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iFanboy #68 – Grant Morrison Week: Spotlight on Grant Morrison

Show Notes

Grant Morrison Week at iFanboy kicks off!

With the Final Crisis series looming on the horizon, iFanboy thought it an appropriate time to take a look at the comic book writing career of one of the industry’s true giants and one of its most polarizing names: Grant Morrison!

With a resume that includes such titles as Animal Man, Doom Patrol, JLA, New X-Men, All-Star Superman, and Batman there is a lot to talk about. It’s too much for one episode alone!


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  1. Awesome epsiode! And I’m spending the whole weekend writing a paper on Morrison for my Graphic Novel class, so this was great to see. Who know, I might even cite you guys.

    Also, Morrison’s run on New X-Men is about to be reprinted in a new series of trades, so people like me who haven’t read it yet will actually be able to see what all the fuss is about.

    Pre-order volume one: http://snurl.com/26yyh

    Pre-order volume two: http://snurl.com/26yym

     It’s not the omnibus, but it’s something!

  2. SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!  I can’t wait to watch this one!  Ever since listening to those DC Comics podcasts from NYCC, I’ve been really psyched for FC! 

    Also, I haven’t read his JLA run yet, so I’m hoping this gives me some advice on those.

  3. Man, this was a great show. From Grant Morrison to peyote to button-down shirts!

    Also, can you guys put a list of his JLA run or which volumes are his, cause it’s impossible to go through over at dcbs and instrocktrades.

  4. Cool show!!! Grant Morrison is one of my favorites!!!

     I heard somewhere that, just as he did with zauriel, who was created because Hawkman wasn´t available (Which just made me think if the Angel Invasion on Earth was going to be a Thanagarian invasion instead…)  He created Emma´s second mutation, diamond hardened skin, to take Collosus´ place who was dead at the time.

    Cool week…I hope you talk about SEAGUY!!!! 

  5. @mypistola –

    JLA vol. 01 – ‘New World Order’
    JLA vol. 02 – ‘American Dreams’
    JLA vol. 03 – ‘Rock of Ages’
    JLA vol. 04 – ‘Strength In Numbers’
    JLA vol. 05 – ‘Justice For All’
    JLA vol. 06 – ‘World War III’

  6. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Vol. 1-6… does Batman defeat the JLA in any of those? I love it when Batman plays the wicked tactician and overcomes all odds, like in the JLA special against Superman this year! $5, but holy crap, Batman!

    (sorry if this was covered in the show, I’m downloading it. 14 hours to go!) 

  7. great show. good point about Robot Man, he’s the best strait man ever. and great point about how, in JLA, every character has an awesome moment. Sometimes when the big 80s British writers do superheroes, it feels like they’re taking the piss, as they say. Morrison is the one who feels like he loves the superheroes. JLA v6, WWIII, has probably my favorite Batman line ever. Really pumped for this week!


  9. Would it kill you to wear a button down?  

    That there is the greatest quote ever, thanks conor.

  10. @PymSlap, you’re thinking off Tower of Babel by Waid when Ra’s Al Ghul takes out the JLA by stealing Batman’s files on how to beat the JLA.

  11. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Thanks, Tork!

  12. Grant Morrison said in an interview that his favourite piece he ever wrote was Flex Mentallo. So I guess it must be pretty good.

  13. I just bought Volume One of Animal Man it I’m afraid it just wasn’t all you guys cracked it out to be for me.  I gave it a 3.5 out of 5.  Should I bother with Volume Two?!

  14. I take that back. Finally read it and I didn’t think it was anything special.

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