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iFanboy #130 – Green Lantern

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For the last few years, Green Lantern might just be the steadiest and most consistent buzzworthy book at DC Comics. Everyone is talking about Hal Jordan and his merry band of emerald ring slinging space cops and their multi-colored enemies!

It seems no one wants to be left off the bandwagon and as a result, the most common question that iFanboy receives is “How can I catch up on Green Lantern? Where do I start? What do I need to know?”

iFanboy is on the case!


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  1. Just one question… which Hal Jordan origin would you say is the best, Geoff Johns Secret Origin or Darwyn Cookes New Frontier?

    Also, at one point there was a cover of Joe Kellys "Green Lantern Legacy", was that story any good? It piqued my interest a while back but I havent heard anything about it

  2. whoever was editing totally cut conors last sentence off right before the credits went on. he said something about new frontier?

  3. I’ve read every issue of both Green Lantern and GL Corps since the relaunches.  While the bigger stories they talked about here are the meat, I’d say there has been some really good connective tissue throughout the runs.  All the supporting characters including villains like Cyborg Superman, Arkillo, Mongol, as well as the Corps members like Vath Sarn, Isamot Kol, the lost lanterns, Soranik Natu all have some great moments that add to the greater mythology that has been built.  Blackest Night is serving as quite the reward for anyone who has read all of it.

  4. Nice show.

  5. Smeeee – they probably did that on purpose for dramatic effect; but I thought you guys already did a New Frontier show

  6. what about al the green lantern corps stuff?

    would you recommened all that aswell?

  7. Can I get a F YAH to a Green Lantern episode?

    Perfect timing, too.  Blackest Night kicks off today in grand fashion.

    @philipgraves068 Yes, I whole-heartedly recommend Green Lantern Corps.

  8. Josh’s intro described my life.  Is there a ring color for hopelessness?

  9. @philipgraves068 – I also recommend GLC.  I am fairly certain Conor does, too (not to put words in his mouth).

  10. I prefer the maroon light of sarcasm.  I guess the guys forgot to mention that one?

  11. Great show guys, it was cool to hear all this awesome stuff about Green Lantern.  I was just wondering where I can get started in the current series?

  12. @heroville- LOL i was just kidding i knew they did it on purpose haha

  13. @stuclach: I do. And we all do on this show as well.

  14. @drakedangerz – Nice!

    I think the last two eps are my favorite eps of all time.  Thanks guys! 

  15. @conor – I typed that while watching and before you reached that point (it was just after Josh said that early GLC wasn’t necessary).  I will wait until I have watched the entire video before posting in the future.

  16. This was a great episode. Gald we were finally able to figure out what order we need to read Green Lantern. But I’m sure there will be more emails for you this week.

    Although I have to admit; where is the love for GLC? You mentioned it briefly and I think no love was spent on it. I know ron is a bit new to the series but you could still have talked about. It’s still probably better then the proper GL title at the moment.


    Great show! For another opinion though, I recently bought all Geoff John’s, didn’t understand a word of Rebirth, but I loved Secret Origin when I got to it. Even though it’s out of order I think someone could start there and get the idea. I’ve lent it my friend and he enjoyed it.

     I’m tempted to go looking for that Mark Waid/Barry Kitson JLA though. E-bay I here I come.

  18. @zeppo: DC is releasing a new edition of JLA: YEAR ONE later this year.

  19. Great show.  As far as classic GL stories, I’d also recommend Keith Giffen’s Emerald Dawn.  Like the other’s you mentioned it’s a little of its time, but the characterization of Hal as a hot shot screw up trying to redeem himself is actually pretty interesting.  


    @ conor

    Cheers. I’ll wait then. Usually like Waid’s Marvel work so I’ll give this a go.

     Thanks for replying, love the site! I’m new to it.

  21. @josh – does that ring make you wear sweaters right smack in the middle of summer?

    .. at least i’m laughing

    I feel like Emerald Twilight can enhance your ability to enjoy/comprehend Rebirth. Johns does a fine job of laying it out there, but there are still so many questions unanswered. And the Corps book is cool. Sometimes I’m dissapointed that it never seems to intertwine with GL proper. There’s a connection, but it just seems so distant. What’s Tomasi gotta do to get a Hal cameo once in a while? He is a Corps member afterall!

    anyways.. cool show. 

    sOmeOnE gEt RoN sOmE cOnDItIonEr!!    

  22. @FACE – Ron looked rough again didn’t he?  I love the guy and am getting a little concerned about his health.  His eyes looked swollen.  Maybe it’s just jet lag?  Maybe he is working his ass off over at Rev3?  Unfortunately, San Diego isn’t going to help matters.  Isn’t it his turn to get sick there?

  23. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    I absolutely loved JLA: YEAR ONE but thought that FLASH AND GREEN LANTERN: BRAVE AND THE BOLD was just okay.  Not bad, but as a trade, reading YEAR ONE was more satisfying.

