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iFanboy #80 – Alex Robinson

Show Notes

Alex Robinson is one of Josh’s favorite comic book creators. He’s the man behind the mostly slice of life graphic novels, Box Office Poison and Tricked, as well as the recent Alex Robinson’s Lower Regions.

This week sees the release of Robinson’s newest graphic novel, Too Cool to be Forgotten, the story of a man who is transported back to his high school days, while retaining his 40 year old mind and memories.

Josh went to Alex’s studio, and they talk about all the books, Alex’s career, as well as a look at how he actually works, right down to the nuts and bolts of lettering and inking.

There are superhero and adventure comics all over the place, but for comics about (mostly) real people, with characters and situations you’ll relate to, as well as a powerful emotional punch, Robinson’s work with Top Shelf Productions is hard to beat, and they make great comics for anyone.


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  1. Nice work, I actually am now planning on going out and reading his stuff (which I’m almost sure I wouldn’t otherwise do) just because he seems like such a cool guy.

    The making of? stuff was really interesting also.

  2. Box Office Poison and Too Cool To Be Forgotten are on my list to read. These books sound fun and interesting, and I like books that are written and drawn by the same person. 

  3. Standing ovation for Josh! Just a brilliantly conducted interview, which of course was helped by having such a genuine, interesting and humble guest. Just fascinating to get a behind the scenes look at one of the best writers working today (more shows like this please?). Everyone should read BOP and Tricked, they are just sublime. I have my copy of Too Cool on order, and cannot wait for it to arrive.

    On a sidenote, Alex Robinson is one of the nicest men in the world. I’ve never met him, but after watching the very first iFanboy show (‘Five’) where Josh picked BOP I ordered both that and Tricked. For some reason Tricked arrived first, and I read it in one sitting. The words "blown away" don’t come close! I emailed Alex to let him know much I enjoyed it, nothing more. But he replied with the nicest, most genuine email I’ve possibly ever read. I didn’t even ask a question, so he didn’t have to reply, but he took time out just to thank me for saying I liked the book. That’s rare, and classy. Alex is a gent.

  4. Hey fellas,

    I picked up ‘Too Cool’ yesterday and enjoyed it a lot, but I didn’t find it on the PULL list for this week’s comics. I wanted to do a User Review, but that option’s not on the table, so I’ll just say Hoo Boy! It’s every nerd’s dream to go back to high school withyour older self’s thoughts, and man does this book take you through the highs and lows of such an experience. I was surprised howthe story ended up, but I felt very satisfied when I was finished. On top of that, this has such a bad-ass cover, so it’ll make an awesome addition to my bookshelf. Four stars for sure!

  5. It was nice to see something difrent again, thanks you guys! I’m definetly gonna pick up some of his work!

  6. Great Show, i got Too Cool at SDCC this last weekend and read it on saturday and um ill admit it, i cried. any way great show.

  7. the first episode of ifanboy, and the show that got me hooked, was the episode featuring letter-er chris epouliouaodsfuandf (however you spell his name).  I really enjoyed this last episode and wish you guys would do more episodes like this where you interview a comic book creator for an entire show.  These types of episodes are immensely enjoyable and give people like me a new perspective on the comic book industry.  Great job guys.

  8. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    This week I read "Tricked." I loved it. Alex is a skilled cartoonist. His page designs really dazzled me, especially in the book’s conclusion. Transcendental!

    Great interview, Josh. 

  9. Finally got around to watching this one.  Alex Robinson is a great guy, and it looks like you guys had a blast doing this interview.  I’m excited for my copy of Too Cool to arrive in the mail next week.

  10. that was such an awesome ending. i laughed my ass off!

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