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iFanboy #221 – Spotlight on Mike Allred

Show Notes

This week we take a look at the career of one of our favorite comics creators, Mike Allred.

A star in his own right within the indie/creator owned comic field with his legacy character, Madman and his music based series Red Rocket 7, Allred is one of the most dynamic and exciting artists in comics. We take a look back at his commercial hit with Marvel Comics, the ballsy X-Statix, which featured Allred’s art along with story by Peter Milligan. We also take a look at his current series with Vertigo, along with writer Chris Roberson, iZombie. And of course, the classic runs of Madman, highlighted by the most recent run of Madman and the Atomics at Image Comics.

If you haven’t sampled the world of Mike Allred, then now’s your chance to see what the excitement is about.


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  1. Great episode. Recently read i Zombie and loved it. Looking forward to the X-Statix Omnibus in November.

    Seeing as you spoke briefly on it, is there any chance of a video show on Fables?

  2. @davidtobin100  the iFanbase needs to get Ron to read Fables, it’ll be just as funny as when he read Sandman!

  3. Great podcast about one of my favorite creative teams!  Mike and Laura are some of the most talented and friendly folks in the bizness.  Having them do the cover to my self published graphic novel, “Kidnapping Kevin Smith” was my highlight of the year!

  4. @davidtobin100  Only Josh reads Fables so right now the chances are low.

  5. @Conor: It’s a pity. I always lumped it in with the literary pretensiousness of certain series like Sandman but despite those outward appearances it’s incredibly accessible. Other than the crossover arc which lasted 3 issues of the main book it’s been one of the most consistently excellent series of the past decade. If you want to give it a go the first two trades would be a good sampler. I’m recommending the first two tpbs as it’s a bit like Sandman in that it only hits it’s stride and tone in the secnd trade.

  6. Superman/Madman cross over is one of my favorite superman books. This was before I was an Allred fan.

    Allred totally should be doing Madmen comics, he has popular appeal as is evident by the  WonderWoman/MAC campaign.

  7. @davidtobin100  Ron and I read the first trade a few years ago, which we both kind of liked. I also read the second, which I hated. Perhaps someday I’ll read the third but I’m not in any hurry.

  8. You do the accent Josh!

  9. You touched on this when you talked about X-Force/X-Statix but I think the idea of celebrity in comics/superheroes as celebrities would be a great topic for a show. You could talk about Zenith and stuff like that.

  10. I just subscribed to the iTunes HD version of this podcast – thought I’d try it that way this time, but it’s not there?

  11. Yeah, it’s also not showing up in the SD feed. And I couldn’t download it off the site as well. Any idea what’s going on, guys?

  12. @Ilash  The direct downloads should work now. We are investigating the iTunes problem.

  13. @conor  Cool. Thanks Conor!

  14. He did a fantastic story in the antology Rocketeer series ! It’s sooo good!

  15. GAH! Josh turned into Doop!

  16. Aww, not showing up in iTunes for me yet:(

  17. Did someone recognize that Josh looks a bit like the Wolf-Boy in X-Statics in this Episode??

  18. Should be showing up in iTunes now – let me know if theres still any issues

  19. @ron  It’s coming through for me at last. Thanks for getting that sorted.

  20. Another one-shot by Allred was his SOLO issue of DC Comics.

  21. *waits for JRJR spotlight show*

  22. They should have done the Diana stuff, history’s loss. Did he do any of it? I want the picture of her leap frogging the other guy. Absolute class.

  23. @jjcolin  I LOVE that Solo issue.  Hilarious Hourman and Teen Titans stories and a bizarre post-modern Batman story.  Awesome. 

    I randomly picked up the first trade of Madman Comics used at my LCS for two bucks a few years back and I’ve been a die-hard Allred fan ever since.  Madman is absolutely the most fun I ever have reading comics, and maybe the only comic that consistently makes me laugh out loud!  I love all the goofy 60s lingo and the ridiculousness of it.

    Good example: Madman’s fighting this guy who has grown to a huge size due to being empowered by a weird space god.  So Madman punches him in the nostrils and his fists go in them.  Meanwhile, someone else hurts the space god, so the bad guy loses his empowerment and shrinks…so, regular sized fists in regular sized nostrils.  I died when I read it!!

  24. i think it’s important to talk about how saucy looking laura allred is. yes please! way to go mike.

  25. There’s been a rumor that WB kinda ripped the look and concept of Madman and thus came Freakazoid. 

  26. I loved this artist spotlight. I too got my first real look at Allred with the Superman/Madman crossover and I’ve loved his art since.

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