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iFanboy #117 – Emerald City Comic Con 2009

Show Notes

Gordon the Intern is back as he joins Ron in iFanboy’s coverage of the Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle. Not to be out done by the WonderCon or the New York Comic Con episodes, Ron and Gordon are here and they mean business!

First up we catch up with Mark Waid, editor in chief of Boom! Studios to talk about life at an indie publisher and his new comic Irredeemable, as well as his latest gig on The Amazing Spider-Man.

Catching up with Rick Remender is always nice, but catching him after his newly announced exclusive deal at Marvel is even more fun.

Ivan Brandon chats with us about his new book, Viking, which is one of the hottest indie books these days, and it’s not even out yet!

Do you want to work at Marvel Comics someday? Then you need to know who C.B. Cebulski is and follow him on Twitter!

One of the best books of 2008 was SuperSpy by Matt Kindt and he’s got a new book coming out from Dark Horse Comics, 3 Story.

The hardest working guy in comics, Jeff Parker fills us in on Mysterius the Unfathomable, Agents of Atlas, the new launch of Exiles and Dark Reign: The Hood.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer artist Georges Jeanty gives us the behind the scenes look on how one of the most popular comics today is made.

Matt Fraction steps in with a report from the scene of the accident and fills us in on The Invincible Iron Man, Uncanny X-Men, and the ominous Dark X-Men and Dark Avengers/X-Men crossover.

Fan favorite Brian Michael Bendis lets us hang out at his table while he’s signing and  raves about the Powers TV show, Ultimate Spider-Man, Dark Reign, The New Avengers and gives us a preview of the New Avengers Free Comic Book Day issue.


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  1. Ron looks quite good with this amount of stubble and sideburn.

  2. I will be picking up VIKING for sure. Look’s fantastic.

  3. So Remenders Marvel contract is a "couple" of years. Does this mean we won’t have Fear Agent for that amount of time?

  4. Either Fraction just woke up or that’s really bad hat hair.

    Great interviews all around guys. It’s great to see Gordon back too. Loved that Greg Rucka moment; bet you scared him with just saying his name then darting out of the way.

  5. It was cool meeting you guys there. Awesome Fraction interview, though I wish you interviewed Christos Gage; probably the nicest guy there and his GI Joe Cobra book is incredible.

  6. I’ll be checking out VIKING too.  It’s really hard to ignore the press for it

    Jeff Parker plays Peggle!!  Totally awesome.

    Fraction’s hair is a thing of beauty.  He was far more frantic than when I met him at Wonder Con!  My man crush for him is overwhelming ^_^

    Really good show guys.  This season’s con shows have all been really a blast to watch.

  7. Definitely correct me if I’m wrong, but isnt Viking the same premise as Northlanders? Not just because it’s Vikings in comparison, but in plot as well?

    Either way it looks really good, and much better then Northlanders. I wonder if ron will pick up 25 copies of Vikings with that much being printed. 🙂

  8. it was a good time for all.  really enjoyed the after party at Kell’s.  hope you had fun.


  9. I’m excited to hear that Remender will be doing more Marvel work. I wonder what other books he will be put on.

    Fraction is a funny guy. I got lost when he was talking about whatever is going on b/w the x-men and the dark avengers but it seems promising and he appears enthusiastic about it so I’m hopeful. 

  10. From here it looks like Fraction was cranky and decided to make an event of it.

  11. I won’t be able to watch this for a while, but I’m excited to see it; that’s a great ‘guest list’!

    Also, without actually having seen the video in question, I’m pretty sure "Fraction’s hair always looks like that" is the right answer.

  12. Yay, I’m in a few of these shots, as it @batmylashes.

    Thanks, guys.

  13. That fraction interview was awesome.


    Also, "GREEG rucka!"

  14. "Cuz I’m a Darkhawk fan."

    "I hope you liked it."

    "Aaaahh, I had some issues with it. Anyway–"

  15. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Great job, guys!  

    I was watching this episode with the Buddy Holly bio on in the background.  Surreal moments whenever Gordon was on at the same time as Buddy.  We need to produce Gordon & The Crickets tour shirts.  

