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iFanboy #110 – New York Comic Con 2009 (Part Two)

Show Notes

The floor still teeming with comic book creators and fans, Josh and Ron hunted down and talked to yet another slew of talented folks on the second part of iFanboy’s 2009 New York Comic Con coverage. With Conor out sick, and the uppity Paul out of the picture, this one’s all business.

Jim McCann, Marvel marketing guru by day, and freelance writer by night, is only a short time away from the release of New Avengers Reunion. He joins us for one of the most unique interviews we’ve ever seen on the show. Yeah, let’s just go with “unique”.

Dennis Calero and Fred Van Lente bring their traveling act on the road, in order to talk about their work on X-Men: Noir. They’re surprisingly not dark, moody, or violent.

Rantz Hoseley was the driving force behind last year’s amazing and gigantic Tori Amos inspired Comic Book Tattoo.

Chris Schweizer is the talented cartoonist behind Crogan’s Vengeance, and the upcoming, massive Crogan series to follow. The man has his work cut out for him.

Greg Rucka had a big weekend at the Comic Con, finally announcing his long awaited Batwoman story, to appear in Detective Comics, starting with issue #854 later this year. In addition to Detective, Rucka is going to be helming Action Comics as well.

Paul Cornell assures us about the future of Captain Britain and MI:13, and gives us various possible slogans for the book. Plus, Paul’s in charge of Dark Reign: Young Avengers, which promises to be excellent.


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  1. This might be my favorite show yet!  Nice work!

  2. I’m not uppity!!!

  3. Paul Cornell seems like such a nice guy. I can’t wait to read his Dark Reign Young Avengers.

  4. Is it me or was Conor in the background 39:41? If it was that whole chat about him being in bed is hilarious! 

  5. Conor popping up at the end was hilarious

  6. Uppity.

  7. I think there should be a new thing for this website.

    Everytime a video podcast ends, we see the infamous ‘RICHARDS!’ pic Paul created. Then everytime the audio podcast ends we have Paul scream out ‘RICHARDS!’. I dont think that’s asking much…

  8. great ending conor definitely has a future acting career specializing as "suspicious man in background".

      heard about josh dancing from around comics was worse than i could have imagined you should get together with ricky gervais from he british the office.

  9. A much better episode!  Jim McCann is always great but he seemed exceptionally giddy this time around.  I’m afraid to imagine what would have happened if there wasn’t a camera there. 😛

    Paul Cornell is so endearing, and probably the sole reason I read Captain Britain and the MI:13.  And I’m excited to have Rucka on both Detective and Action, can’t wait to see the results.

  10. Really great show. Jim McCann had me laughing at work. I am not very curious about this Crogan series now. A lion tamer escape artist is just to good of a concept to pass up.

  11. Fun interview… I just wish that we could have cut to what I was seeing behind Josh with Gillen rubbing his fish belly white, hairy chest in a disturbing/seductive manner.

     We are lucky I did not have a mouth full of soda… Josh would have surely been wearing it!

  12. @RantzH Awesome work on Comic Book Tattoo! I’m in the process of cajoling my college library into ordering it.


  13. I loved the episode! I think my favorite part of the Jim MCann bit is Ron’s hysterical laughter. Also, I want to give Paul Cornell a hug- his enthusiasm is infectious. And I was really glad to see Chris Schweizer get some love. Thanks for turning me on to him in the first place!

  14. awesome episode!!

  15. just from the sound of his voice,  i would never have thought Jim McCann looked like that


    did he say something about drugs? was he on drugs? Josh, how big were his pupils?

  16. Jim McCann needs a tranq!

  17. Damn, that Rucka’s hard on the wallet!

  18. Im almost positive that those people at the beginning are actors from these youtube fan films, the chick dressed as Elektra played her in one of the Daredevil fan films, im 90% positive

     Greg Rucka is awesome as always, i hope the Question(Renee) makes an appearance in Detective at some point, which is definitely returning to my pull list(damn you DC for cancelling it)

  19. Awesome show.  I didn’t think it was possible to love Paul Cornell any more than I did.  I was proven wrong

  20. dude i so hope the question show up in detective and she and batwoman are all like,  aw yeah!, and get it on! and nice! and shit….


  21. @DarkKnightDetective – You’re not wrong, Detective.  She was sitting there trying to eat, and every two bites or so, someone would ask her to get up for a picture.  So would, then sit back down, start to eat and get interrupted again.  It was pretty funny. 

  22. Doom in MI-13… I might not wait for the trade this time!

  23. Oh so that’s what you guys ment with ‘Vampire Missiles’.

    That totally kicks ass!

  24. Remember when you were a kid and you played a sport (any sport).  When you finished the tough, give it your all competition, you walked to the halfway point of the field and shook the hand of your competition… as a show of RESPECT.  I have come to an interesting conclusion in regards to the each company’s culture (of the Big Two).


    I can’t remember a time when anyone from DC truly badmouth’s their competition or their competition’s characters.


    Marvel executives on the other hand refer to DC’s character’s with disrespect.  Two examples: "Some bitch who screams" or "DC is like the porn star with the biggest dick but can’t get it up" (Quesada’s famous Main Stream Media quote about the "Distinguished competition").  Not to mention Mr. Brevoort’s countless quips.


    Mind you, I am not a Marvel Zombie or a member of DC Nation.  If these comments were made by one sole loudmouth within a company, I could just point the finger at someone being "That guy".  These multiple examples show a specific mindset/corporate culture of disrespect by Marvel.   Personally that is a turnoff to me and has a sway in my spending habits.  


    the Tiki 

  25. 22:29 Josh: "So ugh.. I don’t wanta… ya know… be all big and what not but ugh… I got a mic-cube too. I already talked to Greg Rucka. Sup G-4?"

    Epic Josh.. 🙂 I don’t think I could have said it better (not without adding the phrase "G4 can sit on it" at the end of every sentence XD)

    Anyways that so much more just made me laugh so hard… the Conner re-appearance was hilarious also.

  26. i could listen to Paul Cornell and Greg Rucka talk all day. they’re very entertaining.

    the conor thing was hilarious btw. i could not believe it.

  27. "That was some other archer and some bitch who can scream."  I can’t stop laughing about that.

  28. P-Money = THE MONEY!

    Once again, as always, fantastic work guys. Thanks for taking the time to make such a great show for us 🙂

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