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iFanboy #185 – New York Comic Con 2010 (Part Three)

Show Notes

Here’s the final installment of our coverage of New York Comic Con 20120 from the Jacob K. Javits Center! This year’s coverage wraps up with an incredible bang, and some surprise guests, as a chat with one of our longtime guests spins out of control, yet again.

Jason Aaron just gets better and better with every comic book he puts out. With his recent relaunch of Wolverine, and the unstoppable quality of his Vertigo series, Scalped, Aaron is on top of his game. Plus he got to meet his longtime collaborator RM Guera for the first time in New York. Will Scalped survive the experience?

Ben Templesmith and Mike Kennedy talk about their work with Archaia on the Crimecraft comic book offshoot, Bleed Out. Plus Ben updates us on the status of Choker, which he promises will finish!

Tony Daniel does it all for Batman. He writes and draws the main Batman title, and works with all the other writers in the Batverse. Conor talks with the Batman multitasker about his take on Dick vs. Bruce, and what’s coming up next in Gotham.

Chris Eliopoulos has done everything there is to do in comics. He writes, draws, and letters his own books, as well as produced three years worth of daily Misery Loves Sherman web strips, recently collected into a book. Additionally, Chris is a champion of all ages and kids comics, and the industry’s need to hook new readers. He’s walked the walk with his work on Franklin Richards and Pet Avengers.

Jimmy Palmiotti talks about the incredibly diverse range of books with his name, like Jonah Hex, Time Bomb, and Freedom Fighters, as well as the recent changes at DC Comics. There’s even some hugging.

Robert Kirkman joins us yet again, and turns something into nothing.  With AMC’s The Walking Dead TV series on the horizon, Robert’s a little low on sleep, and that just add fuel to the wacky fire. Robert’s joined by unexpected guests like director Frank Darabont, and cast members Laurie Holden and Steven Yuen, and some guy with glasses. It’s the best way to close out your New York Comic Con experience.


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  1. Do we have an ETA for when this’ll pop up in iTunes?

  2. "Hey, you look just like this Zombie" quote of the show, best. ending. ever. 


  4. @gobo should be soon

  5. My favorite of the three. Loved seein Aaron talk Wolverine out of his fantasticly scary beard. Palmiotti was a joy as always (also sporting some wicked facial hair).

    But the beard to beat all beards is the only creator to get his own theme music. Hilarious. Kirkman has gotta be the most fan-friendly creator in the biz. He is who he is, and he’s not prententious in the least. He deserves all the success that comes his way.

    I enjoyed all the cameos in his segment too. I love how he just tosses Yeun those hardcovers. Laurie Holden’s lookin good. It’s gonna be a shame to ruin that pretty face with a scar. Also nice to hear that she was picking up Walking Dead trades.

    Great podcast trilogy boys. Thanks for all your hard work.

  6. Ooooh, can’t wait to watch this. That’s a pretty awesome list of interviewees, right there.

  7. And again, I just want to really thank you guys for bringing a taste of these cons to those of us who can’t make it. Much, much appreciated.

  8. I couldn’t stop laughing at the Kirkman segment. So good. And was it just me, or did Josh look a little embarrassed to be seen wearing the WALKING DEAD t-shirt and hat when Frank Darabont, respected Oscar nominee and Guy-Not-In-On-The-Joke, suddenly walked into frame. The hat did seem to come off rather quickly at that point.

    Thanks for the video guys! Always a pleasure!

  9. @JeffR: HaHa! I noticed that too. But who wouldn’t be? I would’ve done the same thing.

  10. There is just no way to prepare for the hilarity of Robert Kirkman.

    Also, Jimmy Palmiotti keeps reminding me how damn good he is.

  11. Jason Aaron has an awesome beard!!!

  12. It’s the damned Magneto who stole my spot on the bench!  Dude’s a jerk.

  13. @JeffR – You’re not seeing things. That joke got real uncomfortable when Darabont came around. Still, I busted up Kirkman, who hadn’t seen me before I came into the shot.

  14. Another fantastic episode boys.

  15. Wow.  That really jumped up a notch didn’t it?  I love Robert Kirkman.  Great stuff guys.

  16. Yes! New Wormwood!

  17. Oh man, it slipped my mind that the old RSS wouldn’t work anymore.  I thought I was letting the con coverage pile up on my hard drive so I could watch it all at once when I had time, turns out I have none of it.

  18. Bwahahahahaha! That Kirkman bit was hilarious.

  19. Unexpected hardened nipple.

    Oh, Kirkman.

  20. Goddamn Kirkman is awesome. How could anyone hate doing interviews with him!?

  21. Is that Douglas Wolk lurking around in background at the beginning of the Tony Daniel interview?

  22. That Kirkman interview was hilarious.  What time did that interview take place on Sunday? 

  23. Kirkman personifies that "haters gonna hate" meme. He is having a good time, isn’t he? 

  24. Look how young Kirkman is in that opening on the bottom right corner.

  25. most epic Kirkman show yet,……..I think so.

  26. Damn I love the Robert Kirkman Show.  If Tom Jane ever busted in on it, it might be the greatest con moment ever.

  27. @Jason Aaron- Fear the Beard!!!

     Holy shit Kirkman that was hilarious. 

  28.  You can see me at 10:35 skulking in the background. Bald headed git.

  29. Hah the Kirkman Show was amazing. Enjoyed his crack about 3.99 pricing.

  30. Best kirkman show yet great episode

  31. @josh you guys are piling the great awkward moments, the hat moment, the hardman moment, and the kick ass interview

  32. BTW love the price tag hanging off the shirt

  33. Anyway to subscribe without using itunes?

  34. Found it


     You need to update you site links

  35. The Kirkman segment is all the funnier because he starts off saying "I’m all out."

  36. Good job, guys.  Another con in the books.  Keep up the good work.

  37. Great series of episodes.  The Kirkman bit was pretty awesome.  It’s funny how he just so nonchalantly makes fun of the stars of his show. 

  38. Someone should list the top 10 most humorously awkward iFanboy moments so that newer viewers/readers, like myself, could find and enjoy them. 🙂

  39. I could watch you guys interview Kirkman all day and night, great show lads!

  40. Any Tom Jane sightings? LOL!!!!!!

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