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iFanboy #228 – The New 52 Begins with Geoff Johns, Jim Lee, & Scott Snyder

Show Notes

The DC Relaunch is finally upon us with today’s release of Justice League #1!

To celebrate the New DC Universe, dubbed The New 52, DC Comics held a midnight launch party at Midtown Comics in New York City and iFanboy was there to talk to Justice League writer (and DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer) Geoff Johns and artist (and DC Comics Co-Publisher) Jim Lee about Justice League #1 and the new DC Universe in general.

Plus! Batman and Swamp Thing writer Scott Snyder makes an appearance to talk about the excitement of finally seeing his books come out and some of his personal favorite books in The New 52.


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  1. Another great ep! Jim Lee looks completely frazzled. Scott Snyder seems like such a lovely guy. Can you please do an episode on Michael Turner. His art is legendary

  2. So I’m guessing Animal Man #1 is going to be the POW.

    Great episode. Loving the Snyder interviews.

  3. Are they handing out pizza at the end? They’re the real heroes here.

  4. Great show. This is what I love about comics. You’d never see Speilberg handing out slices of pizza to people who are waiting in line for his movie.

  5. if not for seeing a recent comment i wouldn’t have known this was posted. Same for wordballoon yesterday. Gonna take a while to get used to the podcast sidebar.

    Sounds like a great show. Will be on my podcast rotation today at work. =)

  6. For a hot second, Scott Snyder looked like TV insider Michael Ausiello, but then he spoke and it all made sense.

  7. I hope this motivates Warner Bros. to better develop the DC Cinematic Universe

  8. what Snyder was saying about these stories being developed for a long time as part of the old universe is kind of refreshing. Also some of the creators he mentioned seemed that they were really into the characters and stories as opposed to being given an assignment. I’d be naturally cautious if all of these 52’s were written over a weekend or something.

  9. Great show guys. With this, you guys’ top 5’s and Ron & Connor’s pre-reading, you guys are drumming up a TON of excitement for the New 52. DC should be cutting some checks.

  10. Scott Snyder interviews are great… especially when Conor finally blocks the sun with his head

  11. I ALMOST went to a mid-night party at my LCS, but didn’t; and now I kind of regret it. Oh well. That’s okay.

  12. Congrats on the fast turn around for the videocast.

  13. They’re handing out pizza!!! Hahaha!! Good for them!

  14. JL #1 spoiler-free?

  15. Great video! Snyder is such a good ambassador — articulate and thoughtful with infectious enthusiasm. Not that I’d ever want him to slow up on the writing, but I feel like he’d make a great DC head honcho at some point in the future.

    Off-topic: Is that Morgan Spurlock on the left at 11:25? Wasn’t he making some kind of documentary about comics?

  16. hmmm. I think I might have liked to read whatever story was written when “it was just going to be Jim and [Geoff] on Justice League” more than what actually came out. hopefully that story will see print. I just have a strong dislike for reading origins.

    that said, another great show, guys. I want to echo what someone else said about turning the production around so quickly since this just happened last night.

  17. Midtown Comics in Times Square is actually my LCS (I’ve been going there for over 15 years) and I so wanted to attend but I had to get up at 4 AM for work. Just wanted to say that I’m sure the pizza idea was Tommy and Jerry’s (who own the store) – these guys are a class act. Sure, some of the workers there could be a little friendlier (but let’s face it: have you ever been to a comic shop where you didn’t want to punch at least one of the employees?) but they always have the best events and signings – continued success!
    As for the New 52? I’m very excited. I’ve subscribed to 20 titles and I’m looking forward to checking some others out in trade down the line.

    • A couple of points:

      1. I don’t know whose idea the pizzas were this time but Jim Lee has brought food to people waiting in long lines for him before.
      2. I’ve been to quite a few comic book stores who didn’t employ anyone I wanted to punch.

  18. Just picked up Justice League 1 and managed to grab the last Finch variant cover in store, lets just say there were a few angry stares and lots of under-breath profanity going on from jealous customers who missed out. Must say the Finch variant cover is fantastic, best Wonder Women representation I think I’ve ever seen.

    I wish I could have been at Midtown Comics scarfing pizza down and chatting with the legends Lee, Johns and now my new favorite Snyder – this guy continues to impress.

    Well done ifanboys, you constantly manage to entertain and keep us all up to date with the latest comic book related news. Keep up the good work.

  19. Is it just me or is Scott Snyder the nicest guy on Earth?

  20. I am so, so jealous of the three of you for being able to kick it with these creators and legends of the industry. Scott Snyder seems like the nicest dude ever. Also when I see him, I think of Elijah Wood as Frodo, I have no idea why.

  21. nice, been looking forward to the relaunch. been waiting for Lee to do my books. great show guys

  22. Midtown Comics. My old stompin grounds. Best job I’ve ever had.

    Great show guys. These are three creators who truly love what they do. There’s no cynicism here. No fratboy competition. No glimpse of selling out. They believe and bow to the magic of comics, and it increases the weight of their work exponentially. I get more excited to dive into the new DCU everyday.

  23. Great interviews. Scott Snyder is awesome.

  24. Glad to hear the good buzz on Animal Man, who I adore.

  25. some quick thoughts on the vid:

    1. Has Geoff Johns always been that buff? Dude looks like he can kick some ass. (I gotta remind myself to be nicer to him in my reviews)

    2. Jim Lee always looks well put together (is his hair thinning on top there a bit?).

    3. Scott Synder’s Detective Comics and American Vampire both have intensely disturbing and grotesque stuff happening in them, but in every interview I’ve seen Synder in he comes off has one of the most down to earth, nicest guys in comics. Totally chill and in a way, much a fanboy himself.

    4. Nice work Conner

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