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iFanboy #196 – The Avengers #329, 75 Years of DC Comics, and Comics Stripped! at the Museum of Sex

Show Notes

It Came From The Storage Unit: The Avengers #329

Conor Kilpatrick has gone into his storage unit and randomly selected a stack of comics in an attempt to remember the stories just from studying the covers and jogging his addled memory. Will he be successful? The smart money says no, but it will be fun watching him attempt to access parts of his comic book reading brain that have laid dormant for years, and in some cases, decades. This week it’s The Avengers #329 from February 1991! How will Conor do up against a 20 year old comic book?

75 Years of DC Comics: The Art of Modern Mythmaking

Special guest iFanboy.com staff writer Paul Montgomery pays us a visit to review what might be the biggest book published in 2010, 75 Years of DC Comics: The Art of Modern Mythmaking! Will this 18 pound book slash mobile museum exhibit prove too much for our intrepid reviewer?

β€œComics Stripped!” at the Museum of Sex

Just this last week, the Museum of Sex unveiled its newest exhibit, β€œComics Stripped!” and Josh Flanagan was on hand on opening night to chat with exhibit curator and author Craig Yoe and Museum of Sex curator Sarah Forbes! Comic books and sex have gone hand in hand for decades and some of the big name artists who have delved into the sexier side of funny books might surprise you. Warning: Adult Content.



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  1. Mixed bag! Awesome!

  2. Great show. Conor’s Tales From the Storage Bin was very entertaining. Paul was hilarious as always (that book is ridonkulous). The Museum of Sex is a very interesting place. Informative and entertaining. I recommend a trip there to anyone and everyone. You guys handled that bit with sparkling class. I’ll have to check out that exihibit.

  3. Ah, the storage unit.  How I’ve missed you.

  4. Paul Montgomery!

  5. Kirby dots the size of quarters!

  6. @conor Nor should they.  These anthology episodes are great and give you guys a chance to cover topics that don’t usually warrant themselves full episodes.  Keep ’em up.

  7. @Paul That was a rather impressive collection of books though….

  8. Man this episode was bad, the only thing that saved it was that super hot curator at the end, what a lovely surprise. Guys, don’t do these three segment shows anymore, they are just disappointing. I’m pretty sure Craig cuts his own hair, the joker

  9. I don’t know that I’d refer to myself as a “curator” per se…

  10. @Conor I only hope that next weeks show will live up to the high standard you have set yourself. Remember the video podcast is the best thing that sets you apart. I look forward to this show all week and I was disappointed that Josh’s segment was the only one that wasn’t slap dashed. Rant over

  11. @Jordan0061  Sorry, we like doing them and they make our production schedul 10x easier. They’re not going to stop.

  12. i can’t wait for lunch today to check this out. I’m really interested in watching Paul’s Review on Taschen DC 75th since its so awesome…. 

  13. @Jordan0061 Well, we strive for slapdash, so your priase warms me.

  14. @JFernandes. This episode was boring, no two ways about it. I will give praise where praise is due (Jim Lee ep was good, except for not mentioning Michael Turner) , but to just heap praise like a sycophant is wrong. I’ve read some of your posts and that is all you ever do!

  15. @Conor Touch

  16. @Jordan0061  To you, maybe. Other people like these episodes.

  17. Fun episode. Don’t feel bad about the lack of reading comprehension, Conor. Reading on camera has to have some sort of weird pressure. Good eye contact though.

    And it was great to see Paul’s segment! I enjoy Show-and-Tell book reviews. That thing looks ridiculous and fun. Did Levitz give any sort of reason why he thought that 1998 was the start of the ‘Modern Age?’ Was Geoff Johns’ first comic work in that year? Morrison’s JLA debuted a year earlier, so it can’t be that. Nothing’s coming to mind as to why that particular year. I’m stumped.

    If my wife and I make it out to NYC in the next six months, maybe we’ll check out that Museum of Sex. Looks interesting.

  18. @Conor I meant Touche(with French line) . Stupid IPhone!!

  19. @Jordan0061  I knew what you meant.

  20. I like the anthology shows quite a bit. Some of the topics they cover (like the storage unit) couldnt sustain a whole show. Segments like that and Josh with the old ads are a lot of fun. One request though. Please do not feature any more $200 items. I’ve been debating the DC book for a while and the shiny pages sealed the deal. Convincing me to but a few more $3 or $4 books is one thing, but this is just wrong!

  21. @JeffR  According to Levitz’s commentary, the acquisition of Wildstorm seems to be the start of the Modern Age (1998-2010). One note that sadly didn’t make the cut in my review: The book ends with a page on the current, “Digital Age.” Which uses an image from New Frontier (or at least it’s a Cooke illustration in that style). 

