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iFanboy #261 – Robert Kirkman of ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Invincible’ at New York Comic Con 2012

Show Notes

We kick off our coverage of the New York Comic Con 2012 by reversing things a bit and talking with Robert Kirkman first.

Not only do we get to hear about The Walking Dead season 3 and the season premiere event in Los Angeles, as well as the latest on The Walking Dead and Invincible comics, but we get to peer into the mind of Robert Kirkman and find out what he REALLY thinks about New York City… and it ain’t pretty.

Plus: Donuts.


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  1. “Donuts: Paul Montgomery” is the best credit ever.

  2. Y’all’s (new?) banner is coo.

  3. 8:35
    Poor josh.

  4. I m from LA and there are plenty of Fat People there. Just Saying…

  5. Or, How This Video Spoiled the next Walking Dead Trade.

  6. I want the episodes to end with Paul doing stand up comedy making very slightly funny jokes about airline food.

  7. I think Mr. Kirkman spoke for all of us when he said, in regards to the video show, “Oooh, I miss that.” He further accurately and elegantly stated our disappointment, saying, “Hey! Hey! Hey, fuck you, Josh! Fuck you, man! Fucking asshole… Ruining our couch — stuff… I don’t get to watch those anymore… Bullshit.”

    Seriously though, best part of the interview!

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