    Quick question: Hal is the GL of sector 2814 and I guess that John Stewart is his replacement/back-up.  But where does that leave Guy and Kyle?  Sorry if this is an obvious question, but I’m not a regular reader of the current GL books.  My knowledge of the characters is more strongly rooted just before and during the Kyle years.

  24. @JeffR – I believe Guy and Kyle are considered Honor Guards and are stationed on Oa.

  25. @JeffR: Hal and John are both the GLs of sector 2814 – they are partners. The Guardians instituted partners in every sector at the beginning of Johns’ run. Guy and Kyle live and work on Oa. I *believe* they are Honor Guards and help to train new GLs.

  26. @conor – Only one minute apart.  Apparently our telepathic link still holds.

  27. @Stuc – it’s as if he got into town and got rushed onto the show after showering with one of those low-flow showerheads they make New Yorkers use in Seinfeld episodes. The Morrissey-do just needs a bit more pomp. Other than that, he looks fairly healthy. At least he’s eating well. 😉


  28. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    @stuclach and conor – Wow. I like how you both even prefaced your answers with the word "believe." 🙂 That info does make a lot of sense, especially as John and Hal seem to tag-team into and out of the Justice League a bit and the fact that Guy and Kyle seem to be on a lot of the GREEN LANTERN CORPS covers.

    Thanks guys.

  29. @JeffR – No problem.  Looking back at the similarities between our posts I have decided that I spend WAY too much time on this website.

    @FACE – I pissed myself when I read "At least he’s eating well."

  30. Ron looks like he’s a couple of years late to be an extra for ‘Requiem for a Dream’.

  31. I know this might be a bit cynical of me, but even though you guys did a fantastic job giving an basic introduction to the Green Lanterns series in this video, there’s still going to be people who continued to email you guys the same question again, and again.

  32. @TNC – Haven’t seen it.  Is it worth my time?

  33. No, it isn’t.

  34. @stuclach: It’s not a bad film, but Darren Aronofsky has done better work. Like "The Wrestler" for example.

  35. @jackietam: Of course not.

  36. just to help catch everyone up (and I’m sure many people read it, but still), Guy and Kyle were stationed on Oa.

    Spoiler for the last issue of GLC:


    They didn’t like Sinestro Corps prisoners being executed and were beamed back to Brooklyn. 

  37. Even though it was retconned, I still like most of the Hal-goes-nuts stuff.

  38. @josh – disagreed

    just depends on if tweeked out grannies are your thing or not. definitely the kind of film that has an effect on you. you won’t feel the same after it’s finished. and you will never, NEVER consider shooting up speed

    and the "We got a WINNER!" bit rocks

  39. Granted, it’s 4 in the morning, but I can’t get this to play.  Is anybody else having issues with this thing? 

  40. Maybe no one has done the multicolored lantern ring idea in the past because it’s extremely CHEEZY.  And unfortunately it’s capped off with something as unoriginal and overused as a zombie component.

  41. So I’ll guess you won’t see the live-action movie where the different lanterns are like musical-gangs.

  42. @Josh @TNC and @FACE – Thanks for the feedback on Requiem.  Given that my time has become increasingly valuable, I will follow Josh’s suggestion and skip it for now.  Maybe if the value of my time decreases significantly I will pick it up.

  43. @chlop: Now I want a musical version of the ‘War on Light’ and ‘Blackest Night’. Thanks! 🙂

    @stuclach: You should listen to the expert….*points to self*

  44. @stuclach-They showed me that movie in high school in order to scare me into not doing drugs.  It had its moments, but I would agree you can skip it. 

  45. @drakedangerz – Did it work?

  46. @drakedangerz you’re being serious?  They movie was shown in a public school?

    @stuclach I lost a friend (not dead but nonexistant) to heroin addiction.  This is an incredibly disturbing movie that shows people in the dregs of serious addiction and is portrayed accurately.  I’ve experienced first hand many of the utterly unspeakable and terrrifying moments that are involved with heroin addiction and having seperated myself from that madness, I never wish to experience it again.  It’s a movie that if watched, you most likely will never watch again.  At least Trainspotting had a positive ending. 

    Great show guys.  I don’t think I’ll go back to read all of the older stuff you suggested, but I’ve already added JLA Year One and New Frontier to my reading list.  Thanks for all that you do:)

  47. *that movie

  48. Great show, guys.

    I love pretty much everything associated with the Green Lantern mythos…except for the focus on Hal Jordan, Kyle Rayner, and John Stewart. I can’t think of three more boring characters in the DC Universe. I’ve always secretly pined for Guy Gardner to be the main focus of the series. He has more potential to be a fully rounded three dimensional character than blank slates like Hal and Kyle. He’s funny, his presence is a constant source of tension, and he reflects the stereotype of the egomaniacal, power drunk cop, except that he actually gets the job done to the dismay of his collegues. 