  22. @abstractgeek  I see that Amazon has it for $115. That’s a bit less than when I bought it a few weeks ago from Amazon. It’s a wonderful book. Paul’s right – it’s like a Smithsonian Exhibit in your hands.

  23. @abstractgeek  It can be head for much less (note the ad above)!

  24. @PaulMontgomery  Ah. That was the major event I was missing. Here’s hoping the Digital Age is a successful one.

    @conor  @abstractgeek  Sidenote: While the price is cheap on Amazon, it looks like the book won’t ship for free. But, shipping is only $3.99, so that’s not bad for an 18 pound book.

  25. @abstractgeek  –look at it this way…its one of the few comic related things in your collection that will actually appreciate in value! 

  26. Is there a petition for more Storage Unit segments?

    I’d love to see more. It’s my favorite.

  27. How does the 75 Years of Mythmaking work with the Year by Year Visual Chronicle?  Is there a lot of overlap or do they work together as companion pieces?  I really enjoyed Year by Year and the Taschen book looks to focus more on what was going on around the comics.

  28. is it just me or does Paul sound like Bob Ross?

  29. Great episode. I was straining just to watch Paul lift that book.

  30. Hey Ifanboys I’m a long time admirer of the show and I just had a thought . . . I have not seen a Video Podcast about Superman or Batman like an essentials or a timeline . . I mean if Red Hulk gets his own podcast I think maybe so should the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight. Do you have any future plans for a show like this?

  31. Conor: “Who is this dude? Ohhh, i know who this dude is”

    Great commentary as always haha


  32. @GreenPanda  No plans at the moment but I’m sure we’ll do shows on Batman (again) and Superman timed for when their next movies come out.

  33. Not a big fan of the “Anthology” video shows but this episode has won me over. Conor’s segment was fun, and Josh’s was very interesting, much more so than the “old ad” segments in previous episodes. Paul’s segment was the highlight however, and I hope we see more from him on these types of shows. 

    Maybe an Anthology show done only by the rest of the iFanboy staff could be a future idea? It would give Conor, Josh and Ron a break and allow us to get to know other staffers a little better.

  34. @davidtobin100  That would actually be a lot more work. Plus the fact that the staff doesn’t all have high level camera equipment.

  35. @Conor That’s a pity. An occasional guest slot like Paul’s does shake things up. Hopefully they’ll pop up now and again.

    I’d really recommend the DC Modern Mythmaking book. The price put me off until I saw it in a bookshop a couple weeks back and I was so blown away by it I had to pick it up. 

  36. @PaulMontgomery  –Great review. Taschen started selling their acrylic book stands that they use in the stores. If you’ve ever seen one they are perfect and i think pretty affordable. 

    Paul Levitz seems to get all the credit for everything in this book, but there were lots of editors, designers, creators and so on that contributed to the final result and curation of the stuff in there, so its fair to mention. 

    @KrelPlat  –im not sure about the Year by Year visual chronology but this book does have pretty extensive fold out time lines for each section.  

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Taschen did a book on that sex comics show….totally up their alley.  

  37. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @KrelPlat  I have the Year by Year book as well, and it’s lovely. That said, it functions like a really good A&E or Bravo special on DC history where the Taschen book is like a multi-episode Ken Burns documentary. There’s some crossover, sure, but the Taschen book relates more information about the industry and the impact of comics on pop culture (and the inverse) than the Year by Year. 

  38. Ha! I totally remember that issue of Avengers as a kid. It always bewildered me that the Avengers were so busy with their paperwork that all the men had begun growing beards. Really? Quasar can’t get out to take a shower? They can fight the Kree-Skrull war without a five o’clock shadow but the new charter keeps them up for days? …The smell musta been awful.

  39. Great episode, and kudos to Josh for talking to that guy with a straight face. He looked rediculous.

  40. @y2kkev  All the male Avengers having “we’ve been stuck in this room for days” stubble was awesome. I’m pissed I didn’t mention it.

  41. Do I really want the 75 Years of DC Comics? Yes.  But I don’t know if I could really afford purchasing it.

  42. Record scratch. Yes. Well done Conor.

  43. Wow. I know I’m biased, but I thought Paul and Conor’s segments were both really funny.

  44. That was great. Awesome job, guys.

    Annoying to read people on here putting down the anthology ep’s. They are some of my favorites. Conor’s storage unit & Josh’s old ad segments are some of the best.

    And great job, Paul! You always do a superb job at bringing the funny, while still being informative. Makes the de-Ron-ification of iFanboy all the smoother. I KID! I KID!

