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iFanboy #144 – Sleeper, Puck, and DrawerBoxes

Show Notes

This week on iFanboy, Josh, Ron, and Conor take a look at a variety of short subjects: Sleeper is one of Josh’s favorite books, but will it hold up to a reread? As it turns out, there is a lot about the Canadian super hero named Puck that Ron didn’t know. But now he does. And so do you. Conor hates his long boxes and is looking for an alternative way to store his single issue comic books. Are DrawerBoxes his salvation?


Every time someone asks Josh to name his favorite comics, he never forgets to mention Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips’s Sleeper. It only recently occurred to him that he hadn’t actually read Sleeper in many, many years. Does it still hold up as one of Josh’s favorites?


Ron profiles every one’s favorite short and hairy Canadian superhero! Wolverine? No! It’s Puck!


Conor is sick and tired of storing his comics in long boxes. They’re inconvenient, they’re fragile, and they’re heavy. Will DrawerBoxes from CollectionDrawer.com be the answer to his needs?


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  1. Whats that page of art on the upper left of Josh’s segment?

  2. i hope you guys go back to the way you did videos before

  3. @Gabe – It’s page 5 of issue 1 of Transmetropolitan.

    @dukealoops – Sometimes we do these, sometimes we do the other. Variety is the spice of life!

  4. This has got to be so much easier for you guys (Not that I ever edited a video podcast mind). I can’t wait to see more superhero origins. Can I make a suggestion: Maybe Thunderstrike

  5. Ummm Just an FYI I was meaning that as a compliment. I’ll take the video show anyway I can get it. You guys do such a great job. Change is as good as a holiday and it is the holiday season.

  6. @josh  Wow, when’ja buy that?

  7. Probably in 2000 or 2001.

  8. Brubaker can do no wrong it crime fiction it seems… I have just about all of his stuff on my buy list and have the Deluxe Criminal on the way – how does Sleeper compre with this or Incognito?

  9. And yet, DrawerBoxes still looked easier to put together than a standard longbox…

    I love the profile section.  It’s nice considering DC and Marvel seem to be too stupid to realize the gold mine they’d have in doing another Who’s Who/Whatever Marvel’s was called.  I’d buy those in a heartbeat. 

  10. Wow..30 long boxes. thats a loooot.

    I only have one short comic box full. 

  11. I enjoyed these mini segments more than the other you did a few weeks ago. One criticism though is that Ron’s superhero profile felt a bit too scripted, like he was reading off a teleprompter the whole time. I still enjoyed it, but felt a bit odd.

    And I am quite tempted to get myself some drawerboxes. Hearing the ad on the podcast and seeing one being built are two entirely different things. After seeing it in action, I find them to be quite useful. 

  12. I just start getting those drawer boxes. They are great. Makes it so easy to pull anything out and reread it.  Also my Comic shop sell them assembled. I feel its worth the couple extra dollars vs. the regular long box.

  13. Awesome, Sleeper is also one of my all time favorite(probably in my top 5, along with yes Gotham Central) comics.

    Also I agree I dont like to call it a superhero comic, if someone asked me what it was, I’d call it a superVILLAIN comic

  14. I’ve had five Drawer Boxes for over a year now.  They are great but a few warnings to those who may want to use them.  Somewhere, I think on the website, maybe the instructions, not sure, there is a stat of how many the drawer will fit.  You may want to keep track of how many you are stuffing in there.  A combination of being too full and being moved around too much will weaken the box’s structure.  I’m not saying it’s unusable at this point, but I have three stacked up and the bottom one is looking suspicious.  I also put a big gash in the side of one when I caught it on the corner of my dresser, so watch where you’re going with them.  It’s a shame to see a big cut in what is basically a ten dollar box.

  15. Great episode guys. Love Sleeper – in my mind it’s the best thing Bru and Philips have done together. Only read Incognito a week or two back and really felt they were pulling a lot of what Sleeper was into it.

    Been thinking about the Drawer Boxes for a while now. Does anyone know how high you can stack them? 

  16. Sleeper is right next to Cap as Brubaker’s best work ever.  Period.

  17. An unboxing video of boxes.  After this, I think there is nothing left to be said in the ‘unboxing video’ genre.  The only thing to make it more entertaining is if Conor recited the ad copy.  The rapid fire ‘-ox, -ocks’ have a lyrical quality to them.

