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iFanboy #231 – Women in Comics

Show Notes

Let’s be frank, in the world of comic books, there are a lot of dudes. From readers and fans to creators, there is a large population of men associated with comic books. Recently some criticisms around the number of women employed in comics was raised, and it got us thinking…there are many talented women working in the world of comics. Women have been a creative force in comics since The Golden Age and that long, rich history continues today with many of the women creators that we spotlight in this episode.

From established, superstar talents like Amanda Conner and Gail Simone, to the up and comers like Sara Pichelli and Becky Cloonan, the world of comic books is filled with talented women making some of the best comics today.


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  1. Excellent show. You are absolutely right. When you start to think about it, there are quite a few great female creators out there. Amanda Conner is definitely in my top 5 favorite artists ever list. Another great one is Katie Cook. Her style can only be described as mega adorable. Her GRONK web comic (http://www.gronkcomic.com) is great. Also, ‘F**K YOU, BOX’ is hilarious.

    I have no doubt that when WOMANTHOLOGY comes out, we’ll discover many more amazing female creators.

  2. Great episode, i really like Marjorie Liu she is killing it on X-23 and your right Sara Pichelli is in my top 5 of artist women or man period.I also really enjoyed Sana Takeda work on X-23

  3. you guys should do a black people in comics vid

  4. Ohh I need an Iron Chic shirt, Ron’s is awesome.

  5. Phew! I was on edge the whole time expecting / fearing a NYCC ad.

  6. Nice, Power girl is one of my favorite books just for the art alone. great show guys and thanks to the women of iFanboy, Ali Colluccio & Molly McIsaac . if i forgot any one, please forgive me. Thanks again.

  7. Yeah what happened to Sonia and her luvverly accent? Don’t know what I’m saying that for, everyone round here sounds like that.

  8. Thank you for mentioning the video of Sara Pichelli. Never saw that before.

  9. Those crazy dames! They’ll be voting next!

  10. This show was so brilliantly executed. You guys were able to take a “hot-button” issue and make light of it without being offensive whatsoever. Seriously, super-classy. Bravo! My girlfriend recently started getting into comics when she got the Whedon Astonishing X-Men trades, and she ironically said to me after reading the first two, “Now I understand why guys love comics so much!” She saw me reading Wonder Woman #1 and Batwoman #1 today, and she looked pretty interested in them, so I’ll see if she likes those. Personally, gender (of the character or creation team) plays no factor in me deciding a book, but out of curiosity do you guys have any suggestions for female comics for a beginner? Thanks!

    • When my fiancee and I first started seeing each other, we read Ghost World together and she loved it. That was almost four years ago, and now she’s into all kinds of stuff. Fables and related titles, Chew, she really liked Blankets and Persepolis. Um…she likes Mouse Guard, Scott Pilgrim, Waiting Place. Hell, she even likes the dreaded Zenescope books for some ungodly reason.

  11. Again, I’m sorry about the “hot button” joke. It’s not like I could help it!

    Not really sorry.

    • I liked it! I didn’t mean to come off as not enjoying it. Although, you may be known as Josh “hot-button” Flanagan from now on. Eh, it’s a small price to pay for such a great name.

    • I didn’t think you meant anything by it.

      I do not want that nickname.

    • Although it’s not related to this episode, I just read Dixon’s Notch. I live in Maine, and you totally nailed the Maine attitude and dialogue. I had a blast reading it! Great work.

    • Actually Josh, I think, ultimately, you will get way more shit for the “gossip” crack. Plus, you had the look of a mischievous eight-year old on your face as you said it. Awesome.

  12. Nice episode guys, but is the audio off for anyone else or just me?

  13. what’s with the mess of stuff on the iTunes feed, none of which appears to be this episode? I’ll watch from the site instead, but it’s worth looking into.

  14. I can not wait for the return of Nicola Scott!

  15. My favorite female artist would probably be Pia Guerra. God dam Y last man was good!!!!!
    Anyone know what she is doing now?

  16. Great show as always guys. The one woman in comics that you guys glanced over, though, is pretty easily one of the most important people in comics, period.

    Karen Berger has been running Vertigo since, I believe, its inception and, as such, has been responsible for what is arguably the most consistently brilliant imprint in comics but also the imprint that truly established the comic book as a valid art form with plenty to appeal to older and more discerning readers. Without Vertigo comics wouldn’t just be poorer off, they would be in a notably worse position than they are.

    For all the great female comics creators that there so clearly are, none have made as big an impact as Karen Burger has over the last two decades. Hell, it’s not hard to argue that no male creator has either.

  17. Katie Cook! For those that aren’t familiar with her art check out the link below. Great stuff!

    • Yes! I was just watching this episode and my wife asked if the boy’s had mentioned Katie yet. She’s one of the few creators that my wife knows on sight.

  18. Great show, only glaring omissions I can think of are Kelly Sue Deconnick and Emma Rios. Great example alongside Sara Pichelli of up and coming creators.

  19. Karen Berger really needed a shout out. Also Pia Guerra.

    And no girls allowed in Todd Klein’s Treehouse.

    Great show.

  20. Liked the show, Amanda Connor is one of the great artists out there today, but was there something up with the sound on this show, it came over as flat and mono, anyone else notice this?

  21. As I tell my daughters: Irregardless is a “word” for people who don’t know what regardless means.

  22. Letterers! I have one. In fact, she’s the only letterer I ever took note of. Hope Larson lettered the first few issues of Brian Wood’s “Local,” which I know is a favorite of Ron’s. She then went on to do some great creator-owned indie stuff as a writer and illustrator – but I first noticed her as a letterer. There you have it.

    Also – Katie Cook is a great artist. she specializes in “adorable” but (“but” as if i have to justify “adorable” which i shouldn’t) it works well for Fraggle Rock and her web comic, Gronk.

    This was a great show.

  23. It was a great show. I wanted to mention one of my all time favorite writers, kathryn Immonen who wrote some really great mini-series focusing on Pixie and patsy Walker. Great stuff. And emi Lenox is fantastic! Emitown was so much fun to read!

  24. Good episode. Amanda Conor and Fiona Staples are among my top 5 artists. I also really love the stuff Jill Thompson has done at Vertigo.

  25. Key female comic creator, and for my mind one of the best letterers in the business, is Carla Speed McNeil. Her book Finder, which has just returned through Dark Horse, features some of the most varied and emotional lettering this side of Dave Sim. Pretty sure she lettered her own work on the Queen&Country arc she drew, and definitely did so on the Frank Ironwine one shot she drew for Warren Ellis’ Apparat line.

    Wish there was more love for Carla’s work, Finder’s tricky to get into but so rewarding!

  26. The body language in this episode is terrible.

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