    Keep it up guys. There’s a lot of people who would claim that The Wire is boring. Just saying.

  45. One question. Can anybody tell what sort of accent that Sex curator gal has? Sort of sounds faintly and vaugley Northern European. But could also just be a regional North American thing. Extremely inconsequential. Just couldn’t help but notice.

  46. Hey, guys. Any idea why this isn’t showing up in my iTunes feed?

  47. @Ilash  Looking into it.

  48. @conor  Cool. Thanks.

  49. what’s the music playing at the beginning of comics stripped section?

  50. @j206 I couldn’t tell. Her website is curatorofsex.com. Might be there.

  51. @GloriousGodfrey  “We Are Sex Bob-Omb” by Sex Bob-Omb

  52. Great episode, love these mulit-sectioned ones, particularly “it came from the long box”.

    And can we have more Josh giggling at goofy DC villains please?

  53. Shouldn’t it read “from studying the covers and jogging his booze-addled memory”?

    Sorry, Connor, I couldn’t resist. The drinking episodes are my favorites. πŸ™‚

  54. @kennyq – Drunk Conor Reads Comics. I think you just came up with a new segment!

  55. Ah, OK, it finally showed up on the feed. Thanks, Conor, if you fixed it.

  56. @Ilash  No problem.

  57. Holy crap! That was the first issue of Avengers I ever read! I was pretty much exclusively a DC reader when I started reading comics – and for a while after that – but I somehow found that in my collection. I can’t for the life of me remember how. 

    Nice one! 

  58. Really enjoyed the episode guys – great work.
    Not sure about Mr. Yoe’s haircut, but the interview was interesting.

  59. bit of a curate’s egg this week, here is my witty observation: you should get a No-Prize (you see, funny) for guessing that was an issue where they announce a new Avengers lineup, seeing as on the cover Captain America says “Ladies and gentlemen etc. i announce a new Avengers lineup..” Thankyou, my carriage awaits

  60. Jesus, what do people want? That was a pretty entertaining little episode.

    i wonder how long josh had to shower after filming that segment.  

  61. Josh’s wife: “Honey, can you run by the store and pick up a few things for me?”

    Josh: “Sorry. No can do, baby doll. Gotta run over to the Sex Museum. …It’s for work. I swear.”

  62. Is that Craig guy serious with that hair? I kept yelling at him to pull it back. Who’s decision was it to shoot him from that side?

    @PaulMontgomery You and everyone else that can’t handle books like this without complaining for comedic effect are wusses. Too bad, you look burly.

  63. @ghettojourno  His decision.

  64. I’m thinking to myself: “Oh how can a trip to the Museum of Sex be that awkward?”

    Then I see Craig Yoe….Oh boy.

  65. Adding a 4th segment would really make these anthology shows a bit better to me.  I love the content but i feel like its over in no time, more so than most of the other episodes.  Even if its just two comics for it cames from the storage unit or 2 book being reviewed by the same person.  I love when you guys just pick out randomness from the collection.

  66. @wallythegreenmonster: Looking online for those stands but I can’t find them. Any chance you’d have a link?

  67. That guy was totally hitting on Josh.

  68. Why not just put the book on the scale itself to weigh it?

  69. @ericmci  I tried that, but it wouldn’t register. (Digital scale). 

  70. I enjoyed the Museum of Sex section but I wish it spent more time actually going over some art instead on the interviews. The second interview was pretty superfluous. 

    Great episode!


  71. @davidtobin100  —  i think you buy it from Taschen directly. If you google “Taschen Bookstand” its like the 3rd or 4th thing. Yes yes i’m a google ninja. =)

  72. Spandau Ballet!!
    at around 18:02 I paused Josh’s segment to see that wonderful Disney collage. Saw Doc taking Dopey’s “temperature”. That’s just not right!
    Josh gets the best assignments!–“Interview a hot curator at the museum of sex? ooh, alllright!”
    Just ONCE I want to see Ron’s unit (storage of longboxes, that is)

  73. @wallythegreenmonster: Great stuff. Thanks.

  74. This is my favorite type of episode! Alot of great varied segments, very entertaining. More of this!

  75. Great episode — @Josh did a marvelous job at the Museum.

  76. Fantastic episode! πŸ˜€

  77. Awesome episode.  

    Good job, Paul.  I’m gonna mail you some electrolytes. 

    Josh made me want to fly to New York (Mostly to cut that guy’s hair.)

    Nice work, gentlemen. 

  78. Really funny and interesting episode, love these anthology ones. Good job!

  79. Bought the DC book, It’s now down to $108 at Amazon. Had to bite the bullet.

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