     I may have to order a half dozen or so.  My cheapy particle board bookcases recently gave under the strain and left a pile of comics on the floor of my office.

  18. I said to myself a Benny Hill soundtrack is what this podcast needs and voila you deliver.

  19. I’d love to get some Drawerboxes, the shipping cost to Canada of $70.00 + $20.00 brokerage and duty is excessive though.

     Sad face.

  20. I haven’t read Sleeper yet, but I do like Brubaker, so I plan to check it out,  Burbaker is a competent storyteller. I like Sean Phillips too.  Maybe a good idea for a segment might be a reread episode where you go back and decide if something you thought was sooo good then,  still remains good now. One of the things I hardly ever do personally, as I can’t keep up with newer reads. 

    Re: Puck–I feel sorry for these diminutive super heroes like Puck, just think, they can kick your ass, but can’t use the big boy’s urinal in the public restroom, unless some other hero holds them up to do their business, how embarassing!  The whole story arcs of killing super heroe should all be Elsewhere  story arcs, and labeled as so on the 1st issue: Jean Grey, Superman, Puck, Batman, Capt. America, et al. I guess I’m just indifferent on the topic.  Although some of these have been facinating reads, it still a bit irksome knowing from the getgo, that they’ll be back at some point.  I say that having enjoyed many of these type stories, and as long as they can bring them back in some sort of intelligent manner.

    I always thought if I were a millionaire I’d have custom boxes made for my comics of some sort. Doesn’t look like that happening though…


  21. I’m ridiculously glad you showed one of the DrawerBoxes in action and the whole set up. I’ve been thinking about getting one (even though I seriously don’t have a real need for it like Connor probably does with his 30 longboxes of insanity), so it’s nice to see one put together and reviewed.

  22. Damn Puck kicks major ass!

  23. @Josh- LOVE the Simonson Thor page! I have been hoping to see him at a Con to ask for a sketch from him for years! You lucky so-and-so…

  24. I got that Thor sketch many years ago at a tiny con in Ithaca, NY. It was my first sketch ever. He was doing headshots, and I asked for a Thor head WITH hammer. He was also pleased with the result.

    We talked about it a long long time ago in episode #14.

  25. would just like to say I continue to love this format for the show 🙂

  26. i miss the intelligent discussion and thought provoking dialog you guys used to have..

    segments about puck and longboxes…

    just feels cheap to me… 

  27. It’s not "used to". We just do this sometimes, because there are things we can do that we can’t do on the regular shows.  Let us live! Let us grow!

    There are so many fun kinds of things we used to do on the minis that didn’t work in a regular show, so we want to explore them again.

  28. As for better comic book storage solution, you guys need to get out of those Ghetto Boxes, and get in to these http://comiccubes.com/cc_products.html

    Yes Josh. Good Book(s).

    and Ron…  What the…PUCK?

  29. @Josh-I miss how you used to do an podcast…

  30. @Josh  So…..Sleeper>Criminal??!!

  31. @Gabe: I would say so.

  32. Personally, I love the minis.  I always have.  Thank you for the variety.  I still want a mini featuring Conor schooling Josh and Ron in a game of 21.

  33. I looked at those DrawerBoxes at my shop today.  They seemed nice, but there was no price listed anywhere and the guy was on the phone.  I think they’re something I’ll be looking into more once I have more than about 1 and a quarter long boxes.  Considering I got all that since April, that might not be as far off as I’d like.

  34. For those who got to Treasure Island Comics in Fremont, they are coming soon.

  35. Conor – I’d love to see you revisit drawerboxes in a future episode when you finish converting your entire collection over.  Let us know how that works out for you and how well it works or doesn’t work as the case may be.

  36. @Gabe: NO WAY is sleeper better than criminal. just my humble opinion

  37. you see the way i see it is that this show is as much about friends an the way you guys play off of each other as it is about comics. The three of you guys together brings heart to the show. But the mini’s are still good once in a while.

  38. See, people just *think* we’re friends. That’s the funny part.

  39. Go screw, Flanagan!

  40. NUTS!

  41. The fact that Alpha Flight’s enemy is named ‘Master of the World’ almost made me choke on my potato chip. He sounds like the guy that decidedly tries to give himself a cool nickname in high school.

    I also love the matter-of-fact delivery  of "… he lives in varying amounts of pain." from Ron.

  42. I would be all over those drawerboxes if the shipping cost wasn’t so brutal. I don’t think I have any stores nearby that sell them either. Even with the shipping cost I might buy some.

