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iFanboy #161 – C2E2 2010 (Part Two)

Show Notes

There was too much to contain in just one show, so Ron Richards and Conor Kilpatrick are back with another batch of creator chats from C2E2. This episode is jam packed with Jim Lee, David Finch, Jim McCann, Mike Norton, Cullen Bunn, Brian Hurtt, and Nick Spencer!

David Finch

The superstar artist spent a long time at Marvel, and now he’s moved across the street to DC, where he’s providing covers, and hints at a secret project with interiors.

Nick Spencer

Newcomer Nick Spencer has wasted no time getting a whole bunch of series under his belt at Image Comics, including Existence 2.0, Forgetless, and Shuddertown, as well as the upcoming ongoing series Morning Glories.

Mike Norton

DC Artist Mike Norton loves to draw rubble. He’s also capped his long run on Green Arrow/Black Canary, and working on The Power of Shazam! these days. But seriously, he’ll draw your rubble.

Jim McCann

Writer Jim McCann explains his new graphic novel Return of the Dapper Men, and how it’s made on wood blocks. Seriously. He’s also up to his eyeballs in happy because he’s writing both the upcoming Hawkeye and Mockingbird, as well as Dazzler, all his favorite Marvel characters. Watch him contain his enthusiasm!

Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt

Cullen Bunn and Brian Hurtt, the team behind The Damned, is back with a haunted western tale, called The Sixth Gun. It has Franciscan monks with a lot of firepower, and a great deal of shooting. The first issue was Oni’s offering for Free Comic Book Day.

Jim Lee

It’s time for a chat with the newly minted co-publisher of DC, Jim Lee. He talks about his new role at DC Comics, and their forthcoming digital strategy, as well as his love for the artistic possibilities of the iPad. But don’t worry, he’ll be drawing the whole of Dark Knight: Boy Wonder, finishing up with Frank Miller, debuting next year.


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  1. awesome show, that nick spencer book sounds interesting I’ll pick it up next week

  2. Excellent Cemetery Man tshirt on Mike Norton there!

  3. "Really, ma’am.  It’s safe to leave your baby with us." -Stormtrooper

  4. The only thing that could make that fridge guy’s (at the end) costume better is if Kyle Rayner’s dead girlfriend was inside… Too soon?

  5. @ RapidEyeMovement- I saw that too.  Just kinda glimpsed it and did a double take.  Half the fun of con shows is listening to the interviews and people watching at the same time.

  6. Does anybody else think that McCann did a couple lines before that interview?

  7. Comics may be the only medium wherein a professional interview will almost certainly have a man dessed as Moon Knight walking right by the camera… hence my love for it.

  8. @vadamowens- did you see the NYCC video from last year?  this was tame

  9. ha, so funny how Jim Lee’s wife always goes with him to the cons and stuff! 🙂

  10. @abirdseys lol.  No i did not.  I couldn’t imagine it being any worse.

  11. That Jim Lee interview makes it clear DC is still as clueless as ever with respect to digital comics. They are dragging their feet over this, they just don’t get it that people want to read their comics digitally and not have to go to the comic store. I don’t care about their webcomics for the most part. 

  12. Man!  Once again, every time I here  Jim McCann talk about the projects he is working on, I cant help but get excited about them also.  That man truly loves his work.

    I got to meet Bunn and Hurtt on free Comic Book Day at Austin Books and Comics, where they were signing..  The Sixth Gun was easily my favorite thing I picked up last Saturday.  Those guys are so nice! (Damn, I should have picked up a copy of The Damned before it sold out that day!)

  13. I know it’s obvious…BUT…Mike Norton on Barney Rubble, Year One.

  14. @IronCladMerc

    I’d rather they drag their feet and do it proper.

    Right now, no Marvel creator is getting any royalties on any of their work in digital form. Not on the iPad, iPhone, PSP, or on their web service. That is not right. 

  15. Awww

    *takes out checklist labeled: DREAMS THAT HAVE DIED. Crosses off ‘Mike Norton on Deadpool’* 

  16. Could Nick Spencer be any more full of himself?

  17. @Fnord Why do you say that? He doesn’t come across like that at all to me.

  18. I’d say he’s confident about his work, which he is promoting.

  19. Avatar photo JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    So I’ve watched the credits again.  What am I missing?  And don’t tell me it’s the Deadpool joke.  Deadpool jokes are as overused as the character itself.

    I do enjoy the creator’s stance on not writing "down" to people.  Good on him.

  20. @JFernandes: Agreed. By that I mean all of what you just said.

    @fnord: He makes alot of sense. I mean look at where comics have come from, the funnies, as an industry it is imperitive that people like Spencer create works that they feel passionate about and don’t cater to simple gags. Existentialism and transcendentalism in comics are one of my favorite themes in comics, that doesn’t mean I’m full of myself it just means as a student I’m more drawn to the kind of comics that are evolving into a more mature medium with meaningful messages/morals. Deadpool may be for one man, and that’s fine and dandy but it’s not everyone’s cup of tea and he’s clearly expressing his opinion on it.

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