  16. It seems like Conor hired a bearded lookalike to be in every shot… Also that "Women ->" sign is hilarious.

  17. @Paul: Yes….let’s make that the next big T-Shirt for this site!

  18. I’ve been meaning to ask Ron about that awkward Remender moment since the first time I saw it. The look on his face when he hears the question is as loaded as a shotgun.

  19. Bendis is a sweater and a collared shirt? Crazy.

  20. Lots of great interview guys!  Bendis is always has plenty to talk about. 

    Also a great time hanging out with Ron and Gordon at Kell’s on Saturday night!

  21. It is really too bad you can’t edit comments.  My cat has this bad habit of hitting submit before I’m done 🙂

  22. I plan to hopefully purchase Super-Spy from Matt Kindt when I hopefully meet him at TCAF.


  23. The lack of line for Bendis made me want to be at this convention.  Was that just a camera trick, or was there really just a tiny line?

  24. @Gabe

    Seriously. I saw no one around Bendis or Brubaker, and was like holy shit.  

  25. When I went to see Bendis and Brubaker, the lines weren’t bad…maybe a 10 minute wait.  And Jason Aaron, one of the nicest guys I have ever met in comics along with Bendis and Bru, had no line; that was ridiculous but it allowed me to talk to him for a few minutes. 


  26. Nice interviews!   Apparently Ron made Fraction’s day with that microphone logo.

    Always great to see Gordon.

  27. GORDON: THE RETURN! Where you been, dude?

    Awesome show, Bendis seems like like the nicest guy.

    BTW, that wasn’t Fraction. It was Josh in an ill-conceived wig 😉

  28. Fraction is basically Josh if Josh was less of a NY kind of douche.

  29. Well, that is entirely unecessary… and quite funny since out of all of us Josh is BY FAR the least New Yorkish.

  30. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Not gonna get into a whole thing, but it really pains me to see Josh getting so much abuse lately. He’s a good friend and very generous of his time and consideration. As is the rest of the staff. Disagreeing with their opinions is to be expected from time to time, but don’t question their character. Absolutely ridiculous.  

  31. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Back on topic, Emerald City looks like a great, great convention. Really relaxed from the looks of it. 

    Great interview with Bendis too. 

  32. *whispers*

    A little nonsense, now and then, relished by the wisest man…..

  33. Josh rocks.

    That’s all.

  34. I wouldn’t kick me out of bed.

    Cuz, where would I sleep?

  35. I didn’t mean any offense to Josh. He just came off as the most NYish to me (well if you take out Ron’s accent). I don’t think any of you guys are douches because each and everyone of you (even the columnists!) are basically my comics gateway. I told this to Conor at Wondercon, and I will say it again, you guys got me into comics. I love you guys as much as I love The Shield+The Wire. That’s a lot of love. 

    I’m also a friend of Wombat’s (or Stuart since I’m assuming you guys don’t actually call him Wombat) so it kind of came from that incident (which I know was totally cleared up and wasn’t much of an incident to begin with). 

  36. I’d offer to buy you a drink in San Diego, Josh, but seeing as how I’m 18, maybe a trade will do.

  37. And that sounded just a little too gay, so uh I love Greg Land art and red meat. 



    I don’t really like Greg Land art. 

  38. I’m not on the site for a few hours and the things I got to do…

  39. @josh, jesus christ, that joke was lame.


    anyhow, Matt Kindt’s books seem interesting. who’s read his books? what are they like?

  40. I meant absolutely no disrespect to Josh by my comment comparing him to Fraction, apologies if it came off that way. It was actually meant as a compliment as Fraction was a damn funny guy. Again, sorry if it came across the wrong way.

  41. @josh: ……The floor?

  42. @TheNextChampion – but where will he walk?

  43. @chlop: On the ceiling?…

  44. Hey guys, again it was great to meet Ron and Gordon, and so much of the iFanbase.

    @RandoCalrissian, you are totally right about Christos Gage being a nice guy. I spoke with him, and he was great.

    This was a great first con for me. I’ll see about doing this again next year.

    Hey, Josh, Conor, Paul, Jimski, Mike, and Sonia come on out next year!  I would love to meet all of you too.


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