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iFanboy #236 – New York Comic Con 2011 (Part One)

Show Notes

Once yearly, the comics industry descends on the far west side of Manhattan and crams into the all too tiny confines of the Jacob K. Javits Center Center for New York Comic Con. And as we do, iFanboy is there to talk to your favorite creators and get the scoop on what’s going on and what’s coming up. Enjoy this second of four episodes from New York Comic Con 2011!

Jeff Lemire is riding high on the releases of his two new DC titles, Animal Man and Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E., and the two titles couldn’t be any different. We talk to Jeff about taking over two very well known characters. Then we catch up on Sweet Tooth, and see where he spends most of his creative energy. Also, he’s not going to talk about a Swamp Thing crossover.

Josh Williamson is behind a couple of books hitting the stands in October, and he’s here to tell us all about Xenoholics from Image Comics, about a group of folks who meet in support group for alien abductees. Then, switching audiences completely, there’s Sketch Monsters from Oni, an all ages book about a little girl’s imagination come alive through her drawings. Finally, Josh is writing the Uncharted comic book, and talks about what it’s like to adapt something from a big video game property.

Mahmud Asrar is an up and coming artist who many readers got to know in the pages of Supergirl #1 in the DC Relaunch. He had a hand in bringing a new version of the girl of steel to life, and drew one heck of an action sequence in the first issue.

Blair Butler is mostly known for her comics reviews and interviews on G4’s Fresh Ink, but now she’ll also be known as a comic creator, when Heart comes out from Image Comics. Drawn by Kevin Mellon, Heart is the story of an MMA fighter who’s going from cubicle worker to champion. For more with Blair, check out this recent Talksplode¬†we released on the subject of making comics.

Joe Keatinge is about the most enthusiastic comic creator we could find on the floor at NYCC. At the show, they announced a new series of Glory from Rob Liefeld’s Extreme Studios written by Keatinge and drawn by Ross Campbell, who both took time to talk to us. Keatinge also announced his new Image ongoing series, Hell Yeah, which goes back to his very favorite parts of comics with a unique new kind of story. We also get an update on Brutal, co-created by Keatinge and Frank Cho.

Jason Aaron wraps up this episode talking about wrapping up his creator owned series, Scalped from Vertigo, as well as talking about all the goings on at Marvel. Aaron is starting up The Incredible Hulk with Marc Silvestri. He’s also writing Wolverine & The X-Men in the wake of “X-Men: Schism” and discusses where they’re going and what caused them. Basically, he’s keeping quite busy.


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