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iFanboy #248 – Greg Rucka of ‘Lazarus’, ‘Alpha’, ‘The Punisher’, & ‘Stumptown’ at San Diego Comic-Con 2012

Show Notes

Greg Rucka is no stranger to iFanboy, but this is probably the first time we’ve spent as much time talking about his prose writing as we have his comic work. With his new novel, Alpha, out now, Rucka sees a new series start up, and a new world of spying and terrorism to tell stories in.

The exciting news in comics is that Lazarus, with Michael Lark on art, will come out from Image Comics in 2013. Rucka speaks with us about as much of the book as he can, and it’s certainly enough to pique your interest. We get updates on Stumptown as well as where the creator stands in terms of who he’s working for these days, and what creator owned work means to him.

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  1. I’m surprised there wasn’t the obligatory “what’s next for Q&C” question?

    But anyways, great interview, Josh. I’m glad you guys gave Greg Rucka a long interview to talk his ass off on his upcoming projects and his views on the comic industry. Awesome as always. Thanks!

  2. Great interview I can’t wait for Stumptown

  3. Excellent interview. Lazarus seems interesting. Extremely pessimistic, but interesting.

  4. Great interview. I know he jokes about being long-winded, but I could listen to Rucka talk about the craft of writing and the creative process for hours. His passion for it is infectious.

  5. I think Lazarus, for me, was the big announcement from Comic Con. I’m excited.

  6. Re: 21:39 “He really thinks about it” – it doesn’t get old.

  7. whats with the camera wiggling left and right.

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