     Hal Jordan is just….a guy….a brave guy…with lots of courage…… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………

  49. I thought Ron’s hair came molded his usual way, alas.  I don’t know, he looks a little hung over to me.  I imagine his visits to NY are accompanied with some regular drinking activities.

  50. Now I know were all geeks here but damn!!! reciting the flipping Green Latern oath. Good thing you guys are fixed up already cos’ you sure want be getting any after put that shit out on the internet 😉

  51. Who doesn’t know the Green Lantern oath by heart?

  52. But do you know the Sinestro Corp oath by heart?

  53. @conor the guy stealling your girlfriend while you were practicing it 🙂

  54. Unlikely.

  55. Congrats on the latest show — I’ve been following the podcasts since March or April, and this has been the best so far. As long as Johns is writing my favourite DC character, I’ll be there.

  56. For some reason, this discussion reminds me of the time during middle school when I made my own Green Lantern screensaver using After Dark.  I combined the "flying through space" screensaver with the "moving picture" screensaver to get Kyle flying through space.  I think I may have even added text of the GL oath floating around there too.  I was very impressed with myself.  My parents weren’t.

    But again, great video.  I do always enjoy these. 

  57. @Conor

    I sometimes know the green lantern oath, but other times I forget it. i don’t know why i can’t commit it to perfect memory, while so much other useless trivia is stuck in my brain forever.  

  58. As I live and breath, I was so excited for this podcast! I love your new and obscure shows that give me new stuff, but damn it do I love it more when you talk about stuff I KNOW!!! Green Lantern is an awesome character, Hal Jordan has alway sbeen my favorite. Kyle and John are just… NOT Hal! 

     I especially loved you mentioning his friendships with Ollie and Barry, which for me is part of what I enjoy. I also love love LOVE the props handed to miss Black Canary who is so much more tehn she’s given credit for! 

     I would like to point out, with this Green Lantern and Flash hype, does anyone else feel Wonder Woman has been tossed and forgotten? =(  

  59. I think the reason there is so much confusion on what trades to get is because DC doesn’t number them! Which is silly, so for those wondering:

    1. GL rebirth, 2. GL No Fear, 3. GL Revenge of the Green Lanterns (Note: Infinite Crisis takes place in the middle of the two story lines). 4, GL Wanted: Hal Jordan. 5 & 6: Sinestro Corps. 7. Secret Origins. (Those are all the Jones Trades out now). It’s true you don’t have to read all that, just the four books the guys mentioned, but some of the stuff found in trades 2, 3 and 4 are interesting with a lot of Blackest Nights hint dropped all around. 

    And should you want to pick of GL Corps, just pick up the Sinestro Corp books then pick up GLC: Ring Quest and GLC: Sins of the Star Sapphires, there’s one more trade coming out before those trades are caught up to blackest night, but still there it all is. 

  60. Remember when Batman (Bruce Wayne at the time) almost got recruited to the Sinestro Corps?

    That was a ‘Holy Shit’ moment.

  61. @TNC that was the bomb.

  62. Maybe its just me… I love the story for the entertainment value but one thing bugs me.

    Willpower isn’t an emotion.

  63. @dharmabum

    neither is Death, now that you mention is.  

  64. @jurassicalien

    DC not numbering trades is very annoying. I’m new to DC – and if not for some clever Amazon users who made a reading order list – I wouldn’t have known what to read after what.

    DC seem to be terrible at putting out trades. They don’t number them, and they come out so slow. If I wanted to get into Marvel’s next event, they’d definatly get all relevant trades out in time. I’m still waiting for Rage of the Red Lanterns, and Agent Orange. 🙁

  65. Wasn’t the specter of rings introduced by alan moore?

  66. I’m trying to find a list too.  You can get the reprint collections list for Batman right on Wikipedia, but it doesn’t work that way for GL.  I’m kind of in the mood to start from Rebirth on myself!  Where do I get this info? I hate holes in my stories and I like to get invested in the characters too.  I don’t want just enough to get buy, I wanna try them all.

    There has to be a website that has them all in order somewhere, and preferably one that has been updated after 2003!

  67. @robby

    Amazon. Instocktrades. any other retailer site might have them. They are not that intuitive though. I would reccomend reading all the trades posted in the video and then fill in the "holes" as you go ahead.


    Yes, the concept of Blackest Night was inspired by an Alan Moore story.

  68. Incidently there is no indigo in the light spectrum.  they just added the I to simplify ROYGBV.

    and Requiem for a Dream is a great movie, especially to those that have been directly or indirectly exposed to the romance and devastation that accompanies opiate addiction. 

  69. I bought all the trades you recommended in this show (Rebirth, Sinestro Corps War & Secret Origin) & it was the smartest move I’ve made in years. Thanks guys.

  70. sadly, i liked when he went evil but i love the character now. vid # 5 of my sick day marathon.

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