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iFanboy #190 – 2010 Holiday Gift Guide

Show Notes

It’s that time of year, the holidays are approaching and you may be wondering to yourself, “I want to give the gift of comics, but what should I give my friends and family?”

Well, wonder no more as iFanboy is here to save your Holidays and give you the rundown on the must have comic gifts this year. In this batch of gift suggestions, we’ve got comics that will connect with everyone in your world.

So get a pen and paper, open Amazon up in another window and get ready to start shopping!


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  1. great vid as allways. i got really interested in two generals i think ill get that.the rocketeer looks good too.i got the dc 75th anniversary book a few days ago and i absolutely love it its gorgeous. you guys forgot to mention the two prints that come in the inside which look amazing.hope you guys have a great xmas.

  2. I really want that Rocketeer book, but I’m already getting Wednesday Comics in hardcover for Christmas, and I don’t want two gigantic books. Next year…

    Happy Holidays!

  3. I’m deffo getting the dc poster book 🙂 nice one keep it up 🙂

  4. Here are my recommendations for the love of the comic book art, Icons: Art of Jim Lee for the love of drawing and reprinted Fables Covers (if you missed it the first time) for the love of painting. I will even add Asterios Polyp (if they don’t have it already) for the love of type. That Rocketeer book might be next on my list.

  5. The last few episodes have been giving me a little bit of a problem that I was wondering if anyone else has.  My audio is fine but the video freezes, starts working, then freezes in that cycle over and over.  I’m watching in iTunes and never had any problems before so I was just curious if it was only me.  I’ll just watch here instead, no big deal.

  6. @JoeFX  – yeah, I had a bit of that, but I just ran the vid back a bit and it restarted fine. It seemed like it hit around the Kitty/Torpedo area.

  7. Some nice choices.  I wonder if they included the Roceteer in NYC in any of those volumes. I believe that was put out originally from Dark Horse, iirc.

    Both Torpedo and Backsad look really good. I remember seeing the Torpedo page art way back in the day. Star Wars, Dapper Men, 2 Generals–all looked really good.  Chew, I’ll admit I’m curious about, though not drawn to that type art.  A lot of good suggestions.

  8. Great call on the DC ready to frame cover book guys, I am gonna buy that right now. Merry Xmas, hope there will be at least TWO MORE SHOWS before the holidays!

  9. just saw the rocketeer artist’s edition on amazon and it looks like idw will be re releasing it next year and is available for pre order

  10. Awesome! I love these holiday gifts episodes.

  11. great mix of books, guys. great show.

  12. Why Oh why did I watch this! I just went on eBay and bought one of those Rocketeer books for me as a Christmas gift to myself! $175 with shipping. My pockets hurt now 🙂

  13. And I just saw it on instocktrades.com for $95 after I already bought it on eBay.  Now my heart just hurts.

  14. not letting me download this episode keeps downloading in a html form

  15. @chop360  We need some details. What are you trying to use to download it?

  16. @chop360  Okay, I figured out what you mean. We’re looking into it.

  17. @chop360 We added direct links above to download on the upper right – sorry about that

  18. Wait a minute — where can I get official licensed iFanboy plaid shirts?

  19. My amazon wish list has grown in size now. Thanks iFanboys!

  20. I am convinced you guys need to reneogtiate with Amazon for more money because i just spent £100 (that’s £) on stuff from them all because of you, and rarely do I end watching a show without buying at least three trades from them. Do a Hellblazer show in the New Year please guys. Merry Xmas

  21. Great show guys, all good recomendations. Maybe this year, someone in my family is gonna get me something comic book related

  22. Most of those books are either already in my collection or on my list.  Glad to see that I made some solid choices.

  23. It’s not Christmas until that Darlene Love song comes out.

    Thanks for the show as always, gentlemen.  

  24. Some great collections here, personally I NEED the Chew Omnivore edition – have the first trade, love the art – looks great oversized.  Rocketeer is also awesome, very fond childhood memories of the disney movie.

  25. The Taschen DC book that just came out is pretty awesome as well…if you have the cash for it and the muscles to carry it. 

  26. Some great selections, guys – looking forward to watching the vid when I get home from work. Really want a look inside that DC poster book as I want to do some decorating!

  27. Hi guys, great podcast(unhealthy for my pocket though), but a small correction, Torpedo is a Spanish character not Italian, It was created in 1981 by Enriques Sanchez Abuli and Alex Toth (you may probably know him) who drew the 2 or 3 first stories, but quitted the project because he didn’t like the morality of the charater. It was originally published on the spanish edition of Creepy magazine, and was call Torpedo 1936.

    Luca Torelly rules!!!!!!!!
  28. Man, I need to get that Compendium.

  29. Is this the same Rocketeer Artist’s Edition? Or maybe a smaller size? Amazon lists it as coming from IDW in May 2011. I know this because I just ordered it. My jaw dropped when you guys flipped that open, and I’ve seen the pages in color already.


  30. another great Marvel gift I just realized, The Marvels Project HC.  a new classic superhero tale, plus it comes in three different covers, so you can get the perfect one for the person you’re getting it for.  so I’m getting that and American Vampire for my brother.  I am getting Dark Empire for myself because I’m a selfish bastard.

  31. What’s the name of the song you have playing at the end? It sounds like Mowtown to me.

  32. This was a fantastic episode.  You guys added significantly to my wishlist. 

  33. @captangerine- “Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)” by Darlene Love.  not Motown, but the stable of artists who worked with Phil Spector.

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