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iFanboy #170 – The Vault! Queen & Country: The Definitive Edition – Vol. 4, Terra, & Point Blank

Show Notes

You know that favorite comic book of yours? Well there may just be a story out there that led up to that favorite book. Or a story that tells of the adventures that happened before your favorite book started.

This week, iFanboy takes a look at three such books. Josh explores the early days of the MI6 minders in Queen & Country: The Definitive Edition – Vol. 4. Conor finds out how Terra met Power Girl in Terra. And Ron discovers the shadowy events that lead to Sleeper with Point Blank.

Queen & Country: The Definitive Edition – Vol. 4

Queen & Country is one of Josh’s favorite books and The Definitive Edition – Vol. 4 explores the early days of some of MI6’s best characters: Paul Crocker, Tom Wallace, and Nicky Poole.


Conor is a huge fan of the series Power Girl, but even he didn’t know that there was a mini-series called Terra (by the same creative team!) that came first.

Point Blank

Everyone at iFanboy loves Sleeper! Ed Brubaker’s gritty super hero spy thriller set in the Wildstorm Universe is one of the best books of the last 10 years. Who knew that there was a mini-series that led up to it called Point Blank? You do, now.


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  1. The terra mini did seem pretty much a prequal to much of the Power Girl series.  In many ways I preferred it. A character like Terra is more adapatable for the writer as they don’t have to worry about JSA or the larger picture.  That said I’d love to see her in the Teen Titans.  I think her dynamic with Blue Beetle and the female Captain Atom (gone blank on the name) would be great.

    Any way if you enjoyed the PG series I really suggest going back back and picking up this mini.

    Anyone know what is next for this creative team – anything mainstream?

  2. Someone must have the kissing disease, because I’m only hearing this in mono.



  3. PENIS!

  4. Best after credits scene yet.

  5. Awsome show, but just one thing, They are MI6 agents in QnC, MI5 is domestic, 6 is international, but otherwise great show.

  6. Awesome show! In the Crocker declassified, the guy that he is trying to bust out (Karpin I believe) is the father of the character that is kidnapped in a later volume whom Tara goes to try to save, I think in the arc that Carla Speed Mcneil illustrated. I love how well put together that series is. Random question, but have any of the ifanboys watched that Sandbaggers?

  7. ‘Untapped talent and is gonna be huge”

    So funny.

  8. Shouldn’t this be episode 170? or am i going crazy?

  9. Ron: where did you get that awesome scott pilgrim shirt?

  10. @Devyn – What are you talking about?  Crazy?  You? Maybe. 😉

  11. Great show. The Q&C prequels are excellent although as someone Irish I’m not entirely convinced by Johnston’s story. 

    Another great prequel is the Rose mini by Smith and Vess that was a prequel to Bone. Well worth checking out. 

  12. Wow. That show took a turn for the amusing.

    Thanks for the heads-up about the Terra mini-series. Power Girl was satisfying enough, but PG and Terra? Now we’re talking!

  13. ron i want that tee!!!!!! where can i find it?!?!?!?

  14. whats up w/ the audio on this episode? like hbd I am only getting mono sound

  15. @convoy83: It’s a problem on the network side. Not much we can do but hope they fix it.

  16. i would suck dick for new queen and country. 

  17. …uncomfortable…

  18. @AMblastoff: Do not let Greg Rucka hear you say that.

  19. Awesome show, guys! I really wanna get all three of these.

    I’m in the middle of voume 2 of the Definitive Queen and Country thanks to your constant recommendations of the series and I’m looking forward to Vol 4.

    I’m a huge Powergirl fan so I’ll definitely give Terra a shot.

    And Sleeper is my favourite of the Brubaker/ Phillips stuff. I don’t know why I haven’t gotten round to Point Blank yet.

  20. I loved the first three volumes of Queen and Country but was a little put off by the fact one of Rucka’s Tara Chase novels was meant to take place between volumes 2 and 3, making parts of volume 3 a bit confusing for me.  It wasn’t massively confusing, but it was a bit frustrating when the events of the novel were referred to in vague terms that made me feel like I was missing something.  I love Rucka’s comics, but I don’t want to read his prose.  It’s like when a songwriter you like writes poetry–I can see the logical relation between the two crafts, but I’m just not interested.  All that is to say that for some reason I had it in my head that volume 3 was followed by another novel and that therefore I would be similarly grumpy about volume 4, so I decided to quit while I was ahead.  Glad to hear I was totally wrong, I’ll definitely pick this up sometime soon.  Suddenly I have new Queen and Country to read!

  21. Nice one, guys – this ep had me grinning stupidly for an embarassingly long time.

    @mrlogical – your avatar rules.

  22. @mrlogical: You’re aware that Rucka was a novelist before he wrote comics? That he’s actually a successful novelist? The Q&C novels are great.

  23. @conor: Indeed, I am aware.  I don’t begrudge Rucka his desire to write prose in addition to comics, and I would expect that his books are very good.  But I have a pretty massive stack of novels to get through as it is, and if I start adding comic-related reading into my literary pile, I am truly never going to finish reading anything.  More power to all those who want to read more Rucka prose, I’m sure it’s enjoyable, it’s just not something I’m interested in.


    @mickmac59: thanks! 

  24. Wish I could watch this episode, but all the audio is only on one side, which is the same side my wife yells in all day, so I guess I have to wait until she goes to sleep.

  25. The Q&C novels are excellent. Read both of them on holidays a couple months back. Really gripping stuff. Am I right in saying that there’s a third novel coming out around September time? Seem to remember reading something about it somewhere.

  26. Has the one sided audio been fixed yet?

  27. "everyone SHOULD carry an origin"

  28. Am I the only getting sound in the left channel only?

  29. @jumpingjupiter: Two, four, thirteen, fourteen, and twenty six comments up.

  30. Uhm… MI-5 is for internal security and MI-6 is for external securty!

  31. A) someone already mentioned it, and B) I misspoke, which will happen.

    This is why people hate nerds.

    (half kidding)

  32. I need to read the comments 1st more often… like 10 minutes of futzing with my speakers.

    I too want to know where Ron retrieved his awesome Scott Pilgrim shirt. 

  33. Well I did a search three times before I posted. Is it my fault that the other guy wrote it wrong? 😉

  34. Swirl stroke?

  35. so Ronald doesn’t want to say where that tee originated from?!

  36. Ronald’s been a bit busy. (he was gone half the day on a trans-continental flight.)

    I believe he bought that shirt at a convention from the Oni Press booth. Which convention, I don’t recall. At this point, it’s all one long convention.

  37. That shirt was available at this years Wondercon, where I purchased mine.  I think it was supposed to be a convention exclusive.

  38. damnation and hellfire. thanks, guys.

  39. Best Ending Ever.

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