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iFanboy #102 – The Vault! Serenity: Better Days, Maintenance, & Gordon Yamamoto and the King of the Geeks

Show Notes

This week, iFanboy reaches deep into the vault to pull out three books not published by either of the two big companies.

First up is Serenity: Better Days from Dark Horse Comics. Joss Whedon and Brett Matthews continue the adventures of the characters from the dearly departed television series Firefly as they pull of a heist that might be too big even for them.

Next is Maintenance, from Oni Press. What happens when you’re the general maintenance guys at a corporation that caters to supervillains? There are probably a lot of third person monologues, explosions, and shark men.

Finally, there is Gordon Yamamoto and the King of the Geeks via Slave Labor Graphics from award-winning comic book creator Gene Luen Yang. The time honored tale of the geek and the bully who terrorizes him is turned on its head by sinus-cavity dwelling aliens, animal crackers come to life, and magic bakers. It’s mind-bending stuff.


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  1. Kaylee and Simon get married.  Malcom dies.  Jane gets arrested.

  2. LOL….this episode might be the funniest I’ve seen in a while, but, maybe that’s because I’m old too!!

    The shark you were thinkiing of was Jabber Jaws, which to me, was just a fish like Curly!

    Great comic pics.  I’m definitely on the lookout for Maintenance.  If you guys like that modern western thing, I’d like to suggest Last Of the Independents, written by Matt Fraction, and illustrated by Kieron Dwyer.  It’s published by AIT/Planet Lar.  It’s good.  Got a whole Clint Eastwook Seirge Leone thing going on. 

    Thanks again guys, and Happy Holiday!!!!

  3. Does the graphic have to be animated?

  4. Oh, HBD stop being silly! The movie ends with the ship becoming alive and commiting suicide.


  5. Somewhere right now, stuclach is crying for Ron’s long sideburns. 🙂

  6. @Spooky: I thought the ship was possessed by Sigourney Weaver and fell in love with the robot.  Wait, that’s Futurama…

  7. those credits rolled SO slow.


  8. I hated captain caveman.  Loved a pup named Scrappy-Doo.

  9. Slow-rolling credits FTW!

    I read American Born Chinese awhile back and loved the heck out of it. I recommend Gene Yang’s work all the time to my Asian friends who are buying gifts for their children. Also, Derek Kirk Kim again. Someone who got a lot of buzz with "Good As Lily", but his earlier work is much more autobiographical and displays his own artistic skill as well.

    Good job guys with the short but sweet video podcast. Can’t say enough good things about you all.

    Happy Holidays!

    Off to see the Spirit now.

  10. I hate those anti-drinking & driving ads that’ve now attached themselves to this video. I mean, I don’t hate the message, but do they think having the car full of beer and it all pouring out is gonna turn some hooligan known for his intoxicated antics around from his wrongful ways? I think not!

    As the proud owner of a pair of long-burns myself, I tend to keep them straight, down to my jaw line, and shave down under the ear to avoid that turn under Josh took issue with. I think my sideburn region (or "side of face" in medical terms) is less rounded than Ron’s, however.

     The more poignant thought, however, is this: why did I just watch a video of two men shaving one man… and then comment on it?

  11. @captbastrd: (Great name btw) Your lucky we just got the shaving from above the waist. We need to go to another site to see the rest of that filming 🙂

  12. @captbastrd – it makes me want to drive to the store and buy a beer but still makes me remember not to drink that on the drive home. Also Scott McCloud helped a little.

    With all the violence in USA people aren’t readi I guess to the people crashing and flying from the car in slow-mo. Also using such a commercial isn’t always the best choice.

    A law was passed in Israel that you must wear a helmet when riding a bicycle and the commercial they made was of some girl falling from her bike and a giant pool of blood washed the street, and I laughed my ass off. That with the fact that bicycle lanes are scarce make the law a new way for the police to make money via tickets and keeps them away from real criminals. Using scare tactics needs to be done wisely. 

  13. LOVED serenity i want more of it!!

  14. "Do you have a level?"


  15. NOOOOOOOO!!!! Leave the burns alone………

  16. Get some angry japanese guys to dub over it and you got yourself a short movie.

  17. I love these kind of crazy wacky episodes.  You should do a show with all distractions and silliness.

  18. Serenity Better Days was good but I wish they did a new series based on after the movie.

  19. and now I have the theme song from ‘Jabberjaw’ stuck in my head…

  20. Does anybody know why the video podcast isn’t updating on itunes?  The audio podcast is current, but not the video.

  21. @superscribe: You might want to check your iTunes, it’s current on mine.  We haven’t heard form anybody else on this and after almost a week we certainly would have.

  22. Conor, I checked it again on 4 different macs and my apple tv.  The current episode doesn’t show on any of them.  I checked it on a PC after your post, and it does show there.  Any ideas?

  23. Hmm, not showing up on my AppleTV either.  Though I did get today’s TRS episode. 

  24. Please let me know if you find a solution, Paul.  I’m pulling my hair out trying to figure out what’s going on.

  25. hey everyone – I’m looking into it – stay tuned

  26. @superscribe and @Paul:

     Can you guys download the episode directly from these links on your computers?

    and this link:
    let me know
    as for the appleTV, maybe unsubscribe and try resubscribing or try subscribing to another feed to see if those work?
    sorry for the issues


  27. Also, what version of the feed are you subscribed to?

  28. Ron, I can download them from the links you posted.  But I played around with itunes and appletv and the problems just got weirder . . .

    I did unsubscribe and try loading it through a search, but the same thing happened:  When I open up the large quicktime or HD versions, the 12/24 episode doesn’t show up.  But now I noticed it did show up in the small quicktime version.  Also, I can double click the quicktime large or HD versions in the found results area of itunes (without clicking on the little arrow to expand the archives) and the 12/24 episode will play.  Yet I still don’t see 12/24 in the archives.  I played the 12/17 episode just to see what would happen, and it is the 12/17 episode.  This works as a goaround on my mac, but appletv goes straight to the archives.  12/17 is the most recent HD or large episode I can get to play there.

    Wow . . . that last part didn’t even make a lot of sense to me, and I’m the guy that typed it.  If it’ll make things easier, I can email you screenshots of what I’m seeing in itunes.  I might make things clearer.

    I’ll keep an eye on the board, but feel free to email me if you have anymore questions: superscribe@comcast.net 

  29. I wasn’t having any problems on my mac, but AppleTV is still not updating in either large or HD feeds.  I’ll try again in the morning.  

  30. Should I get Jon Hodgeman in here to do a ‘I’m a Mac, I’m a PC’ commerical for all of you? 🙂

  31. I can see it on my mac and apple tv now.  My hair is safe.

  32. @TNC – You called it.  I am deeply hurt by Ron’s decision to shave his sideburns.  (They are actually exactly the same length as mine now.)

    I cannot believe I watched 10 minutes of Conor shaving Ron while Josh filmed it.  I have no idea why I found that fasinating.

    @Ron – I have the same asymetric sideburn issue.  I have acknowledged that there is a problem and I deal with it day-to-day.

  33. @stuclach: I guess we’ll never have the first comic book podcaster with muttonchops.

  34. @TNC – I plan on immediately growing my facial hair back out so that I can create double sideburns. Typical sideburns combined with a goatee with the middle shaved out.  Thus creating two pairs of sideburns on my face.  I primarily grow facial hair because it pisses off my wife, but also for the variety.

  35. WACKY RACES!!!!!!

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