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iFanboy #83 – San Diego Comic-Con 2008 (Part Two)

Show Notes

More overwhelming than ever, and brimming with comic book luminaries and talent, Josh, Ron, Conor, and the intrepid Gordon the intern brave the crowded aisles of the San Diego Convention Center, to get a chance to talk to people who make great comics.

In this episode, we talk to:

Tim Sale – Artist on Captain America: White as well as all of in-show paintings on Heroes.

Cullen Bunn & Brian Hurtt – The writer and artist team that brought us The Damned from Oni Press

Joe Kelly – Writer of I Kill Giants and the upcoming Four Eyes form Image Comics.

Peter J. Tomasi – DC Comics editor-turned-writer on Nightwing and Green Lantern Corps.

Andy Diggle – Writer on Hellblazer and creator of The Losers.

Alexander Grecian & Riley Rossmo – The writer and artist team on Proof from Image Comics.

Terry Moore – Writer/Artist on the new sci-fi sensation book Echo.

Ed Brubaker – Winner of this year’s Eisner Award for Best Writer for Captain America, Daredevil, Immortal Iron Fist, and Uncanny X-Men.

Joe Casey – Comic book industry grouch.


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  1. Tim Sale: ‘It’s been too long….Loeb is such a good writer’ (Uh have you been reading his stuff recently? lol)

    Tomsai: If it wasnt for him, Nightwing and GL Corps would never be as big as a hit as they are now. The Mongul arc on GLC’s was ones of the best cosmic stories I’ve read in a while…just as good as the TnA stories of Nova and GOTG. Please, dont ever leave the titles!

    Let’s be honest, you guys wanted to kidnap Terry Moore and make him write stories for you right? lol

    Brubaker: Does he always wear that hat? He looks like Crocodile Dundee….It must be nice winning all those awards and get all of these offers to write stories. Why can I be as talented as him damnit!?

    I think for the next San Deigo con, you guys should be in costume the whole time. Conor as Batman, Ron as Cyclops, and Josh as…..John Constantine maybe? You guys did a great job, some of the best coverage of a con I’ve seen on a website. What’s the next con anyways?…Chicago? Oh and Flanagen and Casey would be a great comedy duo on the CW network. lol

  2. iFanboy’s SDCC content has been great. Thanks you guys.

  3. Awesome show, guys, easily the best Con show you’ve put out so far (and that’s saying something). As always with your Con shows, I sit down to simply watch and enjoy, but by the end I’ve scribbled down a huge list of books I hadn’t heard of before that I absolutely must own! Thanks again for all your hard work putting this together 🙂

    Conor, I’m so pleased you talked to Tomasi! Before you left for the Con I thought ‘If they talk to anyone, please talk to Tomasi…’  lo and behold; interview goodness! I really liked what he was saying about making the Bat family more of a cornerstone. It really came across that he loves the character, he gets the character, and why his book is so damn fantastic all the time.

    Also loved what Terry Moore was saying about focusing on Echo and other projects for a while. Echo’s really struck a chord with me and I can’t wait for the momentum to keep building. I loved (and I mean LOVED) SIP, but part of me worries that if he ever did go back to it then it might be like one of those disappointing band reunions like The Sex Pistols, not a good one like The Verve.

    Only quick gripe: I saw Gordon’s name on the end credits, yet no actual Gordon! Where was the booth babe coverage (for want of a better phrase)? 🙂

    Joe Casey might just be my hero…

    (PS: Did anyone film you guys on the panels you did?) 

  4. Joe and Josh stole the episode.  I love that there were kids just a few feet away.

    It was great to hear from Tomasi, his stuff has been very solid this past year.

  5. Ed Brubkaker!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Wow what a great show.


  7. Thanks for talking to Diggle, guy doesn’t get enough attention.  His Hellblazer run has been great, and it’s nice to know a little bit more about why he’s leaving.  I am very excited to see his take on Thunderbolts, and am curious about his upcoming Vertigo project.


    Also, I am about to delve into the first SiP pocketbook, let’s hope I end up loving it as much as the iFanboy crew.

  8. By show of hands, who here (other than me) wants to see a Joe and Josh conversation/cage match at the end of every episode?

  9. That was great, Casey needs to do an audio show one day, but like the mini episodes.

    Oh, and that Spider Woman in the begin was awesome.

  10. @stuclach – *Hand raised!

    @mypistola – She was good but I’d have to vote for the Batman/Robin family eating lunch as the best cold open I’ve ever seen!

  11. Excellent work fellas!  Liked the Tomasi and Moore interviews since their’s are the books I’m-a readin’. Joe and Josh are hilarious!! Perfect way to wrap up the whole con.

  12. I love it when you guys have Joe Casey on. Each year it gets funnier and funnier.

  13. Is that really how Joe Casey is or was that schtick?  I am aware that this question might make me look like a noob but I need to know what the hell is up with that dude?

  14. Terry Moore – <3 x a million

    Joe Kelly – <3 x lots 

  15. @ghostwriter-It’s a running joke.  Look for the video of the 2006 comic con.

    Now I know what Brubaker looks like.

    That intro with the people in the costumes was hilarious.  As was Joe Casey.

  16. @Eyun – Echo has totally struck a chord with me too and I’m not even sure why. All I know is that Terry Moore is one of the best writers out there and he is a guy who REALLY knows his characters. That bit with Julie and the sandwich and the dog… how could something so simple come across so amazingly?

    So yeah, it was great hearing his plans for it on this video. Here’s hoping there are 90 issues! 😀 

  17. I’ve never heard of "Seven Sons" but I’m totally sold on the concept. The fabled Seven Chinese Brothers in the American West? Awesome concept.

  18. I wonder how much of Casey’s "A-hole" schtick is real. I know he’s putting on a show for the camera, but he seems very good at being a Dick.

  19. He’s a good actor.

  20. Prior to this podcast, I had thought that Joe Casey and Joe Kelly were the same person.


  21. @DoctorColossus  I knew they were different guys, but I have never been able to remember who was who.  Having faces to go with them helps.  Joe Kelly wrote JLA, and Joe Casey wrote X-men.

    I think.

  22. That Tim Sale screen shot you guys captured image is wonderful. I’ve neve seen him look more homeless. The way his neck cranes back and to the side…. fantastic.

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