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iFanboy #82 – San Diego Comic-Con 2008 (Part One)

Show Notes

More overwhelming than ever, and brimming with comic book luminaries and talent, Josh, Ron, Conor, and the intrepid Gordon the intern brave the crowded aisles of the San Diego Convention Center, to get a chance to talk to people who make great comics. In this episode, we talk to:

Jeff Parker – Writer of X-Men: First Class, Agents of Atlas, and The Age of the Sentry

Cameron Stewart and Ray Fawkesย – Artist and writer of Apocalipstix from Oni Press. Stewart was also
artist on such books as The Other Side, Seaguy, and many others

Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba – The brother artists from Brazil who have worked on Casanova, The Umbrella Academy, and the upcoming B.P.R.D. 1947

Nicola Scott – Artist on Birds of Prey and the new Secret Six ongoing series.

Chuck BB – Winner of this year’s Eisner for Most Deserving Recognition, for his work on Black Metal, from Oni Press.

Philip Bond – Artist for many books, including The Escapists, The Invisibles, Vinamarama, and Kill Your Boyfriend.

Grant Morrison and James Sime – The prolific DC writer and the proprietor of Isotope comics show the convention how clothes should be done.

Joe Quesada – Editor in Chief of Marvel Comics.

If that’s not enough, don’t worry. We couldn’t fit all the interviews from this year into one show, so we’ve got a completely different lineup for you next week. So enjoy this one, and then get ready for more, with 2 giant size iFanboy episodes.


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  1. That was the best Grant Morrison interview EVER!!!!

  2. I love Grant, but this award for best suit ntley goes to James! Bravo, sir. Bravo!

  3. I enjoyed Conor’s conversation with Nicola Scott.

  4. I had no idea that Nicola Scott was a woman. 

  5. Is it weird that this bald, funny speaking man is writing some of the best DC titles in recent memory?

    I know he’s scottish lol But it’s just funny that it feels like such a forced voice sometimes; like Morrison is faking it ya know.

  6. Umm…who dropped their’ iFanboy promo card and let get all walked over like that, and how dare you? Perhaps you thought it was just another freebie promoting a smaller, less significant con, or a coupon for a place you live too far away from to ever use? Either way, shame, shame.

    -So very thankful for the con coverage over the past two years. Who knew that the special edition from San Diego three years back would turn into all of this. Best con show in a while, can’t wait for part 2.

    @TNC:No way Morrison is faking it. Look at suit! And the purple one in New York, that was hot! The man is serious, straight business. All kidding aside, I did like that suit, and it’s a big year for him, it’s cool to see him in the limelight, coming off like the old pro.

  7. @Quentin: Maybe Gordon was slapping his hands with the cards, to get people’s attention. You know like what they do in Vegas; the people on the streets go up to your face and slap in on their hands so you can pick the ad’s up….Actually that would’ve been really funny if that was the case.

  8. @TNC: I’ve never made it out to Vegas, but I’d probably be checking to see if the guy had stolen my wallet before anything else, being all up in my business like that. Maybe so though, Gordon is makin’ moves off camera too.

  9. My goodness Conor! You were blatantly flirting with that lovely lady!

  10. @Jupiter

    Dude. She’s smart, hot, successful, talks with that accent, is very into comics, and you just KNOW she’d drink us under the table…..

    I would do my best to see if I could make her the next greatest mistake of my life. ๐Ÿ™‚


  11. She draws comics too. ;P

  12. I didn’t notice an accent. And I want to go shopping with Grant and Dave.

  13. Oh and b4 anyone gets em in a bunch, I say what I say, with the utmost respect. ๐Ÿ™‚    (Just headin it off at the pass.)

  14. @goof: Nic has an australian accent.

  15. g0of is from Australia.

  16. Well that explains that.

  17. Heh. Nice Joe Casey impression, Josh.

  18. I herby make a motin that the Ifanboy’s suit up for at least a segment next year. Do I have a second?

  19. Yeah, whatever.  You try humping a camera and stuff around in a suit in that hothouse of humans.  No thank you.  Maybe if we get a team of grips.

  20. lol omg, I’m sorry josh for a second there I thought it said ‘gimps’….Oh man that was the worst thought that has ever creeped up in my mind…Although it would bring more attention to the show if you used gimps….

    Anyways that Jeff Parker guy seems like a really nice and funny man….But I’m sorry, if he’s writing a Sentry title then he’s going to get hate mail for the next couple of months. No one can make this character work now, no one.

  21. @Josh

    I posted it somewhere on iFanboy. You guys should have contests for the major conventions where members of iFanboy have the chance to hang out with u guys, sit just off camera during interviews, help lug stuff around, and enjoy the "Press Pass" access.

    The iFanbase would have the fun of the con with u guys, and u guys would have help lugging the gear. It’s a win-win. Call it "Intern for a day."

  22. Or maybe even set it up as an item up for bid for a Charity Auction. Include an intern shirt, etc..

    Well u get the picture.    ๐Ÿ™‚

    -Noob out

  23. @unoob: Name Dropper….lol

  24. I’ve worn a Suit to San Diego 3 times, and it definately scores points.

    Of course it always been for the sake of a costume.

    Charlie Chan, Crazy 88, And Oldboy.

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