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iFanboy #57 – The Vault! Smax, X-Men: Visionaries: Neal Adams, & Batman: Nine Lives

Show Notes

Josh takes us on a fairy tale journey back to the world of Alan Moore’s Top Ten with the mini-series Smax, written by Alan Moore with art by Zander Cannon. Warning: Discussing this book might cause World of WarCraft flashbacks.

Ron pays tribute to a truly legendary creator with X-Men Visionaries: Neal Adams. No modern day artist packs as much innovation into the pages of a comic book as Neal Adams did, and he was doing it 40 years ago!,

Conor rotates things 90 degrees with Batman: Nine Lives, the DC Elseworlds tale by Dean Motter and Michael Lark and told in the unusual 16×9 format. Can the iFanboys handle a sideways hardboiled murder mystery?



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  1. And that’s how you sell comics to this man.  


    I love the vault shows! 

  2. I concur — nice vault show. That Bats book looks tasty, dudes.

  3. great episode, i think I may need to pick up Smax (through the ifanboy amazon store of course)

  4. mmm… pulpy.

  5. Ooh, that NINE LIVES was a great book.  Thanks for reminding the world, guys.  I need to bring back my one man campaign for more sideways titles. .  .

  6. Nine Lives looks great!! Guess I’ll have to make another purchase.

  7. Oh, man, these all look fantastic — I’ve seen the Smax book at my library and always assumed it wasn’t by Moore; I’ll have to seek it out now — the premise sounds great.

    I have all those X-men issues on the DVD-ROM, but the color’s not great, and seeing the close-up scans makes me really want to have the book to hold in my hands.  Adams’ character/costume designs for Angel and Beast, particularly, are some of my favorites.   

     And I want the ‘Nine Lives’ book as soon as I can figure out where I have the shelf space for a sideways hardback —

  8. I want to know what gave Ron comfort…

    … Also, I got distracted imagining Conor as Deadman for Halloween.

  9. Larry King?



    Really? What? is it ’cause he talks alot? 

  10. Wasn’t Larry King the peri-credit Easter Egg in this one?

  11. It’s a true story!

  12. This is the second time I’ve heard mention of Top Ten. I’ll have to pick up a copy of book one the next time I’m at the comic book store.

  13. I think it’s funny that the only self described writer in the Ifanboy trio mis-uses the term "literally".

  14. I’m poor and I have you to blame for these purchases: 

    League of Ex. Gentlemen Vol. I;  LOEG the Black Dossier; Marvels; Sin City Hard Goodbye.  All of these are fantastic.  Thankfully I had some of the others you recommended or I would be with out electricity.  lol 

    Seriosuly thanks for the great advice.


  15. I went to the book shop today and read smax. But I had to leave without reading the last issue! There are five in total and the four I read were very good. Loads of references to other fiction and deals with some touchy subjects in a real comical way. Awesome.

  16. that batman story looks really good

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