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iFanboy #132 – San Diego Comic-Con 2009 (Part One)

Show Notes

This is the first installment of iFanboy’s 2009 San Diego Comic-Con coverage, and we’ve got more show than we can contain this year!

Jimmy Palmiotti and Darwyn Cooke start us off this year in their hotel room before we even made it to the con! They talk up their upcoming collaboration on Jonah Hex #50, The Last Resort from IDW, and Power Girl. Nothing bad is said about DC Comics.

Jamie S. Rich chats with Ron about his new noir graphic novel,Β You Have Killed Me from Oni Press, as well as the upcoming series, Spell Checkers. Then they share a moment over a certain vocalist.

The biggest indie hit we’ve seen in some time is Chew fromΒ Image Comics. We’ve got writer John Layman and artist Rob Guillory talking about their breakout hit, about a cibopath, or a man who gets psychic messages in the food he eats.

Longbox Digital Comics was on everyone’s lips, and we caught the man behind it, Rantz Hoseley (who also won an Eisner for Comic Book Tattoo), to tell us all about it, and share a special something with the iFanbase.

Matt Sturges is one of the big up and comers at DC Comics, after years of co-writing Jack of Fables with Bill Willingham. After collaborating on an arc of JSA, Sturges will break out on his own with JSA All-Stars. We also check in on Fables and the non-stop Final Crisis Aftermath: Run.

A San Diego show isn’t complete without a visit from fan favorite writer, Robert Kirkman. We’re talking Image United, Haunt, Invincible, The Walking Dead, and The Astounding Wolf-Man, and it might even get a little off topic, in this mega-sized interview, complete with big manly hugs.

Make sure you come back next week for more SDCC coverage!


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  1. I was not expecting the ‘gangsta’ opening. But Jimski and Romo are perfect for the job.

  2. Mike Romo had the best slow motion gangster pose

  3. "Just go buy the trade…..after you buy all the single issues" Very funny Kirkman.

    This is the best Kirkman interview yet (and thats saying something)

  4. Worth the effort guys! Great part 1!

    Bring on the other parts… LIKE A BOSS!

  5. Settle down, ladies. Plenty to go around.

  6. -The opening was indeed hilarious.  Jimski bringing the heat.

    -I would love to get a whore on a Thursday.

    -Glad to see the Chew love.  That book is amazing and I’m excited that more and more people are checking it out. 

    -And I want my Longbox beta code!!!! πŸ˜€ Awesome, can’t wait for that to hit.  If the iFanbase really gets beta codes it would be bitchingly sweet.

    Great show guys.

  7. Mr. Hoseley…..you have no idea.

    I’m sorry me and the rest of the internet doesn’t have clairvoyant minds to see how this Longbox will ‘succeed’ in a year or two from now. Maybe if we didn’t realize your only claim to fame is being friends with Tori Amos before this huge project of yours; we’d be more confident in this application.

    But nah, let’s make fun of the nay-sayers. Cause ya know…they aren’t part of your success. I’m sure most people are perfectly happy with change and will ease into this new and untested world of yours. *holds ear* What’s that?….Oh most people are afraid of change?….and the nay-sayers are a good portion of comic readers? Well let’s not give that information to him.

  8. I want the red microphone t-shirt that Josh had on

  9. Robert Kirkman is the shit!

  10. I could watch a whole show of Rantz making a fool out of TNC.

    I’m guessing we’re getting a Tyrese interview?

  11. So, do we know how many parts?


  12. @Gabe: Three con shows and a supplimental show.

  13. But nah, let’s make fun of the nay-sayers. Cause ya know…they aren’t part of your success. I’m sure most people are perfectly happy with change and will ease into this new and untested world of yours. *holds ear* What’s that?….Oh most people are afraid of change?….and the nay-sayers are a good portion of comic readers? Well let’s not give that information to him.

    I certainly was not making fun of any naysayers… I was commenting on the fact that the internet *tends* to be fill of skeptics and snarky individuals, who jump to conclusions or slam things without the benefit of facts, details, etc, and that I was happily surprised that the reaction to LongBox so far on the internet has been much more positive than what I would expect, given the normal internet modus operandi.


  14. @Conor *mind explosion sound.  Also, best intro ever.  dancing kirkman>dancing bendis, sorry but it is the truth marvel

  15. @Gabe

    It can only be outdone by dancing Brubaker. 

  16. is it me or download speeds from Revision3 ass for everybody?