  43. Josh… Where did you get that shirt???

  44. The internet!

  45. Ha, I was just complaining here about there not being a new Who’s Who, then voila.  Today’s DC Nation announced it for May.  Clearly Didio and prowling iFanboy looking for ideas, and able to get them done -really- fast.

  46. @Slockhart: Yeah, but it doesn’t seem to be in binder form which makes me sad.

  47. @Conor

    I noticed that too.  I grew up with my dad’s copies of the original Who’s Who from the 80’s which were in standard comic format, and they were way too inconvenient once the Updates started coming out.  Not sure how I feel about the entries being told as a story either.

    Also, about the DrawerBoxes, did the outer shell seem like they’d be sturdy enough to support the weight of a few full drawers stacked on top without the drawer in?  It seems like a system where you’d have to take the inner drawer out to get to the books in the back.  Sorry if you mentioned it in the show; I watched it at 2 AM.  And I hope that question made sense… I wrote it at 2 AM.

  48. @Slockhart: Oh, I have all those 90s comic form WHO’S WHOs too, I just wanted to compile a new binder. Oh, what a segment that would have made!

    It seems like it would be okay. They are very sturdy. As for the drawers, you can set them to catch and stay in the sleeve, or to pull all the way out. I chose the latter.

  49. I mean’t "80s" not "90s." It’s late.

  50. Man, I could care less about format as long as all of y’all talk comics. Finnaly Josh you get to say something about sleeper, I could tell you have been wanting to mention it for a while because you made a throwaway comment about a while back that made me read it. And needless to say I wasn’t disappointed was an absolutely fantastic read. Personally, I think the best thing about Sleeper is the moral decay of carver over time. And one of the most interesting characters is the Woman who becomes more beautiful the more horrible things that she does. Man they need to use that concept somewhere else because it was so terriific.(As You can tell I am Very Bitter when it comes to girls)

    I love this book Toa is a mastermind by the way and the ending just gutwrenching but it was needed i think. You didn’t mention the prequel with grifter though that explains his part in the series.

    I showed Flanagans part to a friend of mine and he was absouletly floored by it and wanted to read it right then and there. Needless to Say he wound up leaving with a huge stack of trades as suggested reading material. you guys do a great job keep it up.

  51. @RazorEdge757 – Woo! Another convert!

    @Slockhart – I think the info is on the DrawerBox website, but they say you can stack a certain amount of them, and they’re designed that way.  It’s at least 3 high.

  52. Conor,

     I recently put all of my comics into drawerboxes but the ones my LCS ordered actually saved a step in that I just slipped my current longboxes into the drawer box sleeves.  It saved a lot of time and hassle and the ones I used were exactly the length of my regular old longboxes so I didn’t have to assemble and pay for new boxes.  Just letting you know in case you wanted to ease that back pain.

  53. Man, I want those drawerboxes but it’s too much money to re-do my whole collection. I have I believe 22 long boxes full of floppies. I also need to store them in a public storage unit because it’s getting ridiculous at my apartment.

  54. Seems to me you have as good amount of trouble with the Drawerbox then with a regular longbox

  55. I love Sleeper and I love Puck.  The sad thing about Puck is that not even Byrne ever wrote a definitive or great Puck story…and when anything magical or whatever was introduced by later writers, it ruined the beauty of the character, which is the story of a self-made man overcoming his handicap to become something better and heroic.  (I’m actually ok with the Master rubbery part, not ok with this magically shortened part, etc)

    SOOooo…here’s what I think.  Why not?  ED BRUBAKER WRITES A PUCK MINI.  Seriously, it would be f’in brilliant!  Maybe dates Ms. Misery (or Talisman, remember that hot wrestling scene from early ‘Flight?) on the side or something.  Kicks Tao’s ass.

  56. At last a Benny Hill speeded up scene. 

  57. @conor I’m greatful for the review of the drawboxes storage is becoming an issue. I laos like that the return of the mini (sort of) means we can see these small segments. Does Ron have his own studio? Or is his home too untidy to be seen?

  58. So was that a paid segment from drawerboxes or an actual review?  I think you mentioned that you paid for them, but it’s tough to picture you trashing a sponsor if they don’t work as advertised.

