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iFanboy #217 – Green Lantern: Alan Scott, John Stewart, Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, & The Movie

Show Notes

In Brightest Day, in Blackest Night, no evil shall escape his sight. Yes, but who’s sight are we talking about? Sure, we all know that Hal Jordan is the primary Green Lantern of space sector 2814 which consists mostly of the planet Earth. But what about those who have also wielded the emerald ring to protect the human race?

Alan Scott

The first Green Lantern, and one of the original superheroes, isn’t a member of the Green Lantern Corps at all. But one of the founding members of the Justice Society of America is still pretty badass.

John Stewart

In the 1970s when Guy Gardner was unavailable to serve as Hal Jordan’s back-up, DC injected a little diversity into its line-up with a Green Lantern who today is arguably the most recognizable Green Lantern in the world (until this Friday, anyway).

Guy Gardner

The perfect Green Lantern for the 1980s, Guy Gardner burst on the scene and was everything Hal Jordan wasn’t – loud, brash, and arrogant. So of course he instantly became a fan favorite.

Kyle Rayner

The most controversial of all the replacement Green Lanterns, Kyle Rayner took up the mantle of the primary Green Lantern of 2814 for just about 10 years after Hal Jordan snapped and went crazy was infected with Parallax.

The Movie

And finally, it’s back to Hal Jordan again as the up-coming film, Green Lantern, is discussed. What (and who) do the iFanboys hope to see in the film? And are there concerns? Find out this week on iFanboy!


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  1. Loved this episode, was long and covered everything. Maybe could have recommended some of the best Alan Scott/Jon Stewart/ Guy Gardner/ Kyle Rayner stories. Great job though, I only hope that the Captain America episode will be just as good.
    Kyle Rayners Ion costume was awesome when he had it.

  2. Great ep. Totally agree with how the film has gone from looking terrible to looking not bad.

  3. Didnt they say the starheart was the same material as the power battery, i thought after blackest night robinson did it in JLA

  4. conor how’d di you get the internet!! did the elders give you permission or did you steal it from big ben?

  5. @Evangelion11  I know people.

  6. @@Evangelion11  The Hawk gave him the internet.

  7. Well the reviews for the movie so far makes it sounds like shit so far.

    Rotten Tomatoes has it at 25%…..Not good. 

  8. Uh-oh. I hope it’s good. : /

  9. do you guys get free on the border food everywhere you go?

  10. Good episode, Kyle was my first GL too, actually one of my first Comics I ever read, I knew OF comics, but I don’t think I had ever actually read a proper one except maybe a few Scrooge McDuck or Daffy or Goofy comics I think.

    The only issue of GL I ever got to read before really getting into comics in the early 00’s had Kyle wandering the universe, he ends up on some planet and there was an alien chick that used to be a GL, she and Kyle hit it off, she somehow steals the ring but can only make basic constructs that last a short amount of time, she gives the ring back and the issue ends with him flying in space WITHOUT A SUIT OR AIR! (blew my 8?yr old mind, had me thinking about the issue now and then for years), not recognizing any of the constillations, lost and not sure how to get home…. it was epic…

  11. Great video guys.

    I still feel that this film is looking far too CGI heavy and can’t help but pale in comparison to Marvel’s output;

    i guess i will have to see.

    And Ron- A Go! Team fan. Very cool.

  12. Got a chance to see the movie tonight at a free sneak preview. I really enjoyed it, although there were a few awkward moments. I won’t spoil anything here, but there are some geek moments in there for the readers, and a few things that don’t make sense. My wife who isn’t a comic reader also enjoyed it but had issues with the same things that I did. The general crowd reaction was good. The people within earshot said things like… “I want a sequel next year!” (that was a kid) and “That was much better than I thought it would be!” (the kid’s dad)

    I give it a B+ and will see it again.

  13. The only thing I am upset by the DC reboot is that Alan Scott (and Jay Garrick) are no where to be found so far. But the interview today by you guys had them saying more is to come.

    I would love nothing more then an Alan Scott ongoing. You have no idea. 

  14. @gregbmarcus B+ is pretty generous, but I like that the crowd enjoyed it 🙂 Was cool after the movie having people comment on all the cool looking corps members that were cameo’d, after my screening, told some people to check out GL: Emerald Knights if they wanted to see more of them.

  15. Uh…. minor spoiler ahead.


    B is for Bzzt.

  16. Ha

  17. that’s an australian accent on Tomar Re. Some of us speak really well. not me, but some of us

  18. “Van Wilder in space movie” Love the Guy Gardner take on the new GL flick. LOL.

  19. Thanks for teaching me about the different characters so clearly. The whole Green Lantern area makes much more sense to me now.

  20. The connection between Alan Scott and the Green Lantern Corps is explained/retconned in the 1990s Green Lantern #19.

    I don’t reckon this is a spoiler as it probably has been re-retconned out of continuity, but you have been warned. 

    Alan Scott’s lantern was once owned by Yalan Gur, a pevious Lantern of sector 2814. After he controlled the people of Earth through fear and interfered with local politics, the Guardians punished him by making his ring vulnerable to wood. Escaping from an angry mob brandishing sticks, he flew into space but burnt up in the atmosphere. To save himself, Yalan Gur’s spirit entered his lantern, the same one that Alan Scott would find years later.

    Oh, and another thing, Tomar-Re is dead. He turned up in Blackest Night as a Black Lantern. His son Tomar-Tu has taken his place in the Corps.

  21. Where is this weeks episode on youtube?


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