  17. It was me. No problem now, enjoying it on my HDTV.

  18. ‘Gangsta" theme was hella funny homeslice! Longbox beta code? Awwww yeaaa.

  19. I half expected to see Sonja there doing gansta stylings. Or is she like us in the colonies and can’t crump?

  20. The BETA codes? Where are they?

  21. Oh you guys are soo white.

  22. I am now afraid of Jimski. Deathly afraid.

  23. I plan on starting a number of sentence with "When your life is all about boobs…" in the future.

  24. Kirkman is the shit. My favourite writer, my favourite iFanboy guest. We need him on Talksplode next. What about the pilot season thang???????????

    hope Darwyn Cooke is interviewed further next episode too. and Todd McFarlane?

    sweet episode guys. had a big smile all the way through watching it. rock n roll.

  25. Well, at least the whole mayhem thing Conor was doing makes since now (kinda).

    Hugmeister Kirkman was lying to you about back woods Kentucky. We don’t wrestle bears. We marry them. (Or was wrestle a euphemism?) 

  26. @muddi900 the beta codes are coming – stay tuned to the site and the audio show!

  27. o by the way, fantastic opening. i love it!

  28. Well, I’ve got my beta code cuz I sat in the Longbox panel ( a great panel, btw).  Just waiting for something to plug this beta code into… ;D

  29. And right there, that hug alone, was well worth the two week wait. Excellent work, guys. I’m curious about "Chew" now.


  30. Robert Kirkman is just the man. I reall wish you could have a show just with him talking. Him bearing hugging Ron is the highlight of the video. He’s done it to josh, now to ron; I wanna see him try to bearhug Conor. That will be interesting to say the least πŸ™‚

    Oh and I can wait on those ‘codes’ for Longbox. I’m not rushing anytime soon.

  31. @TNC – I assume the Longbox people (like Mr. Rantz) would like to have you (and people like you) take part in the beta.  If the only people that particiate are those predisposed to liking it (as I am), then the feedback will likely be biased and the end product isn’t likely to be as good. If you want Longbox to improve into something you will be excited about, then you should certainly take part in the beta (if given the opportunity).

  32. @stuclach: If I do want the beta and if I do want to try it….it better be good.

    I’m sorry but with all this damn hype it better make me cry for God. Cause if it’s anything like Marvel’s attempt at digital comics then I will totally lose it.

  33. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Lose what?

  34. @Paul: I was gonna say ‘lose my shit’

    But I’m trying to stay classy.

  35. @TNC – Don’t worry, your classiness is beyond reproach.  If I see you at a con I will give you 5 dollars, so your first five issues purchased on Longbox will essentially be a free trial.  Then you won’t have to lose it (shit or classiness).

  36. @stuclach: Why thank you! Your so nice πŸ™‚

  37. Stay on topic.

  38. I will make the effort and stay on topic by saying that I feel molested by Jimski’s tongue.

  39. Those might be the single greatest 5 seconds of video I’ve ever edited.

  40. Watching the video again….

    I just love it Palmiotti kinda forgot there for a second about working with DC. Bashing them a bit and then @josh had to chime in on who publishes Jonah Hex. πŸ™‚

  41. Nice episode.

  42. That interview took place at about 9:30 AM, before the show even started.  None of us had had enough sleep.

  43. Great stuff all around.  Having been stuck here on the other coast while it was actually going on, I really appreciate the view into the con.  Hi-light had to be the Josh’s hard hitting boob question, which will undoubtedly go down in the history of both comic and boob journalism–how it will go down, only time will tell.  Again, thanks!

  44. Oh man, when the JLU music started playing during the Matt Sturges interview. Total nostalgia bomb…

  45. I love the guy with the red banner going across the Rantz interview. It pretty much distracted me for the whole video.

    Oh and the guy almost tripping over josh with the guys of CHEW.

  46. We all know Kirkman has done great interviews in the past, but that was one of the best interviews, Kirkman or otherwise, that I have ever seen.

  47. Good show. Listening to all these writers have given me an idea. Is it just me, or is anybody else getting tired of writers touting the idea of a protagonist being unlikable, and carrying on like it’s a unique and original device?

  48. You guys work your asses off to give us the most informative and entertaining site for the comics medium. 

    I saw you guys interviewing James Robinson, and I have to say you guys looked pretty freakin scary.  Josh was interviewing James with his back to the DC stand, and Conor, Ron and Gordon were surrounding creating a perimeter on three sides, facing outward. Looking very serious, like it wouldn’t take that much to pounce on any to stray beyond your boundaries.  You are all alot taller than average, and it looked like a secret service detail. 

