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iFanboy #235 – Robert Kirkman at New York Comic Con 2011

Show Notes

Convention season winds down for 2011 with a visit from our old friend, Robert Kirkman!

(You didn’t think you would make it through one more con without him, did you?)

Kirkman typically free-wheeling chat includes…

  • Season two of The Walking Dead on AMC. (And he shows off some secret footage from episode four!)
  • His comic books — including Invincible, Thief of Thieves, Super Dinosaur, The Infinite, and an upcoming series of OGNs.
  • And his in-depth thoughts on the state of the bathrooms at New York Comic Con.


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  1. Nothings better than a Kirkman episode! 🙂

  2. Best Robert Kirkman quote in the episode: “Joe Keating, you stealing my thunder!…..Who’s Joe Keating”

  3. Bucket of Sorrows is gonna be my new glam metal band. That or Urine Poisoning.

  4. Awesome.

  5. love Kirkman, funny guy. great show guys.

  6. I love.

  7. Hilarious.

  8. Kirkman is THE BEST!

  9. Anybody else having trouble upload the podcast video to their iPod?

  10. I don’t understand how each Kirkman interview gets better and better! I love that you guys talked about all of his books, especially Invincible, which has been really underrepresented in interviews and comic sites since the Walking Dead tv show.

  11. The dude is a consummate fanboy, and a really great guy. Both he and Leifeld signed my baseball… that’s class.

  12. Always funny.

  13. any chance getting a direct download link for this ep?

  14. thanks fellas!

  15. Hilarious as always. What a great man. And what a great beard. I’ll be a Kirkman fan til the day I die.

  16. Kirkman is not wrong on the bathrooms at NYCC.

    I went in there only once and I prayed I didn’t get some type of rare disease. I think I bought a couple of wipes on my way back to the train station and used them on my bags. Cause urine was EVERYWHERE.

  17. Given that you’ve spoken to Kirkman like every con, the fact that this episode is as GOOD as any of the others – if not better – pretty much justifies interviewing him whenever you damn-well-want to.

  18. I was laughing so hard I almost just hacked up a lung.

  19. Getting a little tired of these Kirkman episodes. It’s just kinda dull. Promo a few books, pimp the TWD tv show, glib remark and the interviewer giggles for 20mins. Didn’t watch pass the first 5 mins. 2 episodes of this? Ehhh.

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