  59. @devinclancy: This was a great review of the product in general by conor. Yeah they are a sponser but conor did point out some hamperings or problems with it. I think either way your gonna have problems storing comics whether you have this or not, but it definitely looks much easier to go and find comics in a drawerbox then in a longbox.

  60. That wasn’t sponsored. They sponsored the audio show. Conor bought and paid for those boxes. He’s been planning on trying them for a long time.

  61. it seems like you guys have been phoning it in since the return of the audio show.

  62. i meant video show. sorry.

  63. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Technically the audio shows are phoned in. Skype session. 


  64. well done, paul.

  65. Shows what you know, we’ve ALWAYS been phoning it in!

  66. I miss the interaction between you guys. The awkward sexual tension is hysterical

  67. 14:00 – I too used to have a shitload of long boxes but when I got the part time job of my dreams I decided to do something selfless and give all of them away to my local library except one shortbox which has all of my favorite issues and trades. So even though they are heavy I know for a fact that traveling with them is worthwhile because they are definetly worthwhile rereads.
    16:14 – Cap Wolf XD!!!!
    18:00 – "Avengers we are… gonna put that over there" xD!

    Got a workout there eh Conor?

  68. I went and bought two of the short DrawerBoxes from my LCS this afternoon (I prefer them to the longboxes). I was disapointed they didnt come with the divider rail inserts that Conor’s did in the video. I am most pleased with them though and plan to buy a case from their website and continue the conversion, only ten more to go!

  69. @AlanRob: One thing I learned from buying that first set is that I, personally, don’t have any use for the divider rails or the anchors. It’s nice to know now because they both cost extra.

  70. Puck’s great,as is the rest of Alpha Flight  I was able to pick up pretty much an entire run of ALpha Flight from the quarter bins.



  71. Hey Team – bottom line: I’ll watch the show whatever you do with it, but I prefer seeing all 3 of you together. It’s that geeky Cerberus thing that I really enjoy. Take care.

  72. Ron uses the Rev3 studio I think.

  73.    So… Puck can bull fight, play dead, is rubbery, hung out with literary people, and is grotesquely hairy?  That is a bad ass super hero in my book.

  74.  Thanks to ROKU adding REV3 channel, I stumbled across iFANBOY.  I have been considering the DRAWERBOXES since their introduction at the SAN DIEGO COMICON a few years ago.  After watching Conor assemble the boxes I decided its  time.  I just ordered 10 short boxes which will fit nicely in my closet and will be used to sort my newer items from the past 5 years. I will still use my other short and long boxes to hold the issues I intend to sell or that have been packed for long term storage.  I will make an inventory list with Comicbase and I will scan each cover of items worth more than $20.00 for insurance purposes.  Thanks Conner for sharing your experience with all of us.


  75. I’ve had my Drawer Boxes for about a year and a half now.  They have held up well, saved a lot of space and time.  I have them stacked three high and only one of the bottom boxes shows the slightest bend after all this time.  Also, I like the fact that even with a full drawer you can pull it about 2/3 of the way out without it tipping over.  Makes it easier to get at those books in the front – although for those in the back you need to take the drawer out..

    They are a bit pricy but as I only use ten it made sense.  I feel like when you start to get above 20 or maybe 30 it may make more sense to get something a bit more permanent like a cabinet, custom wood drawer, etc.

  76. kinda off topic, but do you guys put silica gel packs in your boxes?

    i put like 20 per. i only have 2 boxes though.

  77. I don’t.

  78. All I know is that you’re not supposed to eat those packs.

  79. Thanks, great show guys! 🙂

    @mansuper, that’s a good idea, but I wonder if they would damage the bags and I would guess you would not want to OVERdry the paper, and where does one purchase them!? O.o

  80. Hey there… love your show! Puck rules! You should have showed a picture of him in his tall state… I remember how much that changed my opinion of him when I read that storyline… LOL

    Anyways, I happen to work for a game distributor and one of the items we carry and sell to comic shops is similar to the comic drawer that you demoed, but actually stores your long boxes directly in it as a cheaper alternative using the materials you already have. 


  81. ahahaha i couldve sworn you said "long live fuck" ron :L:L

  82. I finally got around to ordering Drawerboxes and I used the video as kind of an instruction on what to do and how to assemble it.   I’m glad you did this because the crappy instructions I had would have made me beat my head against the ground.

  83. that drawerboxes look great but tputting them together must suck. i’m not a DYI guy. I hope they stack well and not crush the one underneth if stacked to high

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