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iFanboy #78 – Hellboy Again! Hellboy II: The Golden Army and More Hellboy Comics

Show Notes

“Aw Crap.”

Way back in episode 40, iFanboy discovered the joy that was Mike Mignola’s Hellboy comic books from Dark Horse Comics. Since then, a lot more material has come out, and Guillermo Del Toro’s sequel, Hellboy II: The Golden Army, looks like it’s going to be a big success.

Josh, Ron, and Conor take a look at the trailer for the new movie, and talk a bit about the first movie as well.

Then it’s on to the comics, as they discuss such titles as B.P.R.D.: 1946 (as featured in iFanboy Mini #49), Lobster Johnson, The Iron Prometheus, Hellboy: Darkness Calls, Abe Sapien: The Drowning, and the newest series Hellboy: The Crooked Man, among others.

There’s a lot of Hellboy to be had out there, and it turns out that most of it is very good.


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  1. I just saw Dark Horse’s solicitations for october and there’s a new mignola DRAWN one shot coming out!!!

  2. What no red claw of death from Conor this year?

    You know if it wasnt for the first film, I dont think Hellboy would be this popular. Sure it wasnt a big hit, but damn I’m sure Dark Horse give Mignola a huge contract to keep going with his stories on their line.

    The first film wasnt bad, it made me get into this universe. But in retrospect, the differences of relationships and origins is kinda annoying. But seeing stuff for the sequal, it looks like it wont annoy me as much. All the recent comics have been outstanding as well. Darkness Calls was a great next step into a huge storyline Mignola is doing. Crooked Man is a fucking creepy book with a fantastic artist. Plus the B.P.R.D. books have been good, but I’m a little behind so I cant say how awesome they are. Just buy or rent the trades, find the other stuff that’s hard to get (hard to order B.P.R.D. books for my store for some reason) and step back and enjoy the stories.

  3. It’s too hot for long sleeves.

  4. you guys should read the B.P.R.D. trades. ever since volume 6 ive been enjoying them more than the main hellboy line. Those books cant be read out of order tho, its one big story.

  5. The high def quicktime link is only 1:51 in length

  6. Revision3 knows about the QT problem.  It should be fixed soon.  Thanks for your patience.

  7. Seems to be fixed. Now I can get my large HD sized iFanboy fix.  The mini was a nice appetizer.

  8. I’m with Conor that it was hard for me to give two figs about any Hellboy that wasn’t Mignola-drawn Hellboy. I’ve learned better now, though and I’d attribute it more to Del Toro’s film then any one comic artist. His still did seem a little at odds with Mignola’s orignal vision, but I enjoyed it anyway. When I applied that to the comics, I ended up appreciating the 2ndary Hellboy stuff more. Really looking foward to Golden Army this weekend, plus I’ve enjoyed everyone single one of your Special Edition podcasts for the last three/four comic movies. I’m sure this will be just as good too.

  9. Is "Amazing Screw on Head" considered part of the Hellboy Universe?

    It seems to match the tone of Hellboy’s "Pancakes".

  10. I think it’s not part of the Hellboy world.

  11. Screw-on Head is a separate world.  Mignola has several stories of the same tone but completely different characters that he wants to do soon but he seems to have gotten distracted with drawing Hellboy stories again.  Which aint a bad reason for a delay at all.

  12. Oh man, I guess everyone caught the Amazing Screwon Head cartoon that previewed on Sci-Fi a little while back? Freaking awesome — I wish they did the Hellboy cartoon-movies in a similiar fashion.

  13. I know you did not just instantly recall Vigo the Carpathian.

  14. Some things never leave my head.  Vigo is one such thing.

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