  49. @UncleBob unfortunately we have to – you’d be surprised at the number of people who walk right in front of the camera – it happened once really badly during my chat with Rantz – people just don’t look where they’re walking at the con…so we have to block people from interrupting the shoot.  such is the challenge of SDCC

  50. @UncleBob: At just that James Robinson interview alone I blocked three people  from wandering through the camera shot. People are just staring up at the booths, or something off in the distance, or just not paying attention to what’s happening around them.

  51. That was probably my favorite video podcast yet.  I enjoyed every second.  You guys have to be some of the luckiest sons of bitches to have access to all of these creative and talented people.  Also, where the hell is Conor?

  52. Right here.

  53. That should be in a podcast. Set up a secondary camera and have it show Conor just blocking people. Conor was busy doing the Tyrese interview (hopefully).

  54. great first comic con episode!  @Ron, what do you have to do to get a hug from kirkman? and was it awkward at the end?

  55. @UncleBob – I can’t picture Gordon the Academic (he found his true calling) looking scary. It’s unimaginable.

  56. Why weren’t you interviewing people?

  57. I really wasn’t in the mood for a convention show but that changed as soon as I started watching!!  The hip hop opening sequence was so funny, guys!!  I wish I could be on the show sometimes.  You guys probably have the most fun fucking lives!!

    I’m actually excited to see next week’s show about a convention that is long over.  Good work, fellows.  I could watch that hip hop sequence like 100 times!!

  58. All you need is Jimski just looking at you with those eyes like in the hip-hop intro. Then people will know to stay far away from you.

  59. great ep. kirkman is gr8

  60. "@UncleBob unfortunately we have to – you’d be surprised at the number of people who walk right in front of the camera – it happened once really badly during my chat with Rantz – people just don’t look where they’re walking at the con…so we have to block people from interrupting the shoot.  such is the challenge of SDCC"

    I was kind of bummed that you guys didn’t leave that in… everyone’s responses to this guy obviously wandering through the shot… when he had to manuever his way around the phalanx srrounding it, was priceless.

  61. I always love the show, but Kirkman is always a trip.  You guys should have a side show called R&R when Robert Kirkman does his thing and Ron just tries to hold it together and ask serious questions.

  62. @RantzH – I’m a ruthless editor!  I gotta serve the story!

    I tried to leave it, but it felt very wonky

  63. @josh: You kept in the half naked dude with the red banner, so I am happy with the results.

  64. im sorry, but kirkmans bearhug and jimkis lick come in a close silver and bronze. the gold was joshes random comment in the opening. "like half the girls here have wings. what does that mean?" my sides hurt. you are a LEGEND!!

    this would be the best episode yet if there was more conor. but im assuming there shall be more next week. and so i wait…

  65. @TNC, Re: RantzH’s response to your snarky comment.

    Didn’t see that comin’, didja?

    The Kirkman interview was a shiny brick of solid gold, as per the usual.

  66. I share many of the sentiments above, one of the greatest edits of a video con show yet and Robert Kirkman gets better every year.

    Loved the "like half the girls here have wings"

    The slow mo and fast forwards were perfectly edited.  Jimski looks like he’s watched far too many hip hop / rap music videos.

    The majority of everybody else were pretty fly (for being you know what guys).  Except Kirkman, he seemed t know exactly what to do, even caught on during the filming of his segment.  Josh’s slow-mo of the empty wallet was great too.

    I’m watching the opening for the 6th time and I actually have a heap of things to do.

    Can’t wait for the next 2 segments!!

  67. I’m still only about halfway through, catching five minutes at a time between unpacking boxes at the new house, but as I spend more time thinking about it I realize that I essentially appear for three seconds to make love to the camera and am never seen again. I am, essentially, the video’s gratuitous T&A.

  68. Great video guys.  There were several laugh out loud moments.  Kirkman’s interview was great, and the gangsta stuff was unexpected but really funny.  Can’t wait for the rest of them.

  69. @captbastrd: No I know Rantz is a member of ifanboy now.

    Mainly cause he needs to pop in once and a while and state how ‘awesome’ Longbox will be. If only there was proof to show it other then blurry youtube videos.

  70. The bit they showed in this video looked pretty good.

  71. Nice gangsta intro. The 5 seconds of jimski intro was great. can’t wait to see more con stuff for the rest of the month. =)

  72. so conor was holding the camera.  Not really sure why my repeated question was deleted, but at least now I have an answer

  73. The Jimski just might need his own fanclub.

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