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iFanboy #29 – G.I. Joe

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Bet you didn’t know how important the Joes were, huh?

If you are interested in checking out some GI Joe comics… well, good luck. They appear to be out of print.


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  1. That was a really really great episode. The intro had me in tears. I am going to read me some GI Joe comics. I had a couple when I was really young. They were given to me. However, I’ve never gone out and pursued some. Until now.

  2. Wow, that brought back some memories! Don’t think we got as much released in the UK, plus they changed the name to Action Force.

    Loved the movie though, despite that stupid Serpentor guy. Great show guys!

  3. iFanboy + singing = video podcast gold

    That was an awesome podcast today. I need to check out those trades. I remember reading a few issues when I was younger but can’t remember too much else about them.

    The hair product conversation at the end was great. Personally, I use a Tea Tree hair moisturizer…works really well…

  4. I was in like 5th or 6th grade when all this was happening and I loved the toys, the show, and the comic. I can still remember the ‘silent issue’–as you said, it was awesome.

    Cool thing is that they have had a little bit of a comeback, and my son is always running around wiht a sword on his back he got at Coney Island telling me, “I’m Snake-Eyes!”.

    Great Episode.

  5. so are the Devil’s due comics good? I was thinking about buying them but I thought they would be as silly as the cartoon show. I never read the old comics.

    I always knew Bart was a terrorist…okay that was childish and predictable

  6. I liked this a lot but it leaves me in fear of next week when you must inevitably do a Power Rangers episode.

    I was only 5 when the 80’s ended and #27 found it’s way into my hands as well. I had/still have a random group of those books in my collection ( some where lost in the move to CO.) I never got a feeling of overall story from them though, and now i want to find as much of the run as i can so i can find out what i have been missing.

  7. I assure you there will never be a Power Rangers episode. Or Pokemon.

    If we get really desperate, there might be a Heroclix one, but that’s a long way off, and I’ll have left the show in disgust by then.

  8. I grew up at the tail end of GI Joe (being born in 85). I have a smattering of knowledge about them, it’s not as indepth as my Transformers knowledge but it works.

    A lot of the stuff you guys said about the series being more mature and so far removed from the cartoon reminds me a lot of the Archie Ninja Turtle comic, which shifted from the show and towards actual issues such as death and environmentalism.

  9. I assure you there will never be a Power Rangers episode. Or Pokemon.

    Huh? Pokemon rules. I wouldn’t rule out a Pokemon show… 😉

  10. Did you ever read the original TMNT from Eastman and Laird? That’s good stuff.

  11. That was an awesome/creepy intro!!

  12. Imagine how creepy it was setting up the camera…I hope my neighbors didn’t see.

  13. I have a damn near complete run of those first 60 issues or so… except that damned silent issue and the origin of Snake-Eyes. Eluded me like Moby Dick for the entire eighties.

    Boy, I loved those things, and I haven’t laid a finger on one of them in a decade or more. To the basement!…

  14. I’ve read the complete run of TMNT by Eastman and Laird and the whole Archie Run.

    Now I guess I’ll have to find the GIJoe run…

  15. Oh man. I couldn’t even watch this show. G.I. Joe? Yuck. I’ve been watching ever single video show and listening to the podcasts for years but for some reason Joe just got me clickin’ stop. Yuck-a-roo! No More Joe, No More Joe, No More Joe… or else I’ve got to go.

  16. Cobra Commander?

  17. Dude, if my roommate hadn’t forced me to read those comics a few years back, I’d be right with you. But c’mon, if you listen to the show, you’ll know that I’m not doing any show where I have to sit there and like something solely for nostalgia sake. I’m the guy who stood up and NO! No, this Transformers movie is not good!

    But, to each their own.

  18. “Oh snap! It’s Gordon the Intern!” is by far the quote of the year. That girl gets an Oscar

  19. accoutrement, Ron?

    I freaking laughed my @$$ off on the train to work this morning…

    This ep really hit the spot for me, from the intro to the closing credits

    If there were such a thing as the iFanboy pick of the month podcast, I would choose this one. (did that make sense?)


  20. Ah yes, issues 26 and 27. When I was a kid I had had issue 26 for so long and could never find 27, until I discovered my first comic book store about twenty minutes from my house. MOM! I NEED A RIDE! Found issue 27, and the collector was born.

  21. I’m about five days too late for this conversation, but what can you do during a busy week. Loved the show guys.

    As for G.I. Joe, I must admit I had a boatload of action figures (including the jeep with the machine gun mounting that held four figures…Hoorah!), but the comics have never graced mine eyes before. I will say that you got me interested, so I’ll just add it to the list of 100 other things you guys have gotten me interested in that I’ll eventually buy when and if I fill my bank accounts with lottery money.

  22. As scary as it is to think that this series is what’s responsible for the state of today’s comic book market, think about how there has been no generational successor to it to recharge the fan base (read: us).

    Also, I think Marvel was slapped by Hasbro after Vol. 5 and was no longer permitted to reprint. Joe Q made a big deal about it in 2002, I think.

  23. The big GI JOE convention is coming up in a few weeks. This year the exclusive is someone to finally match the brawn of Sgt Slaughter.


  24. Wait a second….didnt Ron say his first ever comic was that issue of Excalibur?

    No no no, none of this is adding up at all!

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