filmed this before it was reprinted, but Robin Year One just came out in Paperback. I got the idea when Josh mentioned the Teen Titans.

    I finished up SiP in the Pocket Book format a few months ago, and I enjoyed the Molly and Poo story. I can understand how you could get annoyed with it in an issue format, but I really enjoyed that chapter in the SiP saga. I wanted to thank iFanboy for recommending the series. It was Fantastic and I’ve been loving Terry Moore’s Echo.

    I’m surprised Ron didn’t mention Liberty Belle and Hourman from Justice Society. That is GREAT couple.

  5. I know it wasn’t too popular, but Ultimate Iron Man was a story that literally started with Tony’s birth and is following him as he grows up. The next issue he’s two and then the issue after that he’s like… ten…

  6. I second Ilash’s suggestion of Superman: Secret Identity.  Very good and meets the requirements.

    @Josh – I completely agree that the Homeland portions of Fables are the most intriguing.  Boy Blue is an absolute badass.

  7. Can we get an outtakes/show prep episode?  I could watch Conor help Ron with his hair for like 5 minutes.  Talk about the blind leading…

  8. @stuclach – It wasn’t his hair, he was sweaty.

  9. @conor – Oh.  That makes it considerably less funny.  Still a very good show though.

  10. @stuclach – Oh, I’m not saying there isn’t video of me and/or Josh helping him with his hair…

  11. @conor – I promise to click on 5 ads if you show that footage on the next mini. I would do the same to see you or Josh ruffle his helmet hair. The first time I saw his hair I thought he was wearing a helmet.

  12. Actually it was the fact that I was sweaty and then turned into my hair, cause I had hair bits from my haircut…

    OK TMI – back to the comics!

  13. @ron – I suspected it was secretly hair related.

    Seriously, what do I need to do to see this footage Conor claims to have?  A $5 donation?  You know the iFanbase would love to see this.  Ron are you supressing the footage?  I promise to watch every podcast on Revision3 next week if tomorrow’s mini contains this footage.

    Oh, and comics. Ron, you didn’t mention Diamond’s monopoly in your manifesto.  I think some competition on the distribution end would solve a lot of the problems you mentioned.  Specifically marketing, which I think Diamond has more to do with it appears.

  14. Ronin basically equals Samurai Jack by Frank Miller but done in the 80’s. Nuff Said.

  15. Helmet hair?  What does that even mean?  I’m, I’m, just, how dare you sir!?

  16. @Josh – Ron’s hair, not yours.



  17. @Josh – Your hair is magnificent.  I would never insult that perfectly coifed hair.  I would love to know how much time Ron spends combing back that do (35-40 minutes preshow?) 

    Helmet hair is simply hair that looks like it has never moved and will never move.

    Here is an exaggerated verson of helmet hair (from Flight of the Conchords, one of the greatest shows that no one watched): http://bikehugger.com/images/blog/helmet_hair.jpg 

  18. OK, it just got weird.

  19. I’d love to see a complete blooper show someday, I’m sure you guys have a lot of material you havent shown.

    It’s weird we’re talking about hair when we had to see conor’s foot in the beginning of the show….Yeesh. lol

  20. Someone’s got a foot thing.

  21. @TheNextChampion- You’re a little too obsessed with that foot thing.

  22. Says the people who started an entire discussion on HAIR!

    What is this a salon or a comic book show….am I right?

    (yes that should give me enough time to plan my escape)

  23. What is going on?

  24. @Jimski – The ifanbase is demanding a blooper/behind the scenes show.  (The customer is always right.)

    Wouldn’t this be the easiest iFanboy mini to make?  No new footage.

  25. Trust us, you see every good blooper there is.

    We’re just *that* good.

  26. @josh – Impressive.  (I call bullshit.)

  27. @ Josh – Here is the perfect wallpaper for your iPhone. I have it on mine currently.


  28. I really loved Molly and Poo. It’s the first comic I got my mom to read, and she actually liked it a lot. 🙂

  29. Wow so….I sounded like a neanderthal in my voicemail(it was the first message). Thank you very much for the Superman: Secret Identity recommendation. It sounds exactly like what I needed. I’d love to go for a long drawn out multi-volume stories but if i can’t find that i’ll definitely settle for self contained one volume stories

  30. @TopGun – Don’t be silly.  You sounded like a rubber gorilla suit.  😉

  31. Dareevil: Man Without Fear might be the perfect book for the first guy.

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